15 Countries That Give Nigerians Citizenship Easily

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15 Countries That Give Nigerians Citizenship Easily

One of the most popular questions on the lips of Nigerians is – where can I get the names of countries that give Nigerians citizenship easily? In other words, where can Nigerians simply walk in and get a second passport easily? While there are countries that forbid dual Citizenship and require you to denounce one Citizenship before taking up another one, Nigeria law allows a citizen to hold another country’s passport.

There are many reasons why a Nigerian might want to own another passport, such as:

  1. It offers additional security in the face of political instability prevalent in Nigeria.
  2. You might want to live in another country permanently and have all the full privileges.
  3. Depending on the country w you get one, it can offer tax benefits and more significant opportunities for visa-free travel with countries with the necessary agreements with your new home country.
  4. Nigerians looking to start a business in a new country might go for a new citizenship as it opens up new investment opportunities.

Paths To Citizenship with countries that give Nigerians citizenship easily

Before we get into the countries that give Nigerians Citizenship easily, we need to be aware of the different ways anyone can become a citizen of another country, and they include:

  1. Ancestry: This is by far the most natural path to Citizenship, and it costs next to nothing, and it is called Citizenship by descent. You might have to look at your family tree to see if any of your parents, grandparent, or – in some cases, great grandparents can be traced to another country.
  2. Time: this option requires that you first obtain a residence permit to prove commitment to the country. This will permit you to leave and work in the country for some time then become eligible to apply for Citizenship after some time.
  3. Money: if speed is your goal, then you must have the money to spend. Usually called Citizenship by investment is available to the wealthy who will be required to invest a specific amount of money in the country, they wish to acquire their Citizenship.
  4. Marriage; if you are lucky enough to fall in love and marry a citizen of another country, you could be on your way to obtaining another passport. Many Nigerians have gotten a second passport through this means. Still, it would be best if you were careful with this as getting married under the pretense to acquire Citizenship constitutes immigration fraud.

No matter the route you wish to pursue in your quest for another passport, gaining Citizenship in a foreign country can be very difficult for many people. However, some countries have simplified the process. These nations have low cost and minimum requirements for obtaining their passport. The following countries offer some of the easiest and simple conditions for Citizenship to existing holders of the Nigerian passport.

List Of Countries That Give Nigerians Citizenship Easily

1. Armenia:

Apart from having one of the best Citizenship by descent program in the world. This beautiful country also allows you to become a citizen in 3 years of continuous residence.

Once you have your residence permit, the rest is relatively simple.

You need to spend a substantial amount of time in the country in 3 years to maintain your residency permit. You will only be required to pass a test on the Armenian constitution, but unlike other countries, you can even take a translator with you into the test.

2. Ireland:

You can acquire Citizenship in Ireland through the blood of your ancestor. A Nigerian can also gain Irish Citizenship by living in the country for a year. Over the next eight years, you must continuously live in Ireland for at least four cumulative years.

Irish Citizenship confers the right to live and work in any part of the European Union. The ease of their citizenship process is why Ireland has over 14 million passports in circulation despite having a population of about 4 million.

3. Peru:

Nigerians can get the Peruvian passport in 2 years. However, you will be required to pay about nine million naira to become a citizen; an installment plan is sometimes provided on request.

Nigerians are expected to apply for a residence visa, which can take about three months before approval. After the visa approval, you will be given six months to finalize the visa. Once you have moved into Peru and have resided for two years, you can apply for Citizenship. You will be required to take tests on history, culture, and the Spanish language. This test can be bypassed if you marry a Peruvian citizen.

4. Portugal:

the Portuguese passport is a first-class passport, by all means, it offers visa-free access to over 159 countries, which includes the ability to live and work in any part of the European Union.

Getting a Portuguese passport is the easiest among the top EU countries. It requires becoming a Portuguese resident, and after five years, applying for Citizenship. Portugal has a Retirement and Online Worker Visa, which is the surest way to obtain residency. Its main requirement is that you have sufficient means to support yourself.

5. Dominican Republic:

You can get the country’s passport with a six-figure donation in as short as two years. One easy way to speed up the timeline is in investing about $200,000 in real estate or a business.

However, those who have proved that they have a steady source of income and are willing to stay in the Dominican Republic can waive the investment requirement.

6. Singapore:

By working in this country, opening your own business, or marrying a citizen, you can become a permanent resident. After two years, you can apply for the Citizenship of Singapore.  

7. Israel:

Israeli Citizenship can be acquired under the country’s law of return. The Law of Return offers the opportunity for Nigerians who convert to Judaism, to enter the country. Once in Israel, it is easy to attain Citizenship.

8. Paraguay:

With a $5,000 bank deposit and a few years living in the country, Paraguayan Citizenship can be yours for the taking. During the three year residency period, you only need to show proof of being in the country for more than 183 days per year to become a citizen.

9. Guatemala:

Individuals who purchase government bonds worth about $50,000 can apply for residency or Citizenship under the Guatemalan investment program. An application for full Citizenship can be made immediately after you complete the bond purchase.

10. Malta:

This is the most comfortable option for Nigerians to pursue to get an EU citizenship. Malta will grant Citizenship in less than fifteen months in exchange for a combination of donation and investment into the country. Malta is by far one of the best Citizenship you can acquire by investment anywhere in the world.

11. Panama:

This is one of the easiest places to obtain Citizenship in the world because of its simple, fast track residency process. You can apply for Citizenship after five years of continuous residency, but the process is generally straightforward.

You are not required to live in the country during your residency period. Once you submit your naturalization application, you can then leave. It helps a lot if you can take up some Spanish lessons before your application or show some business ties to Panama.

12. Brazil:

If you are not opposed to moving to the heart of South America, then Brazil remains a great destination. There are many options on offer in acquiring Brazilian Citizenship.

One option is to get married to a Brazilian citizen and apply for permanent residency then Citizenship. Another is having a baby in Brazil, and then asking for permanent residency and Citizenship provided you live in the country afterward.

Brazil remains the king of flexible Citizenship, and what more – Brazil does not honor extradition requests, so in case you have committed a crime or are being hounded by the Nigerians government, the country will gladly offer you a safe sanctuary.

13. Russia:

If you are willing to start a business or move an existing business to Russia, you may be able to obtain the Russian Citizenship within three years by merely paying your taxes and following all the country’s rules and regulations.

14. Argentina:

The Argentine passport is a pretty document by all standards with visa-free access to over 150 countries – including Russia, Southeast Asia, South America, and all of the European Union.

You can qualify for Citizenship after living in the country for two years. The official requirement is that you show proof of passive income of about $1,000 per month. You are required to spend at least six months per year there over those two years. You will need a bit of Spanish language proficiency, but the exam is easy enough for the language beginner.

15. Belgium:

If you are looking to relocate an existing business or start a new one, then Belgium is an excellent choice because it offers visa-free access to over 158 countries plus the European Citizenship.

It would be best if you showed strong ties of your business or work to Belgium then apply for residency. After five years of continuously living in Belgium, you can then apply for Citizenship, provided you keep a clean record, and not run afoul of the law.

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