How Much Does GT Bank Staff Earn? The Salary Structure Will Shock You


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Are you in need of a complete list of GT Bank salary structure? Would you like to know how much Gtbank pays their entry-level staff? Oh! You are planning to do your IT at GT Bank and what to know how much they pay? If yes, keep on reading.

It is very obvious that in every crowd, there is going to be a handful of people that will still stand out and get noticed. That is to say, there are numerous commercial banks in the Nigerian banking institution but Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is the most preferred bank at the moment.

 Individuals, Students, and business owners are all celebrating GT bank due to its preference for low service charge, customer satisfaction, excellent delivery service, their personalized products as well as services, and many more.

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So if there is any lesson we’ve learned about the Nigerian banking sector it is the fact that banks that are loved by customers are going the extra mile to please their prospective customers and soothe all their complaints and worries away.

GT Bank Salary Structure

 Without much delay, we have put in our best to present you with estimated figures to the rampant question of how much does a GT bank staff earns and as such,  you should able to secure a job at the bank with this hint.

An Overview of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) in the Nigerian Banking Industry.

It is a well-known fact that Guaranty Trust Bank Plc popularly known as GT Bank is a multi-national commercial bank that renders its services to individuals, business owners, private and government-owned institutions across the Africa Nations.

Not limited to that, Guarantee Trust Bank also has a branch in the United Kingdom with varieties of market-leading finance products and services. The Bank’s headquarter is located in Lagos, Nigeria, and with several subsidiaries in Gambia, Cote D’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

As of January 2021, GT bank has over 12,000 professional staff working under its umbrella and it has a Shareholders’ Fund and Total assets estimated to be ₦661.1 Billion and ₦4.057 trillion respectively! Class, right?

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How Much Does A GT Bank Staff Earn (2021)?

Having embarked on various research and findings as to how much GTB pays its workers, we are able t got an insight into the Bank’s salary structure and as such, now is the perfect time to highlight how much GT Bank pays its employees ranging from interns down to clusters managers.

Now, let’s consider them one after the other.

How Much Does GTB Pay its Internship Staff?

A student doing his internship at GTbank is entitled to a monthly paycheck of ₦40,000 as per the bank salary structure. Going by this, such an I.T student will be on such a salary scale till the end of his internship program.

How Much Does A GTBank Graduate Trainees Earn?

Graduate Trainees are the proposed recruits to take over some position in GT bank. However, before they start working, they will be trained and groomed about the bank styles and mode of operations.

So for the limited number of time to spend with GT bank as a graduate trainee, according to GTB salary structure, they will be ₦70,000 per month. This salary is meant to cover their transport expenses as the bank will take care of their feeding throughout the training session.

How Much Do GT Bank Entry Level employees Earn?

Guarantee Trust Bank pays its entry-level staff an encouraging monthly salary worth ₦209,000 as a take home. Other than their basic salaries, every Entry Level employee also stand the chance to benefits from other bonuses, allowances, and remunerations to further add to their earning.

How Much Does A Gt bank Assistant Banking Officer Earn?

By the virtue of the Bank salary scale and structure, Assistant Banking Officers are higher in position compare to the entry level staff and as such, what they earn is not the same.

An Assistant Banking officer in GTB receives a take-home pay of ₦250,000 or thereabouts as a monthly salary, and when summing up, that is ₦3 million or so per year.

How Much Does A GT Bank Banking Officer Earn?

A Banking Officer also has a higher position than the Assistant Banking officer, hence their salary scale is different. At Guaranty Trust Bank, Banking officers are being paid ₦350,000 every month and when estimated, it amounts to over ₦4 million in a year.

How Much Does A GTBank Senior Banking Officers Earn?

This position is not meant for anyhow person, it takes time, effort, and experience before one can become a senior banking Officer at GT bank. So on average, Guaranty Trust Bank pays its Senior Staff a monthly salary worth ₦500,000 and when estimated on an annual basis, that is ₦6 million.

Be informed that the above salary payment is without other allowances, remunerations, or end of the financial year bites that they are entitled to as the staff of the Bank.


How Much Does A Gtbank Assistant Manager Earn?

The Assistant managers at GT bank are entitled to a monthly paycheck worth ₦650,000 and that is close to ₦8 million per year. And of course, they are also entitled to some other remunerations just like other staff of the bank.

How Much Does GT Bank Pay Its Deputy Managers?

The Deputy managers in GT bank are being paid a whopping sum of ₦800,000 as a monthly salary and this amounts to ₦9.6 million per year. They are also entitled to any bonuses that might emanate from the bank.

How Much Does Gtbank Managers Earn?

The manager or branch manager is the comptroller of the particular branch he or she is heading. He oversees the bank’s day-to-day activities with all other staff answerable to him. Being the highest Officer in charge, a GTB manager earns ₦1.3 million per month and he is also entitled to other allowances like an apartment and a personal car.

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From the above highlighted GT Bank salary structure, it is evident that the interns earn the least and the branch managers earn the most. Plus, the salary figures mentioned are not fixed as the Bank may increase it as they deem fit.

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