Best MTN Tariff Plan For Calls And Data 2023 – Benefits & Code To Migrate


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Have you been searching the internet for the best MTN tariff plan for calls and data to no avail? If so, you are now at the right place.

MTN is known as one of the most popular network providers in Nigeria. It offers various tariff plans to accommodate its customers’ budgets and preferences.

The MTN network offers a wide variety of tariff plans, making it often challenging to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Each one has unique offers. While some people prefer voice calls, others prefer data. Therefore, knowing which tariff plan best suits, your needs is essential.

Let’s start with the cheapest MTN tariff options to prevent being overcharged for calls and data subscriptions. These plans are ideal for those who want to spend less money on phone calls and data.

This article will examine the different tariff plans available and the respective migration codes.

Best MTN Tariff Plan For Calls And Data

How Do I Know The Current Tariff Plan I’m On?

The MTN tariff plan lists the prices the MTN will charge for calls per second, data per MB, and messages. The amount charged largely depends on the type of package subscribed to.

The tariff is a plan you are subscribed to on the MTN network either by default or migration. It allows you access to the service at its rates, rewards you with bonuses, and sends exclusive offers.

You should find out or verify the status of your current tariff plan before switching your tariff plan on MTN.

To do this, you should know the USSD command to find out about your current MTN pricing plan. Then, follow the on-screen directions. To know your current plan, dial *123*12# or just *123#.

Top MTN Tariff Plans And Their Benefits

Of course, MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) is a telecommunications company that offers a variety of tariff plans to its customers. Here are some of the best MTN tariff plans and their benefits:

1. MTN Pulse Plan

The MTN Pulse plan, formerly known as the MTN iPulse prepaid tariff, was re-launched by MTN. It enables you to call MTN lines and other networks for a flat fee of 11k per second after paying 25k per second for the first 50 seconds.

 After the first 50 seconds, charged at a rate of 25 cents per second for that day, the 11 cents are applied. The Pulse tariff plan is a community where you can share your lifestyle and communicate with close friends and family.

You can communicate with loved ones at low call and data prices, making it one of the most recommended tariff plans for young people. Not only is it known for its flat-rate calls, additionally you can sign up for the MTN Night Data Package with this plan.

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The MTN pulse migration is cost-free. However, you will be charged N100 if your recent migration is less than 30 days old.

Steps To Migrate to MTN Pulse

  • Open the phone dialer application on your smartphone.
  • Enter the code *406#. Follow the steps below to switch to MTN pulse: 
  • Choose option 1 (Migrate to MTN Pulse) from the list of available choices.
  • Select “OK.”
  • A notification confirming your migration will be sent to you by MTN.

Benefits of Using MTN Pulse 

  • For calls made to other Nigerian networks, Pulse offers a FLAT rate of 11 kobos per second (11 k/sec).
  • Bonus on every recharge made.
  • When you first recharge for the week with N100 or N200, you receive 10MB and 20MB, respectively.
  • Get 100% extra data when purchasing the N500 weekly plan.
  •  MTN nightlife packages (N25 for 250MB, N50 for 500MB, and so on).
  • Access exclusive Instagram and TikTok bundles (350MB for N100 and 1GB for N200).
  • Music streaming offers N10 per day.

Mtn Pulse is undoubtedly ideal if you seek the cheapest MTN tariff plan. At affordable prices, you get higher data value, bonuses, and flat call costs.

2. MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

BetaTalk comes in second on our list of the best tariff plans. It is one of the most used tariff plans on the MTN network and has several advantages. On every recharge of less than N100, this plan offers a 500% incentive (300% airtime bonus and an additional 200% data bonus). 

When customers recharge their airtime for N100 or more, they will receive 20MB and above in addition to the 300% airtime bonus.

On the MTN network, BetaTalk is accessible to all prepaid users. They have access to all special data deals for their users and provide very inexpensive call rates. 

The MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan charges national calls at 64k/sec (N38.40) from the bonus account. Also, these calls are charged at 31.50k/sec (N18.90) from the main account. Once your bonus airtime has been used up, your main airtime balance will begin to be used.

How Do I Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

  • Text BT to 131 OR dial *123*2*1#.

Benefits You Get When Using Beta Talk

  • You get 100% more data with every recharge. For instance, if you recharge your line for N100, you will receive an N200 data bonus (i.e., 20MB).
  • You also get special data bundles of 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200.
  • On the first call or recharge of the month, receive a free 10MB monthly data bonus.
  • Every time you recharge your airtime for less than N100, you receive a 150% bonus.
  • Every time you recharge your airtime for N100 or more, you receive a 250% incentive.
  • Additionally, for N50, you receive 30MB for daily internet usage.

Even though MTN BetaTalk isn’t the best MTN tariff plan for calls, it is one of the top MTN tariffs for data plans.

3. MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

The top-ranked tariff plan for calls on this list is MTN TruTalk. It allows people to call all local networks in Nigeria for a low rate of 11.26 kobo per second. To enable you to access the call rate, you must pay a daily fee of N7.17.

All prepaid customers on this network are eligible for this plan. SMS to all networks in Nigeria costs 4.00 Naira.

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A free 10MB data bonus on the first call of the month is the only data benefit with this plan.

How to Migrate to the TruTalk Tariff Plan

  • Dial *123*2*6# or *400# to switch to the MTN TruTalk tariff plan. 
  • Or text TT to 131 as well.

Migration to TruTalk is always free. You will only be charged if you switch to other networks throughout the day.

Benefits Of Using This Tariff Plan

  • After paying the daily access cost of N7.17 in the first second of the day’s first call, the MTN TruTalk call rate is 11.26 kobo/sec.
  • You’ll be charged 15.36k/sec if you need more airtime to cover the access price.
  • You get 10MB of additional monthly data every month on your first recharge or call.

Although MTN TruTalk is not the best MTN tariff plan for data, it unquestionably takes the top spot regarding calls.

4. Awuf4U Plan

The MTN network’s Awuf4U tariff plan rewards subscribers with a 5X incentive on each recharge of N100. However, in contrast, it is not a tariff plan.

The plan is what you need if you’re looking for a plan that increases your airtime by two or three times.

With this one, you get an airtime bonus when you recharge your MTN line for less than or more than N100.

A 350% bonus is offered if you recharge for less than N100, since this offer solely consists of airtime bonuses. Note that this plan does not offer any special data or data bonuses.

How Do I Activate the MTN AWUF4U Bonus Airtime

  • Dial *888*PIN# to quickly recharge airtime on MTN and double or triple your airtime bonus.

You can take advantage of this offer without changing tariff plans as it applies to MTN tariff plans.

Benefits of the Awuf4u Data Bonus

  • On each recharge, you receive a 300% airtime bonus. You receive four times (4x) the value of your recharge. For instance, if you recharge N100, you will receive N400.
  • With Awuf4U perks, you are permitted to contact All Nigerian Network.
  • You can SMS any network in Nigeria.
  • Call international numbers in 18 different nations.
  • For browsing, you receive PAYG (Pay As You Go) data.
  • You have access to 75 SMS per week.

The key point is to enter the code provided to recharge your line. After that, you can begin making use of the advantages.

5. MTN XtraValue 

The XtraValue tariff plan is another amazing one for data and calls on MTN. With this plan, you can select the data or airtime bonus that best suits your needs.

When clients subscribe to any XtraValue Bundle plan, they are rewarded with airtime for national SMS and calls, international calls to a limited number of locations, and amounts of data for browsing.

The XtraValue Bundles come in two major categories at various price points ranging from N300 to N20,000. These two categories are:

  • XtraTalk Bundle: With XtraTalk, you receive more airtime than data. You get 50MB of free data and N1,150 in free airtime for just N300.
  • XtraData Bundle: The ideal XtraValue package for data is XtraData. With XtraData, you get more data than airtime. In addition to free airtime for calling, you can get 350MB for N300, 1.5GB for N1000, and up to 70GB of data here. You may get 750MB of Internet and N500 worth of airtime to call all networks for just N500.
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Your preferred bundle will determine the cost per minute for both the MTN network and other network calls. Calls to foreign numbers cost N39.6/Minute. 

After subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan, prepaid Customers will be automatically transferred to the XtraValue Plan. While on this plan, you can still purchase various bundles.

How to Migrate to the XtraValue Tariff Plan

To sign up for the plan,

  • Select the chosen package type by dialling *131*2#.

How To Check Your XtraValue Balance

  • Dial *556# or *559*61# to see your XtraValue Bundle balance.

A pop-up window displaying your available balance will appear.

6. mPulse Tariff Plan

This tariff plan is suitable for Pre-Teen and Teen customers, usually students between the ages of 9 and 15. With this plan, they can make national calls to all networks in Nigeria at 15.36k/sec.

They also have access to bonuses on recharges, unique data bundles, special birthday prizes, and many other exciting offers.

The mPulse tariff and the mPulse website are the two bundles under this plan. Both are accessible to all prepaid users under the age of 15.

How to Launch MTN mPulse

  • Simply dial *344*1# 
  • You can also text mPulse to 131 to switch to MTN mPulse.
  • Lastly, download the MyMTNApp, navigate to tariff plan and choose mPulse.

You can make National Calls at 15kobo/sec. Its website is also informative and entertaining content for children and young adults.

Benefits of the mPulse Tariff Plan

  • As one of MTN’s most affordable tariff options, they offer a free data bonus when you recharge.
  • Get a free 10MB monthly data bonus with your first recharge or call every month.
  • They provide 350MB for N50 and 1.5GB for N150.
  • Every month, WhatsApp is free for seven days.
  • You receive an N200 special birthday reward. 

The mPulse tariff plan provides a fun service that gives children the tools they need to reach their full potential.

7. MTN YafunYafun SIM Tariff

If you’re looking for the most affordable MTN tariff plan for calls, MTN YanfunYafun is your best option. It is a very affordable tariff plan created especially for new MTN users. Customers get a 700% bonus on every recharge for calls and browsing.

Users can access free WhatsApp, calls, chats, and video status updates for three days. Every new SIM card with Yanfun Yanfun as its default plan.

Activating the YafunYafun SIM Offer

  • You can easily obtain a 700% bonus when you recharge with N100 or more airtime by dialling *555*digits PIN#. The bonus will be credited to a special account.

How to check the balance of an MTN YafunYafun

  • Dial *559*43# to access your 700% bonus sum.

The bonus is split into two (2) parts: 200% of the bonus will be used for a data bundle, and 500% will be used for voice calls.

Benefits of the YafunYafun Plan

  • You have access to a seven-day airtime bonus.
  • You will earn a 700% bonus on all your recharges for three months.
  • You can call and send SMS to all Local Networks in Nigeria using the free airtime. You can browse the internet at Pay-As-You-Go rates with the airtime incentive.


Picking the perfect tariff plan for you could be challenging, with many great options. You can now choose any MTN call plan with the best call rate and data rate. All these can be obtained from the different MTN call tariff plans with their distinctive features.


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