Jobs In Portugal That Nigerians Can Easily Get

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In as much as the job opportunities in Portugal is less compare to other European countries. That notwithstanding, there are jobs in Portugal that you as a Nigerian can easily get in Portugal. All you require is the proper information which we shall provide in this article.

Having a very good skill set will greatly improve your chances of landing a job in Portugal without much of a stress. Casual work is much easier to come by in Portugal as a result of the reliance of the Portuguese economy on tourism.

As a Nigerian, you must possess a work permit in order to be eligible to work in Portugal. So, as you are nursing the dream of working in this beautiful country, you need to make sure your work permit is in place.

Easy to get jobs in Portugal

In Portugal, proficiency in English language skill is a highly sought after skill. You are more likely to find a job in this category in cities like Braga, Porto, Lisbon, and Coimbra. As a Nigerian, you can easily get jobs in sectors like:


  • Agriculture (farming and forestry)
  • Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, and bars), and
  • Sales person and customers care services

There is also a shortage of skilled workers in:

  • Communications
  • Information and technology services
  • Healthcare sector ( nurses and doctors), and
  • Tourism

Work experience in Portugal

The average work time in Portugal is between 9am to 7 pm with a 2 hours break for lunch from Monday to Friday. The legally required time is 40 hours per week. There is also a statutory 22 paid annual leave days per year for employees. In Portugal, employees also have up to 12 public holidays.

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At the moment, the minimum wage in Portugal is 580 Euro.

Why is working in Portugal so attractive

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Portugal ranks 16th worldwide as the best destination for expats. Considering safety, quality of life and personal happiness. The survey also revealed that 93% of expats living in Portugal are satisfied with their life there and describes it as an easy place to settle in. it will also interest you to know that 89% of respondents confirm that they are generally happy with their working life s well as their work life balance.


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When you also compare the standard of living in Portugal with other European countries, it is relatively low.  In terms of health and well-being, Portugal is ranked 9th in the world. All these benefits are outside the employee benefits that the Portuguese labour law provides.

The Minimum Wage And Basic Employee Salary In Portugal

The fixed national minimum wage in Portugal is 676.67 Euros per month.

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