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Are you in need of the comprehensive list of the top tech companies in South Africa? If yes, then kindly read on as this article is on the verge of unraveling the top tech organizations in South Africa.

But before delving into the matter of discourse, you must note that we are in that stage of civilization now where technology has become the other of the day in every single thing we do.

There are smartphones phones that are aiding us to connect with people from far away, there’s aeroplane to easy transportation, there are heavy machines in companies, etc.

All these things are just end products of technology everywhere. What’s more, there are artificial intelligence (AI) robots too that are thinking like human being now.

We can’t just do away with technology. It is here to make life easier and better for us, and all technology end results are here to stay.

13 best tech companies in South Africa today

In South Africa today, research shows that there are over 290 information and technology companies in the country.

And all of these tech companies are doing well and at the same time contributing their quota to the realm of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

On this note, we shall be discussing the top tech companies in South Africa that are doing a great job in the field.

So whatever your reason is for looking for these companies, we assure that we will cover everything in the course of reviewing these tech companies in South.

Thus, take your precious time to read this publication word for word and from the beginning to the very end.

Top Information Technology Companies in South Africa

Top Technology Companies in South Africa

1. SAP

The SAP as one of the leading tech companies in South Africa is an enterprise application software dealer located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The tech company is a perfect example of a global company so with over 10,000 employees under its payroll.

While the company is literally based in the Computer Hardware and Software industry, SAP helps organizations, industries, or firms of all sizes run better.

Equally, SAP empowers companies and people to work more efficiently together and effectively use business insight to stay ahead of their competition.

What’s more, this leading tech company also simplify technology for organizations from back office to boardroom, desktop to mobile device, etc.

All these in a bid to ensure that their clients can consume their software without disruption and the way they want it.

For more information on this Computer Hardware and Software industry, endeavor to visit here.

2. Microsoft

This beautiful technology company has an office in South Africa too and you will agree that the word ‘Microsoft’ had become a household name everywhere in the world.

The global company so of this organization is around 10,000 or more employees and they at the same time based in the Computer Hardware and Software industry.

Microsoft drive to metamorphose the world with ICT unites them. The company remains an ideal place for passionate workers with the desire to make a positive impact in their careers.

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Most importantly, Microsoft technology company is a unique organization in every ramification; and not only within the ICT industry.

Lastly, the variety of career advancement or job opportunity at Microsoft tech company in South Africa is incredible.

There, smart people do well on their own terms and even push their smartness to its limit.

3. Council for Scientific and Industrial

Talking about notable tech companies in South Africa, the Council for Scientific and Industry Company cannot be overemphasized.

This company has been doing wonderfully well in the field of Research Banking, Energy, Chemicals, Construction, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and more.

There are over thousands of employees under the company’s payroll on a global level, and the organization is known for its reputation in IT and Telecommunication the most.

4. Huawei Technologies Africa

More so, the Huawei Technologies is one of the reputable tech companies in South Africa that are contributing immensely to the field of IT.

The company is an international recognized information, communication and technology organization with tons of passionate workers.

The company is majorly based in Engineering, IT and Telecommunications. And they are responsible for numerous IT and Telecommunication advancement in South Africa.

5. Cisco Systems

At Cisco Tech Company, each of their employee is unique, and the organization brings our talents to work together as a team thereby making a difference.

Cisco System in South Africa embrace digital technology and help their clients to implement change towards developing digital businesses.

According to research, Cisco’s global company size is over 10,000 worth of employees and the company is basically into the Computer Hardware and Software business.

What’s more, this leading tech company in South has been in existence for over 30 years in the country and they can be consulted for any matter related to digital security too.

Be that as it may, there is equally a Cisco system that is designed specifically for blockchain companies.

6. Bolt

Talking about leading technology companies in South Africa, Bolt transportation company cannot be overemphasized.

The company is, without doubt, one of the fastest-growing tech start-up businesses in the world with millions of happy customers in over 35 countries.

Oh! Countries from Europe to America to Africa, the company keeps building a strong future for transportation.

Having said that, you must note that this company is having around 1001 down to 5,000 employees on a global level.

Other than transport, other major field that they are doing fine on in South Africa is Internet.

7. Derivco

In the same vein, Derivco is one of the most recognized IT Company in South Africa. This tech organization is building a better future for online gaming.

Hence, putting innovative smiles into the face of game lovers around the world. Their services are convenient and affordable as Software and IT services should be.

By extension, Derivco global company so should be around 2,000 to 5,000 employees and they are strictly known for IT Services across the globe.

In addition, being the leading software developer in the online gaming realm, Derivco develop, illustrate, design and animate the IT trailblazing technology.

8. Dell Technologies

Next on the list of top technologies company in South Africa is Dell Technologies. The name sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, you thought it right, they are into IT.

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Be informed that the Dell Technologies helps business organizations and individuals build a better digital future and transform the way they work, live and play into something magnificent.

On a global level, Dell Company has over 10,000 employees under its payroll, and they are mostly IT gurus and experts who are passionate about their works.

Plus, Dell provides its customers in South Africa with the industry’s most innovative and broadest technology and services for this present data era.

The organization core strength is sustainability, commitment to diversity, and the communities.

Not only that, Dell offer unparalleled and unmatched growth and development opportunities for its team members too.

9. Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited

Another worthy of mention tech company in SA is the Jasco Electronic Holdings Limited. The company is known by many.

Part of their mission is to build a society that fancies ITs and electronics as the organization believe that tech is vital for driving human progress.

Hence, the Jasco Electronics Holding major area of specialization include Electronics and IT, they are over 1,000 employees under its payroll in South Africa alone.

10. Sage

Formed sometimes around 1981 and the company now has over 12,000 employees with millions of prosperous customers in 23 countries.

If you know Sage Technologies well then you will agree that part of their mission is to transform the way and manner people think, work and operates.

The rationale behind that is to ensure that every single business organisation thrive using up-to-date digital helps and signatures.

The major focus of Sage Technologies is Computer Hardware and Software and their prospective clients receive continuous advice from their customer service representatives.

They can also receive support through the company’s global network of local experts and professionals who will help them solve their respective business problems.

Not limited to that, these experts are always open to give out advise that are capable of boosting their clients confidence thereby enhancing them to achieve their business ambitions.

11. BMW Group

You see BMW cars everyday and as such, you wouldn’t be surprised seeing them making the list of the top tech organizations in South Africa.

Equally, it’s obvious that in the world of automobiles, only few acronyms evoke and become successful as much awe-inspiring as BMW.

For the record, the full meaning of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke, and the company remains one of the top 10 automakers in the world.

The global company size is, of course, over 10,000 employees, and the company’s major areas of specialization include automobile engineering and transportation equipment manufacturing.

Essence, the BMW’s premium lineup are sedans, convertibles, coupés, and sport wagons in the number of 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 Series.

Other BMW models include the M3 coupe and convertible, X5 sport active, the Z4 roadster, etc. In fact, about 3,500 dealers sell BMWs worldwide.

BMW is also known for the automotive Rolls-Royce brands, motorcycles K 1200 GT, MINI , R 1200 RT, F 800 S models, etc.

All in all, financial services bolster BMW bottom line as it has purchase financing, leasing, dealer financing, asset management and corporate fleets.

12. Thomson Reuters

As a South African, I believe you are not hearing Thomas Reuters for the first time. Yes, the company is responsible for much software and network solution in SA.

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They are seriously committed to reinventing the way and manner professionals work and as such, become the most used network provider in the country.

Additionally, Thomson Reuters tech company remains the most trusted provider of valuable information, essential news, and tools to the professional businesses that make the world work.

Interested, the company also have over 10,000 passionate workers globally and they are committed to providing the best Enterprise Software and Network Solutions businesses and individual could get.

Funny enough, their prosperous customers operate in complex world that move the society forward. You will find them in law or legal parlance, tax, compliance, government, media, etc.

Even in a disruptive digital age too, Thomas Reuters help professional businesses and individuals reinvent themselves.

They achieve this by combining deep and thorough understanding of their industries with professionally curated information as well as tailored technology.

This thus, raises the company’s productivity, freeing them from routine tasks, creating more time for them to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Matters like negotiating, advising, advocating, governing and informing. When the virtues of accuracy, objectivity, fairness and transparency are under pressure, Thomas Reuters consider it their duty to pursue them.

13. Uber

At a point in time, you must have engaged the service of Uber to a particular destination. How was their service? Fair enough, right?

Well, this business organization is determined to build a world where transportation will be very easier and affordable for all.

At Uber, they are reimagining the way and manner the world moves. From how you get to work from home, how you get back home from work, how to eat meals, how you move big shipments, etc.

And to be honest, the work we engaged ourselves into these days are shaping the future of mobility. They are changing the way and manner people live.

The company have brought together a group of optimists and passionate doers to tackle substantial or the most challenging problems of this present generation.

Its welcome people from diverse backgrounds who are on the verge of building a future where the haves and have not can move independently.


There are tons of tech companies in South Africa but the above mentioned are the leading organizations in the field of Information, Communication and Technology.

To crown it all, if you have the passion, curiosity and collaborative spirit to work with any of the above-mentioned companies, feel free to check them out for openings.


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