Fidelity Bank USSD Transfer Code (everything you need to know)

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Fidelity Bank has taken its value-added services to the next level. There is now Fidelity Bank USSD transfer code for mobile banking.

So if you are a Fidelity bank user and need all their mobile banking USSD codes, you’ve come to the place.

Creating and activating Fidelity bank USSD transfer code is not a herculean task. It does not require any form to fill out or sign.

Just bunch of codes that needs to be committed to memory or even written down in a safe place.

With these Fidelity Bank mobile banking codes, you will be able to send money from Fidelity Bank to Fidelity another account.

And you will be able to send money to other bank accounts across the country on the go. The process is simple and easy to use.


With it, you don’t have to walking yourself down to the bank filling withdrawal slip or the ATM Gallery with annoying queue.

Hence, you using the Fidelity Bank ussd code means you are making this life simpler and easier for yourself.

Fidelity Bank USSD Transfer Code

To start enjoying this Fidelity Bank value added service, you will have to register on the mobile ussd banking first.

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Fidelity Bank USSD transfer code

It is during this process that you will be provided with the opportunity to create your own transaction or transfer PIN.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • The Sim card you used for opening your Fidelity Account;
  • BVN; and
  • Your Fidelity account number.

Once you have all the three in place, then kindly follow the below steps to create and activate your transfer pin.


  • Dial *770# on your mobile phone dialer;
  • Then choose 1 from the prompts up messages;
  • Enter your Fidelity Bank account number;
  • Input your desired 4 digit pin to be used in authorizing all your mobile transactions;
  • Confirm the 4 digit PIN again

And you have successfully create and activate a transaction or transfer PIN. You can start using the Fidelity Bank mobile banking ussd code.

How to transfer Money from Fidelity Bank to other Banks Using USSD Code

Since you have successfully create and activated your Ussd transfer PIN, you can now enjoy the mobile transactions as you please.

To transfer fund from Fidelity Bank to any other bank in the country, endeavor to follow the instructions below:

Open your mobile phone dialer and dial *770#;


Select “Instant Banking” feature from the pop up messages you received on your phone;

You will receive another prompt reply asking for what you want to do, choose transfer money;

Up next, you will be asked to insert the destination account number…

Endeavor to follow the instructions carefully, it will lead you to your desired destination.

To make everything easier and simpler on how to transfer money from your Fidelity Bank to another Bank, you can use a direct method.

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To use this, dial *770*ACCOUNT-Number*AMOUNT# on your dialer and press send.

You will get a menu message asking you to enter your transaction PIN, kindly input it there correctly.


For instance: *770*1234567891*5000#, using this specimen, 5000 Naira will be sent to the account 1234567891.

How To Check Your Balance Using the Fidelity Bank USSD Code

You may probably want to check your account balance to know your worth before you execute another transaction on your phone.

To do this, do follow the below instructions religiously:

To check your account balance, you will have to insert the same sim card you used to register your account with Fidelity Bank.

Once you have it on your phone, simply dial *770*0# and press send. Immediately you dialed the code; your actual account balance will be sent to you.

However, be informed that this service is not free, you will be charged N20 per check.


Fidelity Bank transfer code

How To Use USSD code to Buy Airtime From Fidelity Bank

Even if it is in the middle of the night, once you are out of credit and need can’t get a recharge again, the USSD code get you covered, so don’t worry.

You can use the code to recharge yourself, a friend, member of the family or anybody you deem fit.

Just follow the instructions below:

To recharge yourself;

Dial *770*AMOUNT#. For instance, you will dial *770*1000# on your phone and you will be credited with ₦1,000 worth of airtime on your phone.

To send recharge a third party from your Fidelity Bank account, dial *770*PHONE*AMOUNT# on the same sim card you used to open the bank account.

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For instance: dial *770*080104128059*500# on that your phone (with the registered sim) and your friend’s phone will be credited with ₦500 worth of airtime.


How To Pay Bills From Your Fidelity Account Using USSD Code

Other than fund transfer, airtime recharge, and the likes, you can equally pay your DStv, Swift 4G, LCC Toll and more bills using the Fidelity bank Ussd transfer code.

All these services are possible using the code without any regard to data or internet connection.

This service will save you from a lot of things. Time, traffic, stress, queue, and even annoying sales representative.

To pay any bill, just dial *770*CODE*SMART CARD NUMBERAMOUNT# on your mobile phone dialer.

Something like this: *770*10994*12345678905500# to pay for a ₦5500 DStv plan. Don’t forget the basic; the registered sim card must be in play.

Fidelity Bank Instant Bank Charges Rate

At this juncture, it is important you note that as simple and convenient this service is, it is not without charges.


On this note, the following amount are the corresponding fee Fidelity Bank will deduct from your account per service they render via the usssd mobile banking.

For Balance Enquiry, old charges are N10 why the current charges is N20 per check.

Intra-bank Transfer check cost NU before but now, it is N50.

Fidelity bank to other bank transfer cost N70 before but now, it is N50 per transfer.

To pay bills of any kind, Fidelity Bank will charge N105 from your account, although what was applicable before was N100.


Having briefly explain how to use the Fidelity Bank ussd transfer code to perform various banking transactions on the go, it’s high time you try them out on your own.


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