Character Age Reveal: How Old is Jinx?


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Jinx is a fictional character that has been around for quite some time now.

Her wild behavior and unpredictable nature have earned her a reputation as one of the most unpredictable champions in the game.

She has made appearances in various forms of media, including comics, TV shows, and video games. 

Yet, despite her widespread fame, her age has remained shrouded in mystery, leading fans to embark on a quest for answers. So, wait, let me ask you, how old is Jinx?

Well, such is the question this article will deal with.

How Old is Jinx?

How Old is Jinx?

Jinx’s age in Arcane is around 10 and 15 years old but her current age is between 17 and 18.

Fans eagerly awaited the moment when the creators would finally shed light on this enigma. 

The big reveal came from an unexpected source—a special edition comic book that delved into Jinx’s origin story. It was within the pages of this comic that Jinx’s age was finally disclosed.

Although, the League of Legends fandom’s Wikipedia states that it is impossible to determine Jinx’s exact age but here’s how her age was determined.

Jayce is 24 years old and was born between 961 and 966, according to the League of Legends in Arcane legend.

In other words, the Arcane happened between 985 and 990.

This suggests that Jinx was born around 975. So with that, Jinx’s age is around 10 and 15 years old but her current age is between 17 and 18.

Background And Early Life of Jinx

Jinx’s real name was “Powder”. At a young age, then-Powder and her sister Arcane Vi were orphaned during a battle between Piltover Crest and the people of Zaun.

Seeing the girls in distress, Zaunite defender Vander abandoned the battle to keep them safe, taking them away to Zaun. 

Powder was always teased by her adopted brother Mylo due to her clumsiness, and was always defended by Vi.

Life in the undercity was difficult, but Powder was able to stay out of trouble until she, Vi, Mylo, and fellow adoptee Claggor decided to break into the Piltover apartment of Arcane Jayce.

How Old is Jinx?

Jayce Talis in order to carry out a burglary. Powder mishandled unrefined Hextech crystals, leading to an explosion that seriously damaged the building.

This alerted the Piltover Enforcers which led to a chase through the city. The four would-be thieves inadvertently lead the Enforcers back to the Zaunite slum known as The Lanes. 

To shield his adopted children, Vander claimed responsibility and allowed himself to be arrested. 

Zaunite crime lord Silco attacked the Enforcers and kidnapped Vander in order to both take revenge on Vander for betraying him years before and to accrue power.

The children decided to rescue Vander, but Vi told Powder to remain home. This led to her being sad and crying in her room until she discovers the stolen Hextech crystals’ destructive potential and goes to Vander’s location. 

Upon seeing her family in trouble, Powder set off a handmade bomb, powered by Hextech crystals. 

The explosion destroyed Silco’s Shimmer production facility but also killed Vander, Mylo, and Claggor. 

After finding out Powder was responsible, Vi yelled at her, referring to her as a ‘jinx’ that ruins lives before walking away. 

The powder had another breakdown and found comfort in Silco, who adopted her as his daughter.

The powder was scarred from this experience, hearing the voices of Mylo and Claggor in her head constantly and even seeing hallucinations of their dead bodies. 

During her stay with Silco, she became more destructive as well as chaotic, adopting her name as Jinx Arcane.

Who is Jinx?

How old is Jinx?

Jinx is a champion in the online multiplayer game League of Legends.

She is known for her manic and unpredictable personality, which is reflected in her gameplay.

Jinx is a ranged marksman who excels at taking down enemies from afar with her powerful weapons.

One of the reasons that many people wonder about Jinx’s age is her appearance.

She has a youthful and energetic look, with long pink hair and bright blue eyes.

Her outfit is unique, and she has lots of weapons that she uses to take down her enemies.

About Jinx Appearance

Jinx is a slender, sinewy, and white-skinned woman. She wears common punk street fashion typical for Zaunite youth. 

Her most noticeable features are her tattoos of stylized clouds, pink eyes, and really long blue hair that almost reaches the ground.

What is Arcane: League of Legends all About?

Arcane: League of Legends is an animated action-adventure series created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee for Netflix

It was created by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games and focuses on several characters from the League of Legends games, particularly Jinx and Vi. 

The series was first released in November 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Old is Vi from Arcane League of Legends?

It is believed that Vi is 14-16 years old during the first act of Arcane and is 20-23 years old during the second and third acts.

How old is Jinx from Arcane League of Legends?

Jinx is said to be 12 years old in the first act of Arcane and is expected to be 17-19 years old in the second and third acts.

Who is Vi and Jinx’s Father?

Vi’s and Jinx’s biological father’s name is currently unknown.

How Old is Jinx? (Summary)

Jinx’s current age is around 17 or 18

Relationships: Vi (sister), Silco (foster father), Vander (father figure), Ekko (childhood friend)

Species and Ethnicity: Human, Zaunian

Powers and Abilities: Excellent marksman, explosives expert, and genius inventor.

That’s the much I can take on the question: How old is Jinx? I hope you find it helpful.


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