12 Best Flight Schools In California To Become A Pilot Fast


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Becoming a pilot in California is not an easy task, a lot of professionalism is involved in becoming a pilot in California. Luckily, we will tell you the 12 best Flight Schools In California for that will train you into a pilot and a host of other things related to flying.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pilot In California?

The straight answer is that it takes three months to become a pilot in California. It takes three months before you can become a pilot in California, and you will be issued a private pilot license.

12 Best Flight Schools In California To Become A Pilot Fast

According to Airline career training, you only need a short period of 3 months to earn a license as a private pilot. After another duration of six months, you will be issued a flight instructor certificate and a commercial pilot certificate. Which is a stepping stone, to fulfilling your dream of becoming a pilot in California.

Furthermore, before you can become an airline pilot, you will have to fulfill the requirements of 1500 hours flight, which is expected to be completed within two years.

You can download a free pilot career guide here.

12 Best Flight Schools In California To Become A Pilot Fast

Here is a list of the 12 best flight schools in California, where you can fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot in California.

  1. CFI Academy
  2. King First Officer
  3. Accelerated Flight Training center
  4. Seria Academy Of Aeronautic
  5. Advanced International Aviation Center
  6. Alliance International Aviation
  7. American Flyers
  8. American Helicopters/ Western States Aircraft
  9. Howe’s flight concept
  10. JetEXE Aviation
  11. US Aviators
  12. California Flight academy

So far these are the best flight academies where you can train as a pilot.

Also, it should be noted that the cost of training is quite expensive. Be sure you have enough financial capacity, before going for the training.

Furthermore, bear in mind that the training is time-consuming. Make sure you have enough time for the training.

Types of Pilot Licenses In California And How to Get Them.

Becoming a pilot in the best flight schools in California won’t be accomplished without obtaining a pilot license. Probably you are just about embarking on a process of becoming a pilot in the best flight schools In California, and you are clueless about where to start from, this guide will put you through.

Student Pilot License

12 Best Flight Schools In California for student Pilot

A student pilot is always attached to the Airman’s Medical Certificate, and both will be presented to you, at the same time you will be issued your medical certificate.

Starting from April 1st, 2016, it’s no longer accepted for both certificates to be issued at the same time, they were required to be issued separately.

As stated by FAA, applying for a student pilot license, has to be done online, and must be approved by your flight instructor. Once you have completed your online application. Your application will be reviewed by the FAA, if you are found qualified, your student pilot will be processed and mailed to you, within a maximum of three weeks.

In the past, many do wait till it’s time to commence their training before applying for a student pilot license because it does expire, now the reverse is the case. After all, the presence of a student pilot never expires. You should apply for it and obtain your student pilot before you commence your training.

Private Pilot License


Obtaining a private pilot license in California is quite a horrendous task, engaging, requires commitment, and takes time, be sure enough to exercise patience. This is one of your biggest achievements in your career.

According to the California aviation administration, it’s required that you have a minimum of forty hours of flight time, before applying for a private pilot license. In addition to this, you will be required to pass a practical and written test, which is a must for you to have a minimum of 65-70 mark. For this purpose, you can help yourself by buying school books and devote your time to studying them. Also, you can join online classes, and also learn more about it on YouTube.

Furthermore, during your training, you will be required to have at least 20 hours of practical training, with your Instructor, and inclusive of 10 hours solo flight.

Also, during your training, you must have been able to complete the following.

  • Cross country flight
  • Night flying
  • 50 Nautical miles, or more
  • Execute flight maneuver
  • Flight about the sole instrument

Once you have been able to complete your training, you will be subjected to undergo practical training, to ascertain whether you are capable of becoming a pilot in California. This guide will walk you through a stepwise process on what it requires for you to obtain a private pilot license.

For every expense required, which includes a medical certificate, your training fee, and miscellaneous, we’ve estimated the total cost to be $14,000.

Commercial Pilot License

12 Best Flight Schools In California

If you are ready to monetize the knowledge you’ve acquired. Applying for a commercial pilot license is what’s best for you.

The FAA requires that you monetize the training you’ve received, once you have obtained your commercial pilot license.

The process involved in Obtaining a commercial pilot includes the following

  • 250 hours flight time.
  • The test must be conducted in a complex aircraft
  • Cross country flight
  • Solo flight

Also, you are expected to have gotten your instrument before coming for the test, as this will as well be an additional detail to your training.

The total cost for this training has been estimated to be $3000.

Pilot Training schools in California.

Here are a host of pilot trainings in California

CFI Training


You can apply for “certified flight Instructor training” if you have obtained your instrument rating and a commercial pilot license. As a part of your CFI training, you will be required to pass through a written, and practical test.

This training is done on the ground which makes it less expensive, you will learn the basics of how to fly, how to operate spins, and also learn all the technicalities involved in flying a plane. For the total cost of this training, set aside $4500

Sport Pilot Training


Before you will be eligible for a Sport Pilot License, you must be of at least 17 years of age.

Before you will be eligible for a Sport Pilot license, you must have completed the following.

  • Solo flight
  • Cross country flight
  • 20 hours flight time
  • 15 hours of night training
  • 10 take-offs
  • 75 miles of nautical distance

The Sport Pilot is easy to get for anyone who learns how to fly for pleasure. You will only be allowed to fly during the daytime, when the skies aren’t obstructed, and when there are no chances of snow falling. Also, you do not need a medical license before you will be offered a sport Pilot license.

Once you have obtained the license, you are only allowed to fly with not more than one person.

FAQ: Can I Become A Pilot Without Money?

Yes, you can.

You can become a pilot without money, all that is required is for you to get selected into an IAF program, and undergo their training.

By so doing, you will become a military pilot, and there is a chance for you to switch to a commercial pilot.

In a condition, where you are selected into the flying branch. You will be allowed to train as a pilot at free cost.

Furthermore, having learned all this, you will be curious about becoming a pilot in California and would want to train at the best flight schools in California.


Is It Difficult To Find Job As A Pilot?

Getting your job as a pilot the first time, maybe quite a difficult one. Even if there is a shortage of pilots, where you apply, it may still be difficult for you to get employed, because most employers always need experienced pilots. However, the below tips will boost your chances of getting a job, as an inexperienced pilot.


Don’t Stop Your Flight Training.

Many do get discouraged, after several trials of applying for a job, and they always get rejected, because they are inexperienced. One tip, and a stepping stone to boost your chances of getting a job, is not to stop your training. Fly as many planes as possible. And undergo different training. This will add value to your certificate.

Consider How You Are Approaching Employers.

How you approach employers matters a lot, and it influences your chances of getting a job. Don’t follow the normal trend, of sending your CV, to random employers. Why not give a call to them, and discuss with them, about your experience, qualifications, and what you’ve got? You can as well, drop a chat with them.

The worst that could happen, is to decline your application, and have you in mind when next they need a pilot.

Expand your non-skills

Don’t just depend on your flying skills alone, be ready to expand your knowledge, this could be in form, technical writing, or office administration. This is because, if you aren’t employed as a pilot, you can still be considered for another related job.


This article is written, to help all aspiring pilots. We hope you’ve been able to learn from this. If there are questions you will like to ask, kindly drop them in the comment box.


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