7 High-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in 2023


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Landing a job in the tech industry is a bright way to secure your future. But, you need a lot of experience and formal or self-taught education to get hired by almost any tech company.

You also need a lot of skills on your resume when you’re looking for a new job in the tech field. After all, the technology we use and how we use it is constantly evolving. Professionals must keep up with trends and update their tech dexterity to follow suit.

This is even truer in 2022. The pandemic has changed the way we work, shop, play, and, well, live. Technology is evolving to match the needs of people and businesses everywhere.

So with that, we present these seven high-demand tech skills to learn in 2022. Master these to impress hiring managers and earn a rewarding job in technology.

7 High-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in 2021

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1. Machine Learning Skills

The goal of machine learning is to create computer programs that “think” like people. A personalized newsfeed based on your browsing history is an example of machine learning (ML) in our everyday lives.

ML engineers build and deploy machine learning models that power these very technologies. Their daily tasks involve maintaining and tweaking machine learning apps to perform as needed.

As a discipline, machine learning is a thriving form of AI, which Gartner predicts to reach $3.9 trillion in business value by 2022. So if you’re interested in ML technologies, this is the perfect time to start learning the skills used in the ML field.

Skills You Need to Land an ML Engineer Job

  • Working knowledge of programming languages like C++, Java, Scala, R, Clojure, and most prominently, Python.
  • Mastery of Linux OS
  • Knowledge of the top ML APIs
  • Ability to mine and model data
  • Understanding of statistics and probability

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2. Cybersecurity Skills

Cybersecurity involves working with the technologies that collect, store, and transfer data within an organization’s computer system.

Companies are learning the hard way what happens when their cybersecurity systems are not up to snuff during a pandemic. Phishing scams are up 600% since the pandemic, and only robust cybersecurity technology can prevent such data breaches.

Cybersecurity pros master computer systems as well as antivirus and anti-malware applications.

Skills You Need to Land a Cybersecurity Job in 2022: 

  • A thorough understanding of OS architecture and management
  • Programming and scripting language knowledge
  • Proficiency with antivirus and anti-malware apps
  • Cloud computing implementation abilities

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3. Automation Skills

Automation is an integral part of the current and future technology landscape, and an important aspect of AI.

A common example of automation technology is when we use a chatbot to give business feedback on a product or service. Automation is the technology that helps us to be more productive. It replaces the human element of a digital service to perform repetitive tasks. 

If you want to land a job in automation, you will develop, test, and deploy the technology that automates the workforce and daily life services.

Skills You Need to Land an Automation Job in 2022: 

  • Visualizing product performance under given circumstances
  • Troubleshooting issues that arise from the technology
  • Cybersecurity, for when there’s a data breach

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4. SQL Skills

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard programming language for relational databases. Since it deals with data, companies rely on SQL pros to interpret customer needs and evaluate business performance.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard programming language for relational databases

SQL developer roles are in demand, as their data analyses can inform major business decisions within a company. They design, analyze, and program computer systems within an organization.

Skills You Need to Land an SQL Job in 2022:

  • Strong understanding of SQL programming
  • Ability to write code in different programming languages
  • A firm grasp on the needs of the business
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

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5. Data Science Skills

Data scientists collect and analyze data for businesses to make the best decisions in various fields and disciplines.

Companies rely on big data to tell them about their customers so they can improve relationships and sales. Data scientists rely on technology to gather user data and identify trends.

Data science involves the use of scientific methods and algorithms to mine data. They then use it to make actionable recommendations. This may not sound like much, but it’s the #2 best job in America for 2021 as ranked by Glassdoor, only behind Java developers. We have reviewed 7 data analysis crash courses that you can check out.

Skills You Need to Land a Data Scientist Job in 2022:

  • A background in software engineering
  • Adept with statistics, calculus, and algebra
  • Programming skills, namely with R, Python, SQL
  • Experience with machine learning tools
  • Data acquisition, visualization, intuition, and communicating what it means to laymen

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6. Mobile App Skills

The need for professionals with mobile app know-how will continue to be in demand as more people rely on their mobile devices to live and work.

And just about every company in every niche needs mobile developers to create, test, and release mobile apps. It is a field that involves an aptitude for technology, as well as for creativity and business savvy.

Skills You Need to Land a Mobile Developer Job in 2022:

  • Programming languages for iOS and Android devices, like Java and Objective-C
  • Problem-solving skills, since mobile developers must be able to identify and troubleshoot issues
  • UI design and creativity

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7. Virtual Reality Skills

Working in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) is lucrative, rewarding, and in demand. More businesses are relying on VR to create technology for work and play. This is why companies covet employees with skills in this arena.

You can work on the creative, business, or technology side of virtual reality, although these jobs often merge depending on the company. If you work on the engineering side of VR, you can help develop gaming and workplace efficiency tools that make life a lot more colorful.

Skills You Need to Land a VR Job in 2022:

  • Experience coding in languages like C#, C++, Java, Swift, and Objective-C
  • Adroitness with several operating systems
  • Sharp research and analysis skills
  • Familiarity with the Unity platform and 3D applications

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8. AI Prompting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous industries and changed the way we live and work, adding to the repertoire of digital skills that are in demand in the 21st century. One such skill that has emerged as a critical competency is AI Prompting.

AI Prompting is the ability to effectively interact with and guide AI systems, primarily natural language processing (NLP) models, to generate desired outputs or perform specific tasks. It involves understanding the capabilities and limitations of the AI model, structuring inquiries or prompts effectively, and interpreting the AI responses.

This skill is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of professional domains. Content creators, researchers, software developers, data scientists, educators, marketers, among others, are finding value in mastering AI Prompting.

Content creators, for instance, use AI Prompting to generate ideas, draft content, edit texts, and create various types of written outputs. In the research domain, AI Prompting can help find information, organize and analyze data, and even generate hypothesis. For software developers and data scientists, it facilitates bug-fixing, code generation, and data analysis.

AI Prompting also demands ethical understanding, given the potential of AI to generate harmful or biased content. Therefore, this skill is not just about technical expertise but also about understanding social implications and ensuring the responsible use of AI.

To master AI Prompting, one needs to understand the workings of the specific AI model they’re using, have strong communication skills to articulate prompts effectively, and critical thinking to interpret the AI responses.

As AI models become increasingly sophisticated and integrated into our work and lives, AI Prompting is set to become a core digital skill, key to leveraging the full potential of AI technologies. This further emphasizes the need for continual learning and adaptation in the digital age.


These tech skills are not only in demand right now, they are the wave of the future. 

Master one of these skills, and ride that wave to a lasting career in a thrilling and high-paying career.


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