25 things Jehovah witnesses can’t do


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Today, we’re going to discuss most of the things Jehovah witnesses can’t do and why they are being refrained from doing so.

But before then, you will agree with me that the Jehovah witness also believe in Christ which made them to be Christian.

Since you must have seen or met one before in your life, you’ll agree with me on this that there ideology is so different from that of other Christian believers.

The Jehovah Witness belong to the millennialist denomination that was formed in the 19th-century within the larger Adventist movement in the United States.

Ever since then, this sect of Christian religion has spread globally. Their believer can virtually be found anywhere in the world.

According to research, J W are an outgrowth of the famous International Bible Students Association (IBSA) which was established in 1872 by Charles Taze Russell in Pittsburgh.

This people believes that the religion of Christian is clean and sacrosanct and as such, social vices shouldn’t be mixed with it.

They believe in the old ways of doing things all in the name of replicating the Jesus way. Hence, this leads to the highlight of things Jehovah witnesses can’t do.

Before listing out these things, it is very important we take a clue from the history and formation of the Jehovah witness sect.

Things Jehovah witnesses can't do

History of Jehovah Witness

In the beginning, Jehovah Witness is often regarded as an Adventist movement and it emerged around the predictions of William Miller in 1830s.

Miller was a Pastor and he prophesied that Christ will return in 1844. When Jesus did not return as he prophecied, the Adventists divided into several numbers of factions.

In 1870s, the infamous Charles Taze Russell proclaimed himself as an independent but controversial Adventist teacher.

This radical man rejected the truth that there’s hellfire and that it is a place of eternal torment. He instead adopted a non-Trinitarian theology thereby denying the divinity of the lord.

Russell also interpreted the Coming of Jesus Christ for the second time although the interpretation was in accordance with the literal meaning of the original Greek word.

The word parousia (“presence”) is Greek and it suggests that Jesus Christ would appear again with an invisible presence.

He further maintained that and the “Parousia”, or “Millennial Dawn,” had already occurred, in 1874.

In the same vein, substantial changes in the organizational continued as teaching and congregations programs came under centralized control.

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Further changes to the doctrine of Jehovah witness led to the prohibition of blood donation and transfusions by its members, abandonment of the cross, rejection of Christmas celebrations, etc.

Top 25 things Jehovah witnesses can’t do

Having look at the history of Jehovah witness and what led to their controversial believe, we’ve compiled 25 things its believers are not allowed to do.

Among these things are:

1. Socializing with non-believers

One of the many things Jehovah witnesses can’t do is socializing with the non-believers. It’s practically against their doctrines.

Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to belong to another club or organization for the purpose of mixing or socializing with the non-believers.

This prohibition is as a result of the fear of being influenced. The denomination don’t want its believer’s faith to be shaken.

2. Have non-believers as a friend

It is also against the teaching of the Jehovah witness for its believers to have non-believers as best friend or a close buddy.

The rationale behind this is that they don’t want the non-believers to expose their own (Jehovah witnesses) to things that are outside their religion.

3. Go against the organization’s doctrines.

Also, one of the things Jehovah witnesses can’t do is to disagree with the organization’s code of conduct and rules.

Once you are a believer, you must adhere strictly to its mode of operations. You can’t be Jehovah witness by name and not in practice.

4. Campaign for a political candidate

Jehovah witness believers don’t see anything good in politics and as such, devoid all its active believers to partake in it.

Hence, it is against the tenets and teaching of Jehovah witness for its members to campaign for any political office aspirant.

5. Body piercing are discouraged

It is also not allowed for Jehovah witness believers to pierce their body regardless of the sex.

As a girl or a woman, you can’t pierce your ear or nose so is the circumstance for the opposite sex too.

6. Tattoos are discouraged

There is no way one will discuss things Jehovah witnesses can’t do without mentioning tattoos.

It’s against the teaching of Jehovah witness believers to draw tattoo of any kinds on their body.

Not even the tattoo of the Jesus Christ. It’s a taboo and all Jehovah witness followers are prohibited from having it on their body.

7. Disagree with their organization’s doctrines.

In as much as you called yourself a true believer and follow of Jehovah witness, you can’t disagree with other people’s doctrine.

The reason is this, so far you believe in your chosen path as the right way, you don’t have to condemn others.

To them, condemnation leads to hatred and as such, you can’t convince other people to join you if you blatantly disagree with their doctrines.

8. Join the armed forces

Joining the armed forces means you’ll take life when circumstances warrant and as such, joining the armed forces is prohibited in Jehovah witness.

9. Hold political office

According to research, Jehovah witness believed that participating in politics is a practice of the devil.

They equalled the politicians as being the devil’s advocate. Hence, holding political office is another thing Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to do.

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10. Become a police officer

Most especially where a gun is required of you to be handled, becoming a police officer is also part of those things Jehovah witnesses can’t do.

One of the reasons why JW prohibited its believers from joining the police force where gun handling is required is because of their believe against taking someone’s life.

Even where the killing can be rightly and legally justified, it’s against the doctrine of Jehovah witnesses to kill.

11. Smoke cigarettes and tobacco

Although Christianity frowns at taking cigarettes and tobacco in general, this prohibition is part of things Jehovah witness are not allowed to do.

12. Donate blood

Funny enough, it is part of the Jehovah witness doctrine that they don’t donate blood. Not even to their family members.

Donating blood is against the tenants of JW. They believe that blood is sacrosanct and should not be donated for any reason.

13. Have blood transfusions

Since Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to donate blood, they are also prohibited from having a blood transfusion.

This prohibition is to the extent that they would rather die than having someone else’s blood in their body. Not even that of their family members.

The reason behind this is that, Jehovah witness believed that their blood is clean and should not be mixed with that of the non-believers.

And since the believers are not allowed to donate blood, they can’t have the blood of the non-believers mixed with theirs.

14. Read books, newspaper, magazines, publications, or any other literature from other religions

For the best reason known to them, reading of any publication other than that of the Jehovah witness, believers of this religion are not allowed to read them.

Some of their reasons for this prohibition is that other religions are not on the right path and as such, reading their publication will misled their own followers.

15. Study philosophy, psychology, sociology, and other viewpoints that might shake their faith.

In a bid to protect its followers, studying philosophy, sociology, and psychology are part of the things Jehovah witnesses can’t do.

It is in the contention of the proponents of this religion believe that studying those courses might shake the faith of their followers.

16. Attend other Christian churches

Christianity as a religion has different sect or group of believers with different ideology and believes.

In the wake of this, Jehovah witness barred it believers from attending other Christian churches for whatever reason.

The reason behind this ban is to prevent their followers from listening to the doctrine of other Christian believe which might shake their faith.

17. Dating non believers is discouraged

Dating non believer is also part of the things that Jehovah witnesses can’t do. It’s totally discouraged.

One of the main reasons why dating non believer is to prevent mood swings. Since the general assumption is that relationship changes people.

Having an affair with a non-Jehovah witness may influence their faith and as such, the religion faithful are barred from going out with their non religion faithful.

18. Breaking an engagement

Once you are engaged as Jehovah witness, you can’t break the engagement again.

And if you are married, you can’t separate or divorce again. The deal according to the JW is always and forever.

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Where there’s a separation or any form of ‘unscriptural’ divorce from the believers of this religion, such action may lead to a disciplinary action.

19. Homosexuality is not acceptable

Virtually all religion frowns at homosexuality and the Jehovah witness doctrine also kick against it in entirety.

Hence, the act or practice of the gay and lesbianism are another thing Jehovah witnesses can’t do.

20. Gambling

You will agree that gambling is nothing but a game of chance. Betting and gambling are practice of the Satan.

On this note, Jehovah witness barred it believers from engaging in the act of gambling.

21. Immodest dancing in a public place

You can’t be a practicing Jehovah witness believer and still be doing suggestive and immodest dancing.

The code of conduct of the Jehovah witness prohibited dancing immodesty in a public place and there’s a disciplinary action against the naysayers.

22. Say anything negative about their organization

As a Jehovah witness practitioner, even if you believe that most of the organization’s doctrine are radical and inappropriate, you are obliged to speak in agreement.

Saying anything negative or inappropriate about the Jehovah witness is prohibited and as such, members must be ‘like-minded’ and ‘speak in agreement.’

23. Worship Jesus as God

There’s nothing in the Christianity religion that is as controversial as calling or referring to Jesus as God.

To some believers, Jesus is the Son of God, to some he is God. However, it’s against the doctrine of the Jehovah witness to worship Jesus as God.

This denomination believes that Jesus Christ is not and should not be equalled with God.

They teach and explain that Jesus was created by the God Almighty and as such, he cannot coexist or be Him.

In the words of Jehovah witnesses founders, the expressed that “We take Jesus at his word when he said: ‘The Father is greater than I am.’ (John 14:28).

From the above extract, it is obvious that JW do not worship Jesus, and they do not believe that he is also Almighty God.

24. Associate with a disfellowshipped believer

Where an avid believer and follower of the Jehovah witness doctrine is erred and declared excommunicado, such person is said to be disfellowshipped.

Premise on this, all other JW believers must not associate with any disfellowshipped Jehovah member again.

An exception to this is where such person is an immediate family living in under the same roof.

25. Keep secrets from the organization

It is the duty of all Jehovah witnesses to report any act of insurbordination to the governing body.

Therefore, not reporting family members or friends who broke the rules is part of the things Jehovah witnesses can’t do.

They value their covenant and keeping secrets or protecting ones friend or family who is insurbordinate is a grave sin to them.


One thing that is clearly obvious from the foregoing is that the practice and doctrine of the Jehovah witness is extremely different from what other Christian fellows believe in.

To some extent, one could say the majority of the things Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to do are things other Christian believers practices.

But whatever the case may be, the above mentioned are the top 25 things Jehovah witnesses can’t do.


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