Smile Vs Spectranet: A complete review


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The rave argument on the best internet service provider in Nigeria right now shall be laid to rest once you finish reading this Smile vs Spectranet internet providers review.

You will be able to deduce on your own, in the long run, which of them is better in term of speed, strong connection, coverage, reliable and cost-effective.

Other than Smile and Spectranet internet service providers, there are other tons of recognized and licensed internet service telecommunications companies in Nigeria.

But the major internet service providers that are competing for superiority and standardization in the Telecommunications realm are Spectranet, Smile, and the magnificent Swift Networks.

While our discussion today is going to be based on the Smile vs Spectranet debate, you must note that all the three brand networks providing 4G-LTE broadband have been in a way or the other subjected to superiority discussion.

The struggle between these broadband services is real as it’s not easy to tell which is superior or better than the other. Without much ado, let’s take a brief background check on the two.

Brief History of Spectranet Internet Service in Nigeria

The Spectranet broadband service provider is the first ISP to launch the fantastic 4G LTE network in Nigeria, and it gained it License of operation from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2009.

Spectranet provides affordable, fast, and reliable broadband internet services to individual, family, students, professionals, business enterprises, etc., at exceptional value.

Being the first ISP in the country, Spectranet slogan is ”pay light to download heavy”. Currently, it services are available in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Ibadan.

Spectranet internet network provider

Brief Background Check on Smile Internet Network

Smile Communications renders 4G LTE mobile broadband services in several African countries. It aims, and objective remain to become the best broadband provider in Africa.

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It also aim to provide SuperFast mobile broadband internet services and SuperClear voice services in every country of operations.

And of course, Smile has been up and doing providing a high-quality broadband, affordable, and reliable internet services to accelerate wealth creation and community development in Nigeria.

Smile vs Spectranet Internet Service Provider: Which is Better?

Without doubt, Smile came into existence 6 years after Spectranet but both internet service providers (ISPs) have gained a fair fame in the Telecoms market.

Spectranet made a good name for itself by establishing a customer satisfaction terrain and as such, became a major player ISP in Lagos and largely part of Nigeria.

On the other hand, Smile Networks entered the ever-growing Nigerian telecommunication world in 2014, and it has done well by expanding its network coverage across the major cities, and quickly maintaining its stands as a key player in Nigeria.

We conducted series of tests for the two Networks analyzing their speed, coverage, connectivity, and reliability using similar Mifi devices manufactured by Huawei.

Thus, let’s take a brief comparison on Smile and Spectranet Internet providers using the results we accumulated from the tests we carried out.

1. Coverage

In the course of the coverage test, we used Berger, Ikeja, Yaba, Lekki, Victoria Island, and Ajah (all in Lagos State) as a case study.

While both Smile and Spectranet Internet Network Providers recorded an encouraging network coverage in all the six places, Smile 4g-LTE had fewer service interruptions.

Not only that, it also recorded the stronger network bars than Spectranet on the MIFI device used in the course of the test driving.

Also, when it comes to National coverage, Smile still emerges winner. You can find Smile Networks in all most the major states in Nigeria.

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In fact, within Lagos alone, there are several places that there’s no single broadband internet network except Smile networks.

2. Speed

In term of Speed, we conducted a lot of speed tests between Smile Networks and Spectranet Internet Provider, and Smile has the most or highest speed.

In all the six places, we toured during the two ISPs tests and assessment, Smile works very well. Its speed is very high and even more consistent compare to Spectranet.

3. Reliability

Talking from personal experience, both the Smile Networks and Spectranet service LTE Networks are reliable when it comes to available service or network delivery.

4. Customer Support

In terms of online customer support on the basis of internet-related issues, the two Networks appeared a bit poor as they don’t offer over-the-phone tips.

Both Smile and Spectranet representative always insist that the complainant should visit their service center to lodge the complainant.

After that, they’ll still offer to send over a technical officer to address the issue on a later date even where a little over-the-table tip will do.

5. Device price

Spectranet internet service provider offers a cheaper bundle option in both Multiuser and Mifi devices compare to what Smile offered.

The Multiuser device on Spectranet is preloaded with a whooping 120gb data at the rate of N27,500 and a MIFI device option of 70gb at the rate of N23,500.

6. Subscription plan

All the two brands offer variety of subscription plans. You can get as low as N500 subscription plan on a weekly basis and get as well as N30,000 monthly subscription plan.

The two ISPs also offer Day plans, Night plans (6 pm – 7 am), 24/7 unlimited plans as well as Night only unlimited plans.

The most celebrated subscription plan on Spectranet networks is its 30Gb Mega Value bundle offering free unlimited night browsing with 25GB worth of data for N10,235.

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Smile Networks most popular and highly patronized data plan offer is the 30GB value sold at the rate N8,000.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Smile and Spectranet still remain the two most used and the biggest high-speed internet service in Nigeria that render valuable internet connectivity.

They are both portable, very convenient, and reliable to use indoors. While some users may enjoy using one over the other, you must note that it is just a matter of preference.

However, it is important we note that in as much as both Smile Networks and Spectranet brands remain competitive, there is still need for them to keep on improving so as to stay relevant.

Hence, the Smile vs Spectranet internet service provider debate and argument of which is better is not what really matters, what matter is which of the two work well for you personally?

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