Best place to sit in an Imax theater

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Apparently, Imax seats are quite expensive. So, it is logical that you tried to find out the best place to sit in an Imax theater.

At least, that is the only way you can get the most experience and enjoy your money while it lasts.

Choosing the best and most convenient seat in an IMAX theater could be an arduous task, but in reality, it’s easy once you understand the formula.

As such, this blog post will help you decide the best place to sit in an IMAX theater. 

best place to sit in an IMAX theater

What Makes IMAX Theater Special?

To begin with, the full meaning of “IMAX” is “Image MAXimum.” And this simply means the screen in IMAX theaters is much bigger than any average cinema theater.

Understanding what makes the IMAX seat excellent and exceptional is akin to understanding what makes an IMAX theater different from other Cinema theaters in the first place.



As a matter of fact, an IMAX screen is 40% larger than an average cinema screen. So viewers see more of the image explicitly when projecting a movie.

Factors to consider before choosing an Imax seat

Like the old cliché, “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” our list of the best place to sit in an Imax theater may not be convenient to some.

Hence, we’ll first highlight some factors before choosing an Imax seat. Then, you can come up with your list if ours isn’t comfortable for you.

Now, let’s consider these factors! 

#1. Keystone Effect or Distortion

One of the things to consider before choosing an Imax seat is keystone distortion. This usually occurs when projecting movies onto an angled area. 

This keystone distortion or effect will not allow the image to appear on the Imax screen correctly as everywhere will look “flat” unless the keystone correction is made.



Where keystone correction is made, you’ll still see some flat images nonetheless. So the best thing is to avoid any seat with a keystone.

#2. 3D Projection

IMAX theaters use 3D projection, so if you’ve never tasted a 3D projection before or where you didn’t enjoy the last movie you watched in 3D, you might want to choose a better position.

#3. Sound System

You might want to consider the sound system too before choosing where to sit in an Imax theater.

IMAX uses a qualitative proprietary sound system to deliver the best immersive soundscapes to the viewers. 

This sound system has twelve channels of which 7 are placed around the theater and the remaining five are placed above the theater.

So sitting near any of the 7 speakers placed around the theater could drown out the other speakers thereby affecting your eardrum and the movie sound projection in general.



Best place to sit in an Imax theater to get the most out of the experience

Without much delay, let’s quickly look into the best place to sit in an Imax theater without any form of noise or distortion.

#1. Your preference

It is very important to state that your preference will undoubtedly be what can be considered the best for you in this respect. 

Individuals have different choices and preferences that shape their take as to what seat in a theatre is best for them while watching their favorite shows. 

The same principle applies to Imax theater. So the best place to sit in an Imax theater will undoubtedly be the place of your preference. 

However, in case you are not sure of what is good for you, this piece provided a guide by highlighting the factors to consider before choosing a seat in Imax. 



So before choosing what is best, it is ideal you scroll up and reread these factors for better understanding.

#2. The middle seats

Using a stage theater as an example, the best seats in an Imax theater are generally in the center, not the front or in the back chairs.

Other than your preference, there are some certain seats in an Imax theater that are better than the others. Part of these seats is the ones in the middle.

These middle seats are usually around the fourth or fifth rows behind. So if you sit in the center, it should be either vertically or horizontally. 

These seats are, without a doubt, the prime spots to sit in terms of the movie projection and sound continence. 

There, you’ll get the most precise vision and audio with little or no noise or distraction. 



#3. The back row

Another ideal place to sit in an Imax theater for a better experience is the back row. This is an alternative to the middle row, though.

While the back rows are not considered the best place ever, you might enjoy the views right from there. 

You will cover the whole screen in one shot without needing to rotate your head sideways with good visuals and depth images. 

If you don’t like using the back row for one reason or the other, your preference will be the better option.  

#4. The front rows

While sitting in the front rows of an Imax theater, 3D visuals will appear closer to you but lose the depth.

But sitting in the back rows will make the 3D visuals appear farther away from you but have more depth. 



Moreover, it is usually the case for Imax theater screens that while sitting closer to it, the visuals will fill up most of your view with increased immersion. 

As a result, covering the whole visuals will become a problem for you since humans are not gifted with infinite visions. 

This is one reason why sitting in the front rows in an Imax theater is not advised, as many viewers who had the experience complained of discomfort. 

Imagine the stress of moving the eyes and neck left to right to cover the screen and raising the head up to match the high level of the screen.

Not only that, the arranged sound systems in the front will drown those placed at the back and edges of the hall, making the overall sounds imbalanced. 

Hence, unless you have no option in the first row, you always be your last resort when choosing where to sit in an Imax.



It’s the last on the list of the best place to sit in an Imax theater for a reason.

Avoid it if you can. But as I have mentioned earlier, your preference should be your best seat. 

So if the first row is your preference, then that’s the best seat in an Imax on your own.


While some viewers prefer the front rows to the back rows, the back rows are the preferences of others; for some, the edges and the center line are the ultimate choices.

Given the size and peripherals of IMAX theater, whether you sit closer to the screen or farther from it, the choice is always yours to make. 

As such, the best place to sit in an Imax theater is where you prefer the most. You can, however, use this post as a guide to choosing your most preferred spot.



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