Zenith Bank Salary Structure: How Much Does A Zenith Bank Staff Earn?


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As an undergraduate degree holder seeking a white cola job in Zenith Bank or preparing for an interview with this highly celebrated financial institution, having a basic background of Zenith Bank’s salary structure could be vital to your cause. 

This should be an act of preparation in case your interviewee asks you to give him the figures you will like the bank to be paying you as salary. Having a basic knowledge of their salary scale will definitely save you from hyping or degrading yourself with whatever figure you would call.

Better still, knowing how much Zenith bank pays its staff per month may be necessary before applying for a job opportunity at Zenith bank in the first place. After all, you are not obliged to enslave yourself working for any bank that will not pay you your worth.

Thus, all these instances are some of the reasons why you need to consider how much does Zenith bank staff earn on every blessed month. You might need to do this on all other Nigerian banks in your job-hunting list.

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Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Overview.

Without any doubt, Zenith Bank is ranked and placed in the same shoe with some tier-one financial institutions in Nigeria as the oldest, most stable, and experienced banks in Nigeria. This bank has been in operation for decades.

Like any other modern bank in Nigeria, Zenith bank have branches in numerous locations across the country. It has subsidiaries in part of Africa and North America too.

Other than being a welcoming, customer-friendly with a cheaper service rate bank in Nigeria, it also offers user-friendly service and personalized products. Its employees can’t help but keep giving a perfect review about the bank now and then.

These days, every aspiring banker or fresh graduate with a degree in any banking-related courses dream is to become a Zenith bank employee due to their value, culture of excellence, and stability. And most importantly, the bank pays its workers relatively well.

How Much Does A Zenith Bank Staff Earn?

In any business establishment, money is the best source of motivation. Findings show that well-paid employees always perform better and productive compare to their disgruntled and unpaid counterparts.

So considering the hot competition in the banking sector, this article is on an explicit mission to reveal the Zenith bank salary structure, how their staff is ranked, and how much they pocket every month.

How Much Does Zenith Bank Pay NYSC Members and Interns?

If you are opportune to be posted to Zenith bank for your NYSC program or the bank accepted your I.T or internship letter, if you work hard during your stay at the bank, chances are that you’ll be retained on a permanent deal.

Thus, youth corpers, I.T and Intern students at Zenith bank, on average, are being paid N 35,000 monthly and that is #1.2 million per year.

Zenith Bank Salary Structure:

How Much Does Zenith Bank Graduate Trainees Earn?

Other than the NYSC, I.T, and internship students who are usually on a temporary service with the bank, the graduate trainee is usually the lowest level in the chain of hierarchy. That being said, the bank pays its graduate trainees the sum of #42,000 per month during their training.

On the completion of the training and if all the next tests have been successfully passed, the trainee’s status will then be upgraded to entry-level employees.

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How Much Do Zenith Bank Entry-level staff Earn?

On neutral ground, Zenith bank’s entry-level workers are among the list of the highest earners in that position in the Nigerian banking sector. That is to say, the basic entry-level monthly salary for Zenith Bank employees falls between the range of #108,000 and #110,000, depending on the worker’s department.

Note that these figures are not permanent, they are expected to increase along the line as the worker impact and climb the further ladder of leadership within the organization.

Also, other than the basic monthly salary, all entry-level staff are entitled to some other benefits and remunerations.

How Much Does Zenith Bank Customer Service Officers Earn?

At Zenith Bank, customer care officers on an average pocket #100,000 as their monthly salary. They are also entitled to further bonuses apart from the monthly salary payments.

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How Much Does Zenith Bank Pay Its Marketers?

You must have worked in the organization for some years before you can occupy the position of a marketer and once you do, you’ll definitely go places. The bank, however, pays its marketers the sum of #145,000 to #155,000 as their monthly salary.

How Much Does A Zenith Bank Staff Earn?

How Much Does Executive Assistants At Zenith Bank Earn?

An Executive assistant at Zenith Bank earn the sum of #150,000 or #180,000 per month, depending on the department the assistant work for and the location of the bank.

How Much Does Zenith Bank Pay Its Banking Officers?

To be a Banking Officer in any bank in Nigeria is not an easy job. They are saddled with so many responsibilities, albeit they earn a decent salary too. Their salary scale at Zenith bank is within the range of #390,000 to #420,000 per month.

How Much Does A Loan Officer Earn At Zenith Bank?

Loan officers are one of the few personalities of the bank that have risen through many ranks and made immense contributions to the progress of the organization through unflinching commitment and consistency over some time.

Anybody occupying this position at Zenith bank will earn nothing less than #510,000 per month. They are entitled to some other bonuses too.

How Much Does Zenith Bank Credit Analysts Earn?

This is another principal position at Zenith bank. The Credit analysts are part of the top earners in the bank salary structure as their monthly wage falls between the range of #575,000 per month.

How Much Does Zenith Bank Pay Its Branch Managers?

At the bank branch level, there is no other boss other than the Branch manager. He is responsible for looking and monitoring the affairs of the bank, they give orders and all other staff under them are answerable to their calls.

 No other staff of the bank earn more than they do, their monthly salary payments are #700,000 or thereabouts, excluding the occasional bite out of the company’s profit and other compulsory mouth-watering benefits such as accommodation and official car.

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Please take notice that all the above-mentioned figures about Zenith Bank’s salary structure are born out of our research, we have no personal connection or relationship with Zenith Bank. Hence, do treat the above payment analysis as such.


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