How to prepare and pass Jamb in one sitting

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You will agree with me that there are some things in academic pursuit that the earlier someone know them the better. One of these things is how to pass JAMB in one sitting.

Also, you will agree that it’s the dream of every student to proceed to the University, study one beautiful and lucrative course and in the long run, complete of their studies at undergraduate level.

But more than 70% of students often struggle to realize and make this dream come into reality. Do you know why? Because they failed Jamb exam and they give up.

Some tries it again and again before they give up. Hence, this article will, therefore, provide you with simple tricks and techniques on how to prepare and pass Jamb in one sitting.

Be informed that these tricks are legitimate, tested, and trusted. There’s no doubt about them being real or fallacy. I used them in my days and here I am today; a 500 level Law student.


So consider this one of my secret and if you want to emulate and surpass me you have to start now. Prepare yourself for Jamb. And shun expo.

How to pass Jamb in one sitting

Yes, you can score 250+ or even 300+ in Joint Admission Matriculation Board (Jamb) exam. All it takes is careful preparation; the no magic there.

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How to prepare and pass Jamb in one sitting

So if you are ready to learn how to pass Jamb in one sitting, it is at your best interest to follow the below tips diligently and religiously.

Remember that I used them and they work for me. If you believe and follow the tips, this year jamb shall be the last one you write without meeting the pass mark.

1. Devise a scheme of study

The first thing to do on how to prepare and pass Jamb in one sitting is to come up with a plan of study for yourself. It’s one of the major factors to your success in the Jamb exam.


2. Set a high target score

In life, if you have a set GOAL, you will be able to far but if your dream is SHALLOW, you may end up backing out along the way.

That is to say, if you want to pass Jamb by scoring high marks in JAMB, it’s very necessary you set a very high score as your target mark.

Tell yourself that, “I want to score 350 in my JAMB and I can do it.” While you may not score your desired 350 marks, the wisdom behind it is that you will score 290+ if you work hard towards the GOAL.

On the contrary, what do you think will happens if you set a target of 250 marks for yourself? Don’t be surprised if you score 170 again. The target is too SHALLOW.

3. Study using the Jamb syllables as a guide

Another trick you need to know on how to pass Jamb once is that Jamb syllabus is your friend. You are better off by studying using the jamb syllabus than stressing yourself covering the whole textbooks.


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Study according to the topics stipulated in the Jamb syllables and you will save yourself the time of reading without precision.

4. Start early enough

If you are determined to pass your jamb exam in one sitting, then you must start early enough. Time is an asset and it must be treated like one.

Don’t joke with your time when you are expected to be doing your things with time. You don’t have to wait till JAMB commenced its registration before you start studying.

This is one of the untold secrets of Jamb candidates with high scorers that you don’t know. They don’t wait for Jamb registration before they start reading, they start preparing for it when it’s early enough.

5. Avoid key points

Before I used to believe in key points not until when I wrote my first Jamb. Sorry I didn’t say this earlier, I actually wrote Jamb twice.

It was during my first Jamb that I realized that key points don’t contain full details of the concept it treats on a particular topic.


Advisably, use Jamb recommended textbooks with a well detailed information alongside your class notes to compliment the study.

6. Study consistently

Consistency is the key in everything you are doing. To meet your target GOAL of high Jamb score, you need to be consistent with your study.

To do this, you firstly need to know and understand what works for you. Whether it’s daylight reading or over night reading.

Once you figure it out, develop and make the habit of studying for your Jamb consistently. This will assist you greatly in remembering and understanding more.

7. Practice Jamb past questions

The only Jamb expo you should get yourself involves with is practicing jamb past questions. It’s worth of mention on how to pass Jamb once and for all.

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Jamb often repeats past question although it may not appear word for word but no matter how modified it is, you’ll know. So if you come across a question like that, it becomes a bonus for you.


8. Identify and work on your weak points

Every student has one area where he is weak, there’s no doubt about this. Even the genius one. So the earlier you identify your weakness the better.

Your weakness could be in a particular subject which you have little or no interest in at all. It could be that the subject is boring or you do not have a solid foundation in it.

It is your duty to find out what the reasons are and improve on the part. In the areas where you have no problem, practice them consistently too, over-confident kills.

9. Engage with Jamb C. B. T practices

Your dexterity skills can be improved significantly if you get yourself indulge in the habit of practicing C. B. T questions.

How to pass jamb in one sitting

There are several Jamb CBT training center out there, get yourself enroll in a nearest center and get it done with.


In addition to the above listed tricks on how to pass Jamb in one sitting, attending jamb lesson to compliment your self-studying will also be an added advantage.


See you at the University soon!

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