Your IP has been temporarily blocked; how to unblock your IP

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For some reason, your IP address may be blocked thereby preventing you from accessing the internet. If that’s the case with you, this blog post will teach you how to unblock your IP address for free.

It may happen that you logged into that your favorite web page but instead of you going directly to your dashboard, you are seeing some errors popping up on your screen or you are unable to access the server.


There is one possible conclusion to this, your IP has been temporarily blocked or banned.

This being the case, you need not worry yourself as there are simple steps or ways to resolve the issue and before you know it, you are back on the platform.

In this blog post, we will give you basic tips on how to unblock your blocked IP address. But before then, let’s firstly consider the following.

Your IP has been temporarily blocked

What is IP blocking?

IP address blocking can be simply explained to mean a situation where certain IP addresses are restricted or banned by a network configuration service.

It is used to forbid access to a server from a particular location or through certain routes.

Every device connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP address that allows devices to communicate with each other.

With appropriate software on the host website, the IP address of a user can be logged as well as to determine the location or through which route the user is connecting.

On a website, an IP address block can prevent an intruding or distorting address from access.

So, if it happens that while logging in to a website you get error responses, it is possible that your IP address has been temporarily blocked by the firewall.

A firewall operates as a filter that allow a server to block and banned any disruptive access. It serves as a security system on the server.

Once the firewall rules have been breached by any contrary activity, the IP address gets blocked.

To know whether your IP address has been blocked, you should look out for some reactions like the page not responding fast or showing time-out responses.

You can then try and log on from another network or device, if such an issue does not arise, that is, you are able to access the website from another device or connection, then it means your IP address has been blocked.

Surely, the question that might pop into your mind is why do you get blocked?

Notably, there are many reasons why your IP address got blocked. The causes vary from one web to another. But, in most cases, the following are the major reasons:

1. Multiple login requests

If a user filled in the wrong combination of a username and password while trying to log in more than the allowed time (usually 3 attempts), the firewall acts up and blocks the IP address.

This is to protect against brute-force attacks or an attempt to guess the correct login details.

2. Country ban

An IP address can also get blocked if connected from a restricted geographical location or from another country to which access was not granted. The IP address might also get blocked for some national reasons.

3. Suspicious operations

An IP address can also be blocked if a certain activity is considered suspicious or disruptive to the server.

4. Rule violation

Another reason why an IP address can get blocked is if any activity from the IP address violates the firewall or server rule.

If this happens, the system will not hesitate to block the IP for security reasons.

With this, we believe we have answered the question ‘WHY DO I GET BLOCKED?’.

Now, if your IP address has been confirmed blocked, what steps do you need to take to unblock it?

How To Unblock Your IP

It is important to know at this stage that IP address blocking varies according to the terms of the web page and as a result, unblocking the IP address also varies from one web to another.

It sometimes happens with some websites that once you are blocked from a web server, you might be notified through your mail about the block, the reason for such block and then followed with pre-steps to unblock it.

While there are some who notify you and assure you to wait for (basically) 24hrs before you can get unblocked automatically by the server.

If these are available, then just follow the instructions and be expecting your IP address unblocked.

On the other hand, some websites will not notify you of the block. So, if you found yourself in this kind of situation, don’t panic. Just do some simple tasks, and you are good to go.

1. Find out why you got blocked.

As noted earlier, there are several reasons why you might get blocked. So try to find out why your IP gets blocked.

You can get this information by checking out the ‘website policy’ at the bottom of the page and consequently, you will know what to do on how to get it unblocked.

2. Reach out to Customer service.

If you are unable to get the information in the ‘website policy’ then, you can reach out to the customer service. You can do this in the “Contact Us” section.

Ask them why you got blocked and how to unblock your IP. Once manual instructions are given to you, follow them and get it done. On some websites, you can do this through the ‘support’ section.

3. Contact the web owner or board.

Another way to get your IP address unblocked is by submitting a formal request to the web owner or board.

Ask them to help you with the information on why your IP address got blocked and what you can do from your own end in order to get it unblocked.

This can also be done via their ‘Contact Us Page’.

It may interest you to note that the above ways and methods are not exhaustive as there are websites that provide steps to steps measures on how to get your IP address unblocked.

But, if you come across the web which has no such information, you can follow the above-given steps on how to unblock your IP address and continue lavishing on the net.

4. Use a VPN

This is the last option. If you are unable to unblock your IP, then you have no other choice than to use a VPN. Yes, there are safe VPNs out there that would not compromise your data. Some of them are even free. So, download a VPN to unblock your IP.

We strongly recommend Nord VPN because they are safe and affordable too. As a rule of thumb, if you can avoid free VPNs, do. There is usually always a catch. But if you don’t have any other option, you could try some of the ones on the google play store or the app store on ios.

But to remain safe on the internet, use a recognized VPN like Nord VPN or Kaspersky. While it can help you unblock banned IPs, it would also stop trackers from tracking your online activity.

Please leave us a comment below. thank you.

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