Best Courses To Study In Canada To Secure A Good Future For International Students


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With the increasing levels of people wishing to relocate and study in Canada, the question of best courses to study in Canada is a huge one that’s on people’s minds all the time.

The best courses to study in Canada are; MBA, engineering and skilled labour, Economics, Hospitality and medical and IT.

Nevertheless, before we dive in to, the courses, let us talk about what would make you want to consider studying in Canada, Canada in itself is an amazing country to study in and a country that has a lot of opportunities for people moving to it.

Why Study in Canada

There are a lot of reasons while someone would want to study in Canada; some of the popular reasons are;

Academic excellence

The high quality of education available for the students is a good reason why most people choose Canada as their study because When a student receives a degree from a Canadian university, it acts as a mark of trust and excellence because everyone trusts the standard that are set in these universities, in fact 26 out of all Canadian universities rank in the QS World University Rankings 2019 

Ample research opportunities

Another reason while people consider the Canadian study plan is because of the research opportunities and facilities that are present in the country, the Canadian educational system are strongly focused on research and development.  So as a student that has a research inclined mindset scholar then no country better than Canada as the educational ministry of Canada offers great support to research in the disciplines of medicine, telecommunication, sciences and other amazing courses.


A selling point of education in Canada is the cost of education, which is considerably cheap compared to other countries with the same quality of education, for example university education in Canada is comparably cheaper than that of the US and UK.

Cultural diversity

If you are looking for a place to broaden your horizons on the issues of race, culture and heritage, then the country is the best for that particular role, because you are sure to find welcoming people from various spheres of life in the country The multicultural environment in Canada promotes friendliness and peaceful living and it’s not surprising that a lot of people to Canada and end up loving it there.


When it comes to Safety of its citizens and residents, then the country is amazing for that particular attribute too and has earned it a place as one of the safest nations in the world and it truly deserves this ranking which makes the title it got in 2018 not bad.

In 2018, the Global Peace Index*, listed Canada as the sixth peaceful country across the globe. What this translates to is a very low crime rate, no racial attacks or terrorists or anything of that sort and as an international student, you’ll enjoy the same rights as any other average citizen so you are completely safe.

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Ability to earn while you learn

This is a particularly lovely feature of Canada, something that most countries don’t approve of, but in Canada, students are provided the opportunity to work for up to 20 hours every week during their semesters and full-time during the summer and winter holidays to help finance their education which is a very big milestone for the Canadian educational system.  You would not require any additional work permit as your study permit is enough to help you find a part-time job even for intern roles.

Vibrant campus life

 Canadian campuses are definitely not dull places and while attending its universities, there is no limit of activities, fests, and other activities being conducted all through the year. In this way, networking is encouraged and you get to meet new people and help to combat homesickness.

Immigration opportunities

A rather good reason to consider studying in Canada is its s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) which is a unique student work permit, is unique in the sense that it allows students the right to stay and work in Canada for up to three years after completion of their graduation allowing them to make some cash once they graduate and get international experience and possibly residency.  

These and more are a host of reasons of why you should consider studying in Canada, it is truly a unique country and an amazing one at that matter, let’s dive into the best courses to study in Canada.

Best Courses to Study in Canada 2022


MBA has always been one of the best courses to study in the world, it’s a very popular course with a wide range of opportunities and its also one of the best courses to study in Canada and due to the nature of the e-course, it’s quite friendly with friendly roles and most people who study it hope for international work.

If it’s truly the MBA degree, that you seek, then you should be informed that they are very costly to school with unless you are attending an MBA program at the Seth Kadodimal Business School or the Rose Valley University, these are universities that perform a highly reduced MBA degree cost.

MBA is definitely one of the best courses to study in Canada and job roles like Management Consultant.   Banker and Investment Banker, Investment Finance is now under the skill shortage category in Canada and they coincidentally happen to be all the MBA degree classification, so with an MBA degree, you have a bright future in the country and a strong hope of residency.

The MBA is truly is one of the best courses to study in Canada and as already mentioned gives you broader career opportunities and exposure to a diversified business network, new skills, and knowledge.


This course probably doesn’t need any introduction, it basically does its own introduction, engineering is obviously one of the best courses to study in Canada considering that it’s a skill-intensive and creative professional and so its uses in society are practically limitless as the engineering profession is in high demands in the Canadian society, in fact, the number of engineering jobs has grown steadily in Canada and has an added 7,050 new jobs in 2017 to the Canadian labor force.

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In fact, studying engineering in Canada facilitates your permanent residence once you graduate because they are in severe need of the skill, so if you are considering the best courses to study in Canada, then I suggest engineering, the most sought after are Petroleum engineering, mining engineering, and computer systems. Some of the best schools to study engineering include the following universities:

  • The University of British Columbia.
  • The University of Toronto.
  • McGill University.

. And the categories that are most needed are;

  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering and
  • Industrial & Manufacturing.


Economics is definitely one of the best courses to study in Canada if you wish for a bright future and a successful career in Canada, and it sounds surprising right, considering that it shouldn’t be so but because of the broadness and practical applications of the course and the research orientation of Canadian universities, economics has made it to the list of the best courses to study in Canada. The best universities in Canada that offer Economics is given below

  • The University of Toronto.
  1. The University of Alberta.
  2. McGill University.

Dentistry and Dental Medicine

Dentistry is a profession that has a long history and is quite a prestigious course, in fact, it’s one of the safest medical professions and when it comes to choice of course, it’s definitely one of the best courses to study in Canada. Canada is popular for the quality of dentistry taught at its schools and houses some of the best universities in the world for that course.

Please remember though, That the course is quite a stressful one and would significantly require rigorous studying and considerable effort and it demands a huge financial sacrifice and a huge time sacrifice as well but if you decide to go through with it, then you will find the rewards quite pleasing. The course lasts for six years normally but since most medical programs in Canada only offer the Masters Degree option, you would have to get a graduate degree from another university possibly in your home country.

 Universities that offer this course in Canada include;

  1. Dalhousie University and the
  2. University of Alberta.
  3. Saskatchewan University and the
  4. University of Manitoba.
  5. The University of Toronto.


Law has always been a prestigious and well-respected course since time immemorial and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best courses to study in Canada, with a highly rewarding pay and limitless opportunities to rise in the profession, lea is a hot cake among scholars in Canada. But its uniqueness comes bitter-sweet considering that it’s capital intensive and requires huge amounts of time and energy to succeed in it but once you do, the rewards speak for themselves.

Once you graduate, you can choose to specialize in criminal law, international law, business law, ethical law, health law maritime law, and so on.

Universities that offer law in Canada include;

  • McGill University and
  • The University of British Columbia and
  • The University of Montreal which is the best.

Computer Science and IT

Computer Science and IT are the raves in the world from jobs to schooling and skills and I can guarantee you that this is definitely one of the best courses to study in Canada if you want a bright future for yourself in the country and they are one of the highest-paid jobs that anyone can get in the world. All universities in Canada offer industry exposure and research facilities, making them havens for computer studies.

  • The University of Toronto  which offers MSc in Computer Science
  • The University of Waterloo which offers Bachelors in Computer Science.
  • The University of British Columbia – which offers MSc in Computer Science.
  • McGill University – MSc in Computer Science
  • The University of Montreal – which offers Bachelor in Computer Science.
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Cost of Studying in Canada

If you have a made decision and read through the best courses in Canada, then the next thing that you might be worried about is the cost, well you are in good waters as the country is quite affordable compared to other countries and has a lot of financial aid provisions for students.   In fact, the government of Canada provides work permits for international students during and after their studies.

Tuition Fee

For the schools in Canada, the tuition fee is relatively low compared to other countries, with an average cost of tuition being C$20,000 and C$30,000 annually, Please note that this varies according to provinces and regions and also the course you are studying. 

Accommodation Cost and choices

The next thing to think about is the cost of accommodation however, Canada has you covered with that as well and offers many options for accommodation for students such as on-campus accommodation. 

The accommodation cost is also heavily independent on the region that you are schooling in depending on the city you choose with cities like Toronto and Vancouver costing between $1,080 to $2,982 CAD  and cities like Montreal at around $550.

Cost of Living

You would also consider greatly the cost of living which is majored around accommodation, food, and travel expense, now it would please you to know that food and transportation cost is very affordable in Canada, but as mentioned above, it depends greatly on the city that your school is located in, cities like Toronto cost around CAD 122.45 per month and cost of feeding is around CAD 200 to CAD 400. However, in Montreal, transportation is CAD 80 per feeding is around CAD 350.


I hope you enjoyed this article and it answers all your questions about the best courses to study in Canada and all your relating questions to it. Follow our website for more articles like this.


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