The Importance of Practice Before Attempting an Australian Driving Test

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Practice, they say, makes perfect. This is true in many areas of life; a driving test is no different. 

Australian drivers have to undergo a rite of passage that requires them to take on multiple assessments. 

The primary purpose of all the assessments is to assess their roadworthiness. Now, a driving test requires too much for you to treat it as a trivial issue. Even if someone else is footing the bill, how about committing your time and energy?

Not to forget the examiner, who also has to make it for you. is highly concerned with your success, and they will commit to ensuring that you pass on your very first attempt.

Why You Should Take An Australian Practice Test Before Attempting A Driving Test

Here are some of the reasons Australians are nudged to take learners’ practice tests before they take the actual test.

To identify areas you need to work on

The best thing about the practice test is that, after every attempt, they grade your work and send it to you for your review. This review is meant to give you an insight into your strong and weak spots. 

Scientists say that combining theory with practical knowledge is the best way to learn. So, even though the practice tests are theoretical, the knowledge you gain will come in very handy when you take your vehicle on the road for practice.

You can analyze the areas you’re not very knowledgeable about and begin to hone your skills and knowledge in those areas.

This way, with time and practice, you can become an all-around professional and get success streaks every time you practice. When you get to this stage, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re now ready to take on the main deal.

To give you a first-hand feel of the road experience


After your written driving test, you need to get yourself out on the road and get first-hand experience of what the real Australia driving test entails.

There may be knowledge gaps that you’re not aware of—things you learned in theory that you felt ‘would be easy to do’ but it turns out they are not. 

When you practice on the road, you’ll have ample opportunity to close these knowledge gaps and fully learn those skills.

If you’ve got a buddy who’s a pro driver, ask them to get in the car with you for safety purposes.

You could also hire a trainer to take you through this phase if you want. They would give you practical tips on how to stay safe on the roads. Since they’ve got more experience than you, you can pick their brains as much as you want. They would most likely answer all your questions.

When you encounter a difficult situation, their anecdotes will guide you toward making the best decision.

To get a confidence boost

Practice tests are like exercises for bodybuilders. The more you engage in them, the more confident in your abilities you become.

The first tests might prove to be difficult, but as you take them repeatedly, you’ll find that they become easier to retain.

If you’re not a very fast learner, you’ll need a substantial amount of time so your brain can maximally process the information it’s ingesting. Give yourself time; the confidence will kick in soon enough.

Also, you’re more likely to try out new things when you’re confident in your current abilities. However, you must be careful not to overestimate your capacity so you don’t get in danger.


To familiarize yourself with the pattern of the actual test

The actual test is going to come with some quirks. These quirks will only be a problem for those who didn’t take practice tests.

As mentioned earlier, the learner’s practice tests are designed to mirror the format and structure of the actual test.

You’ll find questions that put you in real-life scenarios where you have to think and act fast.

When the time comes, and you’re sitting behind the wheel with your examiner by your side, all of that knowledge will come flooding back in.

Also, when you take free tests from practice sites, chances are they will recommend you also study the driver’s handbook. 

This handbook varies from state to state, and it contains rules and regulations for location-specific drivers. In this handbook, you’ll also find tips on how to ace your driver’s test on your first try.

To increase your chances of success on the first try


It goes without saying that constant practice will perfect your knowledge and skills over time.

Considering the state of the economy, $60 is no small fee. Having to pay it twice can put a dent in your finances, especially if you aren’t financially buoyant. 

Moreover, the actual cost of a driver’s test varies from state to state. Making an inquiry about the actual cost from your DMV is the best way to ensure your budget will be sufficient.

To eliminate anxiety

With every test or exam comes a bout of anxiety and cold feet. However, without sufficient practice, your case will be more severe than necessary.

All the industry pros recommend the practice as a surefire means to build confidence and eliminate any anxiety that will make you unable to perform during the actual written driving test.

Doing this would ensure that you take the test as naturally as possible.

You get to track your progress

Even without an instructor’s commendation, you can feel it when you’ve begun to get better at your craft. Issues that used to be a headache for you no longer stress you as much. There’s no anxiety when you remember you have to practice.

You make decisions quicker and easier these days. Without constant practice, none of this would have been possible. The changes you see now are the results of your commitment. 

You should be proud of yourself. If you’ve saved up enough money already and you’re sure you tick all the eligibility boxes, go ahead and apply for that license.

Wrapping Up

Getting a driver’s license in Australia is no small feat. It’s one of those achievements that’s worth celebrating. 

Almost every adult goes through this rite of passage, so when you eventually bag that license, they know the amount of effort and rigorous training you put into the process.

Passing the test on your first try is certainly not a myth. All you need to do is commit to your training religiously.

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