How does Gopuff make money? Gopuff Revenue Model


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Gopuff, being an online delivery business model and popular online marketplace in the U S, one will begin to wonder how does Gopuff make money? Thus, this article will satisfy your curiosity by highlighting the Gopuff Revenue Model for you.

Interestingly, GoPuff is one of the famous and highly patronized food delivery and consumer goods business that operates in the United States.

It is, as a matter of fact, one of the most successful and efficiently run online delivery businesses in the last ten years. The most interesting part of its success is its on-demand delivery service.

So if you’ve heard about them before or you are just hearing this for the first time and care to know much about their revenue model as well as their other ways of making money.

Then, Atlanticride is an asset that have done the research for your own consumption. Just take your time to read and digest our findings.

Brief History Of GoPuff

GoPuff is a food delivery service and on-demand grocery business that operates in over 550 major cities in the United States. The online marketplace have is headquartered situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The on-demand grocery delivery services (Gopuff) was founded in 2013 by two University students; Rafel Ilishayev and Yakir Gola.

They started the business with the basic idea of restocking their school townhouse with all relevant goods and snacks before the business escalated into a highly patronized business model.

Gopuff Revenue Model

And ever since then, GoPuff has gone viral to become one of the fastest growing delivery service in the United States with the ambition of rendering convenience to their customers.

Being a delivery business network, the GoPuff drivers only undertake deliveries, while the platform is a flexible gig that gives room to vehicle owners to earn an extra income.


How does Gopuff make money?

In other to establish the Gopuff business model, it’s very important to answer the question ‘how does Gopuff make money?’ without prejudice.

As such, the following ways are the methods adopted by Gopuff to generate revenue for the smooth running of the company.

1. Delivery fees

One of the stable and reliable Gopuff revenue models is gotten from the delivery fees paid by the users of the marketplace.

Whenever a user order for any product on GoPuff, such customer will incur $1.95 as his standard delivery fee regardless of the quantity of the item ordered.

Plus, this service fee is standard as the company claim that it doesn’t — for any reason — hike or surge its prices. The to this fixed charges is delivery of alcohol.

The company only deliver alcohol or wine to their customers in most of the cities and such customer must be above 21 years. Plus, all alcoholic order attracts and additional fee of $2

Also, every order on Gopuff is supposed to reach $10.95 (at minimum) as the total value so as to maintain the flat delivery fee rate.

Even though Gopuff claimed that the service fees are totally meant to settle delivery costs against the notion that it’s the company profit.

Lastly, you might want to be informed that GoPuff has a pet food warehouse built for rent purpose. Their clients often rent this warehouse to keep their products for the world wide distribution.

2. Membership

In the same vein, another revenue model for Gopuff on-demand grocery and food delivery business service is the membership fee.

The company established a membership program for its customers. The program which is called GoPuff Fam, allows consumers to receive several benefits from the company.

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These benefits include non-payment of delivery fees for all kind of order made on the platform, discounts on products ordered for among many others.

However, this Gopuff Fam club doesn’t come on the platter of gold, interested customers are expected to pay a subscription fee of just $5.95.

Most importantly, the membership fee is nothing compared to the benefits that follow suit. One can therefore deduce that Gopuff uses this program to lure more customers to their platform.

Isn’t it logical that when someone makes a monthly subscription, such person will be feeling obligated to utilize it subscription and as such, making more orders Gopuff.

3. Advertising

In your sojourn to know ‘how does Gopuff make money’, it’s very vital you note that Advertisement is another core Gopuff Revenue Model.

That being said, Gopuff sells preferential items placements to any brands that intend to promote its products on its platform.

After all, Gopuff customers make nothing less than a million orders every month hence, advertising on this type of platform will be at the advertising brand advantage.

Accordingly, the company sells their customer’s anonymized data regarding the class of products they advertise.

In this instant case, the customer’s anonymized data includes their demographic, how often they patronize a given product and if they are likely to come back for the product again.

4. Markup

The last notable means through which Gopuff make money is via Markup. Unlike other delivery companies, Gopuff buys, stores, and sells its products.

As such, this on-demand delivery company accumulate revenue by selling its products directly to its target consumers once their mark up is determined.

To most investors and businesses minded people, they have seen and continued to view this revenue model to be more fantastic and lucrative.

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Analogically, GoPuff has full and direct access to its inventories, there’s nothing obscure about its has real-time information in respect to products availability.

It quite unfortunately that other delivery services don’t have this and might run out of stock without knowing due to their partners disintegration.

Such is one of the areas in which GoPuff is far ahead of its counterpart. It doesn’t experience disintegration cases and it hardly run out of stock.

To crown it, by the time you combine the service and membership fee, advertisement, and markup together, you’ll have a full view of how Gopuff make money.


So whether you are after the Gopuff Revenue Model or just curious and can’t stop thinking how does Gopuff make money, the above information should answer your question and satisfy your curiosity.


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