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Are you searching for the best places to live in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada? If truly yes, this illustrious write-up will be helpful to you in picking the best and appropriate place to live in Ottawa. And it is important to know that what determines a great neighborhood ride on two important things; the stage you are in life and the environment that makes you happiest.

Luckily, Ottawa is Just a blessed city that every household is dreaming of living in due to so many attractive and conducive environments. In addition, the availability of infrastructural facilities makes the city stand unique among other cities in Canada. Therefore, having an intention to live in Ottawa (The capital city of Canada) is a genuine and welcome idea.

First and foremost, Ottawa is best known as the “capital city of Canada”, Ottawa is located on the south bank (Ottawa’s River) and it borders Gatineau, Quebec.

Ottawa also refers to as “Canada’s political center” and it is called a home of research and cultural institutions. The increase in the standard of living and low in terms of unemployment rate have make Ottawa stand unique among other cities in Canada.

Best Areas and Places to Live in Ottawa

As of 2016, the population of Ottawa is 934,243 and 1,476,008 in terms of metropolitan population and this makes it the city to be ranked As the fourth-largest city in Canada and fifth-largest CMA in the country.

In addition, it has the most erudite scholars compare to other cities in Canada due to the great number of institutions like colleges, universities, cultural and research institutions, nationals museums, etc., that are present in the city.

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Though not limited, below are the lists of top best places to live in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada:


The accommodation in Gatineau is reasonably less compared to other places in the city, the weather condition is favorable, there is a low crime rate, and the presence of diverse fine restaurants, too, makes Gatineau and Hull one of the best places in Ottawa to live.

Communication-wise, speaking French will be of great help due to the fact that most of the administrative facilities in the area are provided and being rendered in French. However, many English speakers are living in the area too.


Being an environment that is suitable for both bachelors and families, there are many social amenities and attractive centers in Gatineau and they include museums, Gatineau park, etc.

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In Gatineau and Hull community, the costs of living are quite reasonable, rents are cheaper, and the unemployment rate is lower compared to the Ontario side.


Another fine area you can live in Ottawa is Downtown. Ottawa’s Downtown has a great number of government buildings that beautify the community and these buildings were built purposely for the civil servants.

There, there are a lot of business activities being carried out in the area, there are hotels, a great number of apartments, condominiums and more. Ottawa’s

Downtown also has enough infrastructural amenities which contribute to the increase in the standard of living of those living there.

Best Places to Live in Ottawa

Lastly, Downtown Ottawa is conducive and as well as free from all sorts of disturbances. So if your ideal place in Ottawa is a very calm and serene environment, then Downtown is recommended for you.


One of the best towns to live in in Ottawa is Centre Town and it has a great number of commercial activities and residential properties which increase the standard of living of its occupants.

Historically, Center Town is known as a home to many with its great landmarks. Here, one of the most popular Canadian museums can be found there.

More also, Centre Town has an abundant number of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars which make the place to be lively and energetic both during the day and night.

Moreso, this community is free from all sorts of crimes such as; rape, robbery, theft, etc and this contributes to the reasons why it is called an “ideal home” by many people.

So if you are in dire need of the best place to live with your families in Ottawa, Centre Town has all it requires to groom a happy family.


Sandy Hill is very close to the University of Ottawa, and this made the town to be heavily dominated by both national and international students. Sometimes, the area is also referred to as “students ghetto”.

In addition, Sandy Hill has many ethnic fine restaurants and bars that operate at a reasonable price. There is the availability of infrastructural amenities such as a good road network, educational facilities, health facilities, recreational centers, and many more.

To be precise, Sandy Hill remains the best choice for both young and adult people who want a lively environment.

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Old Ottawa South is one of the prosperous residential towns of Ottawa’s downtown surrounded by lots of the then colonial-era buildings.

There are age-long attractive gardens and parks, diverse restaurants, attractive trees, chic cafes, brunch spots, and more. All these are what make the environment very lively to live in.

Plus, the Old Ottawa South offers great access to the Rideau-Canal, which is the best place to run along during the warmer months. And also, old Ottawa South is referred to as the best world place to ice skate during the winter period.

Best Areas to Live in Ottawa

However, the cost of living in old Ottawa South is very expensive compare to other towns. Old Ottawa South population is significantly dominated by students due to the proximity of the area to Carleton University and Ottawa’s university.


VANIER is located on the east bank of River Rideau and it is among the least expensive neighborhoods in Ottawa. This less expensive community is sharing a border with the Downtown city.

Also, there are great numbers of development in terms of both infrastructural and social amenities which make the place to be safe and conducive to life.

The crime rate is low, unemployment is severely tackled, and the weather conducive is perfect for both old and young, bachelor and families.

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WESTBORO has a myriad of beautiful and attractive tree-lined streets, bars, and restaurants which makes it to be one of the best places to live in Ottawa, Canada.

There are lots of schools and colleges that are ideal for all children in the community, there are boutique shops, eccentric homes, and the likes.

This town is safe, secure, and extremely desirable to live and the cost of living is not that expensive too. Presently, Westboro is home to musicians and artists including the great Canadian theatre company.


New Edinburgh is nestled towards the North of VANIER and it is very close to Downtown. And without a doubt, the town is one of the extremely affluent neighborhoods.

New Edinburgh is home to many embassies as well as the wealthiest and influential inhabitants like the prime minister. This alone is enough to put it on this list.

Why because the security issue is well taken care of, the crime rate is at its minimal, amazing job opportunities, and a host of other essential features.


By and large, New Edinburgh is portrayed by picturesque mansions as well as extensive green space. However, New Edinburgh’s cost of living is very high.

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Kanata is also known for its great number of recreational activities such as parks and outdoor recreation. It also has excellent schools that are of international standard and with a host of community amusement centers.

Kanata also witnesses some great development in terms of housing and commercial activities which keep springing up within its jurisdiction.

This amazing town to live in in Ottawa, Canada is well-referred to as a family-friendly area due to the conducive and ideal nature of the area.

10. Barrhaven

Barrhaven is known for its excellent location, best transportation network, and excellent numbers of schools. Barrhaven also has a great number of shopping malls, recreational activities, and attractive green spaces. In view of this, Barrhaven locally refers to as “haven”.


Orleans has a large number of attractive houses with adequate social amenities like hospitals etc. Also, it has a friendly and lovely environment which is best for living. Orleans has different recreational activities which make life enjoyable to the inhabitants…


This area is exclusively reserve for federal government buildings. Tunney’s pasture is one of the unique areas in Ottawa which cannot be over-emphasized.

It has so many infrastructural facilities that are meant to increase the standard of living of the people, and there’s also a campaign against the unemployment rate, and the security issue is well taken care of.

Tunney’s Pasture, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Parkdale Avenue can be seen along the right edge of the photo; the Transitway and Scott Street are along the bottom of the photo.


The above-listed list of best places in Ottawa is carefully compiled based on experience and a good research survey with the sole aim of guiding and directing you on how you can select a conducive and safe place to live in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.


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