List of daily income businesses in Nigeria

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Do you need the comprehensive list of the daily income businesses in Nigeria that you can start to establish a profitable business venture?

If YES, then you are at the right place as this article is on the verge of unveiling the list of top and profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria that are making wave right now.

If kick starting a business enterprise from the scratch is about having the best business ideas, then many business startups — even with their ideas— won’t be struggling to grow.

Hence, before you kick-start your daily income business here in Nigeria, it is recommended that you read this blog post to get a better idea of what you are required to do.


15 profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria

In this publication, you will be introduced to the best, easier, and most convenient daily income businesses in Nigeria that you can capitalize on today.

Daily income business in Nigeria

Without further delay, these businesses include — though not limited to — the following:

1) Barbershop

A day cannot pass by without seeing a male child or guy man in Nigeria paying a courtesy visit to a barbershop; either for a haircut or to shave his beard.

On an average, professional barber in a developed area charge N300 to N1,000 for services rendered. Thus, barbing salon business is, without doubt, one of the profitable daily businesses in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, barbing salon business patronage is not limited to men, women also visit barbershop to either dye or trim their hair.


So if you have interest in this business, endeavor to firstly go for barbing training and learn all other things that needs to be known about the business.

2) Car Wash Business

Another fantastic hustle that comes to mind when talking about the reliable daily income businesses in Nigeria is professional car wash business.

These business ideas is a lucrative opportunity that can generate you a steady flow of income on a daily basis. It is easy and very cheap to establish.

Accordingly, your ability to succeed in this daily income business lies in your ability to acquire the modern car wash equipment.

Make canopies and chairs where your customers will be relaxing while their cars are being tending to. Serve them with refreshments and all.


All these are customer services and you will surely get your money back from the charges. There’s no way you’ll give them all that without them compensating you accordingly.

3) Laundry and dry cleaning services

Not everybody has the time and luxury to do their laundry themselves. It is not always about pride or class; it is a matter of time — many a time.

Hence, laundry business is one of those business opportunities that can fetch you daily income with little investment capital.

This business doesn’t require special training and you can run it all alone pending the time you have enough fund to recruit employees.

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So if you are patient enough, laundry and dry cleaning service can generate you a free flow of income on a daily basis if you know how to cut your onion well.


4) POS Business Service

You will agree with me that not everyone has the strength and energy to walk down to the ATM Gallery to withdraw.

And it is not everyone that is mobile that are ready to drive down to the ATM Gallery to withdraw less than N10,000.

As such, the best resort these days is going to the nearest POS service to withdraw the needed amount.

If you, therefore, stays in an environment where there are few or no bank at all, then the POS business will be a perfect daily income business to start there.

Of course, you don’t do the business free of charge. You can charge your customers the sum of N100 and above or less depending on the amount to be withdrawn or transferred.


5) Sports Viewing Centers

I just say your mind, right? Yes, Sports viewing centers is, without any iota of doubt, one of the side hustle business that brings on steady income.

It is very glaring that Nigerian youths are fond of football and most of these matches do take place during the weekends.

At times, they pay during the weeks, too — when the Champions and Europa leagues are on — so imagine how much money you stand to accumulate by setting up a viewing center.

Imagine yourself having a sports viewing center that can accommodate over 100 people and at the same time you charging N100 to N300 depending on the standard.

Well, all that is required of you to start this business is a space, big television sets, chairs, DSTV premium subscription, a generator, and you are good to go.


6) Recharge Card Business

This daily income business idea is often underrated by many because of the fact that the profit that is feasible on one voucher is too small.

But little do they know that what matters in business is consistency. As small as the profits that is feasible on this business, people makes thousands from it.

What are you now waiting for? This business is not capital intensive. With N10,000, you grow the recharge card business into a big enterprise.

7) Makeup Studio

The makeup studio is yet another daily income business in Nigeria that you can venture into if you have all that it takes.

At the beginning of your career as a makeup artist, you might not need a studio to begin with.


Home service and free makeup for your family and friends could be the order for days. That’s how people will get to know you.

You can also seize and use the instrument of social media to your advantage by uploading and displaying your handworks as a form of advert online.

8) Freelance Writing

If you have all it takes to write unique, engaging, and plagiarised free contents, freelance writing could the best daily income business for you right now.

Venturing into freelance writing doesn’t require any startup capital, all it takes is the skill to writing captivating and attention-seeking contents.

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There are several freelance writing job board out there that you can visit and register to become one of their writer.


There are sites like Fiverr, ifreelance, contentkart, dripmotion, etc. Some professional freelance writers collect as high as $50 — $2,000 per article.

You never can tell, freelancing may be the job to give you the divine breakthrough you have been longing for.

9) Mobile phone repairs

Similarly, one of the surefire daily income businesses in Nigeria is mobile phone repairs. People’s phone develops fault everyday, there’s need for an engineer.

Hence, if you have passion for this business idea, you can go ahead to learn the skills it requires. You can also watch YouTube tutorials to harness the acquired skills.

Note that, the secret to being successful as a mobile phone repairer is your ability to be extremely good, versatile, and trustworthy.


With these characteristics, people will patronize you.

10) Food Vendor

Whether you call it restaurant, cafè, eatery, canteen, or whatever; the appellation doesn’t matter.

What matters is that food vending business is lucrative and profitable. It is one of the most patronized daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Premise on the above, you must note that what makes a successful food vendor is the ability to cook palatable meals.

Hence, if you can use a different recipe to make any kind of sauce, why not venture into this hustle?

Just imagine yourself spending N20,000 to prepare local and popular cuisines in you area, and later in the day end up earning N15,000 or more as profits after-sales.

11) Hairstylist

This daily income business opportunity is similar to opening a barbershop. The only difference between the two is that the formal is basically for men while this is specifically for women.


Ladies visit hair salon everyday to enhance their beauty. In fact, there’s no need to further explain how well this business brings income daily.

Every household requires the service of an hairstylist at a particular point in time. It is a business that requires skills and it is equally on high demand.

In as much as you have the required expertise, you can also become a hairstylist. There is no special consideration.

12) Phones Accessories Shop

Without doubt, one of the most patronized products in Nigeria right now are phones. Nigerian so much love smartphones.

In fact, people sell their old phones at a cheaper rate just to buy new ones. Hence, this influence the patronage of phone accessories such as chargers, pouch, earpiece, etc.


This business, unlike other daily income businesses in Nigeria requires enough capital investment. Though you can start with little fund too.

But to get the best out of the business, make sure to have enough money to buy accessories of different phone type, model, class, etc.

13) Selling food stuff

One of the necessities of life is food. Both humans and animals can’t do without food and as such, there’s need for someone to be selling food items.

This is where foodstuffs seller will come in to play a role. Although this daily income business opportunity fits women most, men can do it too.

If you have the money, travel to the nearby villages in your town or city, buy foodstuff items like maize, melon, yam, ogbono, etc. from the farmers and take them to your city for resell.


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Not limited to that, you can equally define your niche be buying and reselling food items and ingredients like Maggi, Oil, salt, tomatoes, onions, vegetables, etc. at moderate prices.

14) Bakery Business

You must note that bakery business entails a lot of baking activities. But our emphases here will be based in bread bakery business.

People consume bread more than any other items or food made out of flour. Hence, if your investment capital is huge, venture into this business.

According to research, bread happened to be on the list of top ten most popular foods and dishes in the world. It is a good gift to many Nigerian.

Whenever a Nigerian travels far away from him, the most common item that his family and friends will request him to buy when coming back home is bread.


Having all these facts in mind, kick-starting a bread bakery business as a daily income business in Nigeria will worth it at the end.

15) Transportation Business

Next on the list of lucrative and profitable daily income businesses is transportation business service.

And of course, you will agree with me that mobility is a vital aspect of human life and existence, that is why people move from one place to another on daily basis.

Can you imagine a life where there is no any means of transport to convey people from one destination to another. What can you see?

Do you see how difficult and unbearable that life will be for people? Yes, that tells how important the means of mobility is.


So going into transportation business can come in different forms. You can go into inter-state transportation business or haulage and logistics.

You can also buy a car or rent out one to become a taxi driver. You can partner with Uber, Bolt, Opay, etc. and start making daily income.

By and large, whatever the means of mobility or transportation you can afford or rent for conveying people from one place to another, it’s definitely the best daily income business in Nigeria that you can ever come by.


Having investment capital at hand is one thing and knowing which line of business opportunity to venture into is another.

But the most important thing is that, self-employed is far better than relying on monthly salary. You can be sacked anytime by your boss.


But being your own boss is the greatest achievement man can ever had. Hence, the above list of daily income businesses in Nigeria are surefire.

Take your time to study them one after the other and go for the one that interest you the most among them.

Plus, you must know that your ability to take risk and be persistence will go a long way in doing whatever business you choose to delve into.

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