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Most times, people are asked why they are studying a particular course, or why they have chosen a course over other various options available to them. Some get the right answers while many are confused about the right answer.  

To answer the question correctly, it is good that you consider why you have decided to be in that area of study, what encouraged you or what was the driving force that made you conclude studying that course is the best for you. To further help, here are some of the best answers to questions about why you chose your course or major.

We have carefully studied and come up with these answers; they are general answers and can be applied to any area of study. 


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1. Your concern about the future of the field

One of the reasons many studies a course is to ensure there is continuity in that field of study. The continuity could be in the family (e.g  When one of the parents is a role model in such area of Study, and one of the Children decides to follow the part of such parent by studying the course), and it could be in the country or the world at large. (e.g is when professionals from a particular field are discovered to be reducing/diminishing, governments could encourage young people to study such course by giving them supports such as scholarships, etc, on the other hand, it could be a personal concern/conviction.


2. Your concern for its impact on you or mankind:

One of your driving forces to studying a course could be your concern about its importance or impact on you or mankind. E.g. a student could want to study medicine and surgery or other related courses because of its impact on their health and their society. Some will love to understand the human body and how it works while some will have a focus on other parts of the human body, such as the eye, teeth, skin etc.

Another good example is a student that chose to study Nutrition and dietetics or other nutrition-related courses just to understand human nutrition and how to stay healthy and also help others stay healthy by eating right.


3. Based on the discovery of Personal Strength:

Students could choose to study a particular course due to the discovery of their personal strength. Every student has their area of strength and to major in your area of strength is a good decision made to ensure you get going while things seem tough. Students who study/major in their area of strength have being discovered to always be among the best in their class.

4. Your interest/passion/dream:  

Studying/Majoring in a course based on your interest is also a good choice or students. Students who study a course based on their interest have also being discovered to be among the best top students in their class.

5. Opportunities available in such field of study:


One of the reasons students chose a particular course as their field of study or major is because of the opportunities available in such field of study.  Some students already got the opportunity available to them even before they applied to study the course while some applied for the course because of the opportunities they know will be available to them after graduation. Opportunities discussed here could be job opportunities, investment opportunities etc.

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6. Financial reasons:  

Students also major in a particular course because of the good pay that is available to job positions in such area of stud. It’s no news that some jobs and job positions are well appreciated and paid than others. This however has influenced many people’s decision to choosing a particular course over others as their major.


7. Area/Level of application:

Another good answer to the question “why did choose a course as your major?” is the wide area of application available in such field. Some fields have more areas of application than others. And this could be an influencing factor to choosing such field as a major

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N.B: the list of answers suggested above does not only apply to the courses that were used as examples, but they apply to other courses generally.

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