25 App ideas that haven’t been made yet but you can develop.


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Of course, it could be challenging and tasking to come up with a million-dollar app ideas that haven’t been made yet. But with this article, you might do that — with ease.

We are now in that era where technology and internet have become the other of the day. Every business minded individuals are taking their business online.

In fact, almost every business has an app developed to aid the movement and activities of the company’s prospective buyers or visitors.

So as an app developer, what if we tell you that there are over 25 inspiring and million dollar mobile app ideas that haven’t been yet?

That will sound cool, isn’t it?

25 innovative and amazing apps that haven’t been made yet

Below are the 25 innovative android and amazing iOS app ideas that haven’t been made yet but you can start developing right away.

Amazing app ideas that haven't been made yet

1. Payment Reminder App

The payment reminder app is a tracking app that helps its prospective users monitor their subscription bills and other payments. The app’s work is to send the next payment date to the user.

2. Celebrity Identification App

There’s no celebrity identification app in existence, if you know your way around coding and programming, why not start developing something of this nature right away?

For instance, you can build the an Android app that will require taking pictures of a particular celebrity you would like to identify or obtain more information about.

3. Grocery Shopping App

This million dollars mobile app idea is to design an amazing grocery shopping app that recommend shopping lists for users from the available budget.

The app can be built in such a way that the items on the shopping list as well as store recommendations will be made based on date, location, budget, and put history.

4. Presentation App

Also, the presentation app is one of the wonderful app ideas that haven’t been made yet, but you can start developing now.

The purpose of the application will be to enable your potential users use that app to present there 3D models anytime and anywhere.

Plus, the app will enhance them to import to their 3D models into Android and iOS mobiles, and demonstrating them wherever they wish.

This app idea could equally be used perfectly for business project presentations, seminars, etc.

5. Mood Monitoring App

What do you say about developing an Android and iOS mobile app that lets you observe your day as well as look for patterns or things that affect your mood?

Well, you can create this app idea and as such, start adding and evaluating activities, events, locations, etc., that occurred during the day.

Most importantly, the major idea here is that the mobile app will analyze your recent past activities and as such, look for patterns.

Based on this and that, the Mood Monitoring App will give you recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your mood.

6. Brand Identifier App

Another app idea that haven’t been made yet is the Brand Identifier App. This app will enable users to know more about a particular brand or product.

All they have to do is to scan the tag o logo of the item, then the mobile app will list all information including news and articles about the manufacturer and the product.

What’s more, if the brand you are trying to identify is that of a clothing designer, the app should be able to tell the users if the cloth is authentic or not.

7. Catering Service App

Do you have all it takes to develop an Android and iOS mobile app? If yes, food ordering or catering service app is a fantastic app idea that haven’t been made yet.

This food ordering app idea will enables its customers to place their desired orders in advance and once the order is being placed, users will be put on notice on the possible time for the pick-up.

This app idea will definitely make you millions if you run it well because with the app, users wouldn’t have to wait in line as their order must have been packed by the time they get to the restaurant.

8. Virtual Shopping App

You can also create a virtual shopping app that will be used to generate a shopping list in a certain or specific store.

The app should also be to tell its prospective users whether the items they selected are available at the chosen store or in their nearest location.

To crown it all, a well designed Virtual Shopping app will be able to tell in case the selected goods/products are out of stock, suggest the list of available store that have them in stock.

9. Contractor Finder App

Designing this app will go a long way in your life as an app developer. It will rake in millions of dollars into your account.

With the Contractor Finder App, users will be able to find contractors that suit their taste in any field.

All they have to do is to submit their requirements, spec, compare prices, and read reviews/feedback about the contractors previous services.

The app will then provide the user each available contractor’s rating, price, location, previous works, etc. Then, they can select the best candidate of their choice.

10. Parking Spot Locator App

This is an iOS and Android mobile app that helps its users to find both free and paid parking lots at their respective location.

The app will be built in such a way that it could use webcams, GPS, location, parking data, etc., in real-time to navigate any available parking space in the neighborhood.

11. Table Booking App

Are you in need of app ideas that haven’t been made yet but you can develop? Then, Table Booking App is there for you to capitalize on.

This app will be in form of a restaurant reservation mobile app that will let its users book their favorite table at their favorite restaurant from the comfort of their room.

Upon booking, information like the floor map, number of available seats at the table, best cuisines, delicacy to be served, etc., will be provided.

12. Lost But Found App

Worthy of mention is the Lost but Found App. This app is very essential too but sadly, it hasn’t been made yet.

With this app, people who lost their car keys in the carpark, jewelry in the fitting room, pets and all such of items will definitely prioritize it.

The app aim will be to reconnect the lost items or goods with their initial and original owner back together.

All users have to do is to upload the pictures of the items they lost or the items they found (as the case may be) at a specific location.

By doing this, these lost goods or items will, in one way or the other, find their way back to their original owners.

13. Expiration Date Tracking App

Have you ever seen or add of an app that take notice of the expiration date on an item or goods? I bet you’ll answer in negatives.

Hence, the expiration date tracking app is another amazing app idea that haven’t been made yet but you can start developing now.

This idea will prover a solution to the rampant problem of not knowing whether a particular food item or merchandise is expired or not.

The function of the tracking app will be to keep track of the expiration dates of all the foods you have in your kitchen.

With this app, you won’t have to bother whether the items in your fridge are okay to drink and whether the foods in your kitchen are safe to eat or not.

14. Travel App

This is a travel assistance app that give its users suggestions and recommendation of local attractive places to visit, world cuisines to eat, activities to do in a particular location, etc.

15. Digital Receipt App

This will be a digital receipt app that will be saddled with the responsibility of collecting all the transactions made into the app.

This will reduce paper overuse and will make it lots easier to track costs and even keep receipts.

App ideas that haven't been made

16. The Wish-list App

Almost everyone has a Wish-list but there’s no anything like the Wish-list app in existence. How about developing on?

With the coming of the app, users will be able to create a business, career, merchandise-based or life wish-list for themselves electronically.

If the user could create a career or business-related list for himself on the app, the app will give him the chance to select a short-term or long-term goal.

Once everything is done, it will then research online and recommend the best ways the highlighted Wish-list can be best achieved.

17. Supermarket Checkout App

The supermarket checkout app will automatically scan the items on your iOS or Android mobile app while shopping.

Upon checkout, the app will also make and complete the transaction through the integrated e-payment. Classic and convenient!

18. Architecture and Design App

This should be designed in such a way and manner that the app will allow its users to take pictures of a place of their choice and virtually design it using augmented reality.

Accordingly, the app could be used for businesses like furniture stores, interior design agencies, or even school projects. With the app, your customer satisfaction will increase.

20. Delivery App

Do you have a parcel and other items to mail but don’t know the best and most reliable delivery service provider to use? Well, this is one of the amazing app ideas that haven’t been made yet.

With the help of a delivery app like this, you will be able to get lists of delivery service providers with reviews and testimonies of their past users.

21. Delivery Service App

We all know of delivery guys, delivery van, delivery robot but not delivery service app and as such, this app idea can be made by you.

So with the delivery service app, users can create a grocery shopping list of their own and then find a delivery service or person to do the shopping on their behalf.

22. Taxi Management App

In addition, the taxi business management app will help taxi drivers and other interested users to monitor their cash flow.

With the help of this app, users can monitor their expenses, track their income, business supplies, transactions, etc., all in one place.

23. Public Transportation App

Most importantly, the Public Transportation App is another app idea that haven’t been made yet but can be developed by you if you have all it takes.

The main idea behind this wonderful mobile app is to put its users on notice about the best and safest route to take while using public transportation.

Plus, it would also notify the user when the departure time is near so as to avoid missing the train, bus, or even the flight.

Not only that, the app would be able to monitor traffic, accident, delays, scheduled time of departure, rush hour, and so on and so forth.

24. Wedding Planner App

This should be created in form of a marketplace for all wedding related activities.

Issues like venues, caterer, musicians, flower shops, event planner, makeup artist, designers, etc. can be addressed there as there would be lots of expert advertising themselves there.

And for the future couples too, they can browse through the app to see offers, read reviews, articles, feedbacks or even start conversations with users with a similar agenda.

25. Marketplace for School Supplies

This iOS and Android mobile app would create a platform for both local and international students where they can exchange, sell, buy, borrow, or lend school supplies.

Not limited to that, the service can equally be extended to aome other categories like furniture, books, electronic devices, vehicles, real estate, etc.

Thus, the market place for school supplies app would, therefore, not only save time for both students and the staff but would also save money for the parties on both ends.


You will agree that we are now in that period where technology has become the other of the day. Every business minded individual are taking their business online.

Other than these 25 amazing app ideas that haven’t been made yet discussed above, there are tons of thousands of other app ideas that you can work on.

Just think of anything in your environment that needs technology attention, and voila, you’ve gotten another app idea to develop.


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