17 Best Places to Sell Used Tools Locally and Online


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The average person has considerably more equipment than they need, which might be money they are potentially losing out on. Whatever you need to sell, there is a marketplace for it. Selling your used items is one of the ways to make money and there are best places to sell used tools.

Therefore, once in a while you can assess which ones you will never use again and find out where to sell them. So if you are looking to free up space in your home or office and make some cash, you are at the right spot. You can exchange your used tools for money at the following places.

8 Places to Sell Used Tools Locally

i. Auction Houses

Auctions houses make your used items worth money in cash. In auctioning your items, make sure they are in good condition so that they won’t be priced cheaply. If you have a product that is in good shape and in high demand, an auction house is one of the best places to sell used tools. Examples of items you can sell here are power tools, antique tools, toolboxes, and other robust equipment.

ii. Flea and Thrift Market

Renting a booth at a flea market can be the best option if you have a lot of outdated items you want to get rid of. In recent years, the flea market has become popular. This market provides sellers with the opportunity to meet and connect with people.

In thrift markets, most times, items are refurbished by the sellers before they are sold. This implies creativity on the part of the sellers. So if you are creative, you will make a lot of money selling these items. An example of an item that can be found in this market is old electronics. 

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iii. Pawn Shops

These are stores that buy used items. They are easy to find and can also be found online. It’s an easy way to sell off your old items quickly. So if you have an old item you want to sell, then consider pawning it. Pawn shops have proven to be one of the best places to sell used items locally.

This pictures shows a pawn shop where you can exchange your used tools for money.

iv. Garage and Yard Sales 

A community garage sale is where people meet up to buy and sell junk and unwanted items of their own. People don’t think of a yard sale as a source of money or a place to sell used items.

However, this is another best place you can sell your old items. In garage sales, you can call your neighbors and ask them if they need any items. It’s not everyone that will say yes so you should move on to the next person until you locate a buyer.

v. Consignment Shops

A consignment store can be your best option if your tools are in good shape and don’t require repairs. There are a few things you should be aware of while selling tools in this manner.

Your used tools will be assessed by the shop to see how much they can be sold. The shop will handle sending these items and, if necessary, returning them by mail. When all things have been sold, you will receive a cheque, but only when the store has been paid in full by the people who bought your items.

This picture shows you that there's a consignment shop is in the neighborhood.

vi. Small Neighborhood and Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are another great source of selling used items.  Here, you should have an item that is relevant to their store. Not all small neighborhood hardware stores provide this service, but many are more than happy to acquire your used tools for resale or sell them for you in exchange for the commission you will give them.

So when next you are thinking of freeing up some space, know that hardware stores are among the best places to sell used tools.

vii. Habitat For Humanity Restore

Habitat for humanity restore is another great way to sell your used tools. The restore offers the general public new and used furniture, appliances, home accents, and more at a significant discount from retail prices. Customers can also return things they no longer need and get paid in cash or store credit. Restore stores can be found in places like California, Florida, Indiana, etc.

viii. Tool Recycling Centers

As the name implies, you can take your used tools to recycling centers. Sometimes they’ll pay for it or take them for nothing. This is excellent if you have an outdated tool lying around that you want to get rid of. You can see used appliances and electronics in the recycling centers. So if you have any used tools lying around, go and exchange them for some quick cash.

The marketplace has transcended above just the physical market. The advent of the internet has brought about buying and selling in a virtual environment. As a result, people stay in the comfort of their homes and sell used items and services by pressing phone buttons. We have compiled a list of 9 places where you can sell your used items online.

9 Places to Sell Used Tools Online

A. eBay

eBay is an online shop where you can sell just anything. It’s the world’s largest marketplace. It’s free to join by the buyers and the sellers. Initially, eBay started as an auction place where buyers bid for items and the highest bidder wins the item. Any used item could be sold on eBay. Here, your presentation of the items matters a lot when you put them up for sale. 

When selling used tools on eBay, be honest. Then give a detailed description of the used tool being sold. eBay has a massive audience with millions visiting the website monthly which shows you can easily sell your used tools. This website charges a fee for listing and commissions.

This picture portrays the eBay online website.

B. Amazon

Another fantastic place to sell your used tools online is Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and offers a great platform to reach buyers. It’s simple to offer your used tools for free on the site, which attracts a sizable readership. 

Selling on Amazon is rather easy once you understand how to list your things. Buyers can get great prices for these used tools as there are no sales or taxes charged. Amazon has proven over the years to be one of the best places to sell used tools.

The pictures portrays that you can seel your used tools on Amazon using your mobile phone.

C. Poshmark

With Poshmark, you can sell used tools such as clothing, household goods, cosmetics, and other items. It’s free to sign up and sell your used tools. One distinguishing attribute of Poshmark is that it has a fantastic social selling component. You can follow your preferred users and sellers. Additionally, they have “parties,” which are sales activities in which you can take part and host.

The Poshmark application is simple to use, and you can quickly add product listings to their marketplace. You will be notified whenever your listed items are sold along with the customer’s shipping information.

D. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook social network, recently renamed Meta, also doubles as an online store, all thanks to the Facebook marketplace. You can target the population through your location and find people around you who are interested in your product offering. 

In this marketplace, you need to check for the guidelines governing each group before making your post. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, its marketplace can be a great way to sell your used tools quickly.

The Facebook market place is among the best places to sell your used tools.

E. Offered Up 

Offered up is another free site where you can sell your used tools. It allows users to sell personal items like clothes, furniture, or books. To use this site, you must be up to 18 years up but if you are a minor, then you will be supervised by an adult if you must use Offered up.

It’s a good place to sell your old items. In Offered up, there’s no listing price attached. Just like Craigslist, it’s an online marketplace where you can post free listings to find the perfect buyer or take advantage of great deals from nearby sellers.

F. Decluttr

Do you want to get rid of some outdated electronics? You should use Decluttr. This website mostly focuses on DVDs, CDs, games, and mobile phones. You don’t even need to verify sellers if you sell directly to Decluttr. This makes the platform more reliable.

Selling on Decluttr is simple and gives a free shipping label to sellers to send their products if they wish to proceed with the sale. Whenever you desire to free up space, declutter is there to help.

This is a picture of Decluttr website, which is one of the best places to sell used  tool.

G. Craig’s List

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when selling on Craigslist is that customers will try to negotiate the price of the item as much as possible. And you should be prepared to go out of your way for customers who have to travel in order to reach you. 

Craig’s list lets you sell used tools like car batteries, computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. The service is free for sellers and buyers alike. 

H. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange mostly focuses on vintage items and recycled fashion, meeting the call for a more sustainable fashion industry. If you have a major closet cleanout planned, you can book an appointment to sell your items in person. They buy good-quality men’s and women’s clothing.

I. Swappa

 Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace where you can buy and sell your used electronics including watches, laptops, cameras, and cell phones. Firstly, you have to go through Swappa’s library for the item you want to sell. Then establish a listing in which you can submit product images, and product descriptions then specify the price. You will receive your cash through Paypal when your used item has been sold. 


There is always a physical place or website that suits your demands, regardless of what you’re selling. So you have seen that there’s no need for you to leave your used tools to be occupying space. Since there are many people who are willing to buy them. You get to make money that can be put into good use for something else and at the same time free up free around your home or office. I hope from this article, you are able to discover a platform that works for you. 


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