What can fill a room but takes up no space?


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What can fill a room but takes up no space? It might interest you to know that there’s no fixed answer to this riddle.

But nonetheless, there are six things that can actually fill a room but takes up no space. These things include light, air, fart, a cold, heat, and smell.

With the presence of a single bulb fixed to its lampoder, a light will fill a room without consuming any space.

The presence of a light in a room doesn’t in any way eat up the available spaces in a room. So looking at this, one will be convinced that it’s the right answer to the riddle.

So is air too. Without air in a room, it’ll be difficult for one to breathe. Air is abstract, it can’t be seen for touch but can only be felt.

Therefore, air can equally fill a room but takes no space at all. With the presence of air occupying a whole room, all rooms essentially can still be accommodated.

The above analogy is applicable to heat, fart, cold, and smell too. They are certain occurrences that can fill a room but takes up no space.

Now, let’s ponder a bit deeper and not make “light” or “air” or “fart” or “cold” or “heat” or “smell” our answer. Let’s pick ‘Attitude’ and see if it resonates with the question.

Compare to other multitude of answers that have been provided online to the question at hand, attitude is quite different.

What can fill a room but takes up no space? Attitude.

When you speak, people can hear you speaking, when you perform an action, we can see the actions performed, but when you show an attitude, such can only be felt.

There are people out there with the ability to distort the “air” out of a room. Such is the way some people try to persuade us to believe that “light” is the answer to the question.

They have their reasons, though, but they’re not 100% correct. So we are putting it to you that ‘attitude’ is the right answer.

We may not be able to describe it convincingly, but at a point in time we’ve all felt someone’s attitude. It’s the feelings inside us.

While we only hear people’s words, it’s their attitude that actually hits home. We feel it deep down. Such impact mandates tons of emotion inside us.

Attitude can fill a room but takes up no space by coming in form of anger, frustration, sadness, furious, elation, etc.

When someone put up any of them up, say an angry face or sadness, the room will be tensed and people will be quite.

The most surprising thing about it is that the message can be conveyed, without saying anything.

Attitude lack physical being and difficult to describe verbally. But once a room is fill of anger or sadness, the room tends to be fill up without taking a space.


The suggested answer to the popular riddle: “what can fill a room but takes up no space” is light. However, this blog post says otherwise.


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