15 Businesses That Run Themselves Totally

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Apparently, it sounds impossible and you can even say it’s too good to be true to have businesses that run themselves, but the reality is that these businesses actually exist.

Do you need lists of profitable businesses that run themselves while you’re at the comfort of your home? If yes, then you are at the right place.

And if you want an incredible income that comes from a profitable business that doesn’t give one the headaches of running it, this publication will provide you 25 of them.

Interestingly, businesses like ATM route business, vending machines, software development, car renting, property lending, unmanned facility, e-book selling, etc. can run themselves.

Not limited to them though, These businesses can be an excellent and reliable source of passive income for the passionate entrepreneurs.



So put on your entrepreneur coat and hat, take a sit, grab a coffee and follow me as I unravel these business ideas that run themselves.

15 businesses that run themselves even when you are sleeping

Specifically, passive income is one of the top most priority of every youngster and business minded individuals, no doubt about that.

It helps them focus on other essential aspect of our daily life. At the same time, it helps them to become financially free and mentally stable.

Without further delay, below are the best and profitable businesses that run themselves totally that you can start today.

Business that run itself

In no order of priority or hierarchy, these business ideas and opportunities are as follows:

1) Laundromat

Ideally, Laundromat is one of the reliable businesses that run themselves without any problem. All you need to do is to secure machine and that’s all.



And of course, getting laundromat machines to be working and run themselves thereby generating passive income for you will cost a fortune.

But nonetheless, the business wouldn’t give you the headache of running it yourself. Most of its processes are automated, although not completely.

Essence, the laundromat machines will do all the hard work of washing as well as drying the clothes and your customers will do the work of loading and unloading themselves.

Lastly, you must note that for the laundromat business to run itself successfully, there are things that needs to be done.

These things will be discussed in our subsequent publication.

2) FedEx Route Business

Equally, be informed that you could purchase a FedEx delivery route (for business purposes) that covers a specific designated territory.

This means that you will be charging money for each package or item you deliver within that territory.



Even that can be outsourced easily. As a matter of fact, most FedEx owners have several routes and they are not driving the truck and making the deliveries themselves.

So if you structure this business idea well, it can be turn into a reliable and highly profitable business run itself.

This business is easy and very simple, all it asks for is for you to focus on delivering the items or package in your care to the respective territory on time.

More so, the business requires a good manager to be seeing to the affairs of the business.

Once you have a reliable driver and good managers, the business operations can be successfully run without your involvement.

3) In-Bay Automatic Car Wash

The In-bay automatic car wash business is also one of the amazing businesses that run themselves totally. It is another solid choice.



What’s more, the In-bay automatic car wash is about as automated car wash business as it could be.

It is very common and it’s the types of car wash services that doesn’t require any attendant. They are often seen at any 24-hour convenience stores, gas stations, etc.

All that’s require is for car owners to pull their car into the bay, pay for their tickets, and the automatic car wash machines will do the rest.

Isn’t this what you want as a passionate entrepreneur who is too busy to look over a business all by himself? Well, their tons of other businesses of this nature.

4) Vending Machines Route

Having a vending machine gallery can also be a wonderful business that runs itself totally.



To be specific, vending machine simply involve buying vending machines and stocking them up with lots of different soft drinks and soda.

The business doesn’t require anybody to man it. The machine doesn’t release soda unless an amount that is sufficient for the item is being paid into it.

It is s perfect example of an automated business. The price of each item kept inside will be set by the owner and the vending machine will do the rest.

Having said that, the main idea here is that you will place tons of vending machines route in a commercial or high-traffic environment.

Hence, every time someone makes use of the vending machines you will be making money — even when you are sleeping at home.

5) ATM Machine Route

Automated Teller Machine is often placed in Banks and other financial institution for people to withdraw money, send money, recharge, and some other things.



But other than being placed in a bank, any body who is business minded can actually get them meet or partner with a bank, and load the ATMs with money.

Then, the business will start running on it own. The only time you will have to go there is when the machines are out of cash.

That being said, just like the vending machines route business, this type of businesses that run themselves requires you to place your ATMs route in high traffic areas.

Every time someone withdrawal or makes any other cash transaction, you will be receiving money for the service rendered.

Unlike the vending machine business, the ATM machine route placement business is even simpler to operate, manage and control.

Here, you actually don’t have problems with buying different types of drinks snacks and even carrying them around in your truck or van.



6) Rental business

Next on the list of business ideas that run themselves is the rental business. This business idea has proven to be profitable in the recent past years.

As in this type of business idea requires you to be renting our properties to people that cares for them for an agreed fee.

The properties to be renting could be anything. It could be a car, it could be houses, it could be a warehouse, bicycle, working equipments, etc.

Why you may wondering as to how this business can actually you run itself even while you are away, the obvious escape route is to hire a manager.

Yes, it is the best solution and even a common practice among property owners that are in the business of renting them out.



In fact, most people with renting property outside their locality are very used to having a property manager for that purpose.

Thus, it is the job of the property manager to find tenants or lease, and it is his duty to screen them, and sign them up for the rents or leases.

7) Bakery

Another interesting business idea and opportunity that can run itself successfully without you monitoring it yourself is the bakery.

On a neutral ground, bakery business remains one of the top-notch business ideas and opportunities with lucrativeness and profits.

If you have the money and resource, you could venture into cake baking business, bread making business, scotch-egg and sauce-roll, meat pie business, etc.

Without necessarily working in the bakery or going down there every day. You only finance it and the income will keep falling on you.



The business is reliable and very comfortable to run; depending on your niche. You can even go into several niches at a time if you have the money, resources, and man power.

8) Bread Routes Business

Like the FedEx route business I talked about earlier, you can also buy a bread route (if you have the capital) that covers a certain territory.

Once you secure your desired territory, then you will start selling bread to various stores and retailers. On each, there’s sure a commission for you.

Now, to achieve your dream of having a business that run itself, you can employe drivers who will be running those routes for you.

At that point, whether you are at home, in your office, abroad, or wherever you are, the business will run itself for you basically.



And when you have enough money, you can expand the business and go into other territory that is not yet saturated. You don’t go there yourself.

Remember, the aim is for the business to tun itself, so you still find another worker who is willing and ready to work for you.

9) Billboard Rental Business

In the same vein, you can make billboards and put them in commercial places for rental. That is, posting of big banner on the billboard for money.

Plus, renting out billboard space to advertisers can be a solid and profitable business that runs itself mostly.

The business is just like any other tangible asset that one can rent out, the billboards space renting business generate money with you doing little or nothing.

Be that as it may, you must equally note that this billboard business is like all other businesses that run themselves I’ve mentioned above, it is not fully automated.



There is need for you to oversee the business before laying low (i.e. before it runs itself). There is need to find new advertisers when the current user’s lease expires.

Other than that, there is no any other day-to-day activities or operations to be carried out by you. The business runs itself totally.

10) Bounce House Business

Do you have an office work but need a solid side business idea that runs itself? If yes, then the bounce house business is there for a grab.

At least, you must have seen or heard of bounce houses before. And I believe you knew and understand the kind of appeal that the bounce houses can have for parents.

Most especially, those parents who are always eager to do something appealing and special for their kids on their birthday or special occasion.



To open this business, you can outsource and engage the service of an expert for the work-intensive part of the business.

After all, bounce houses are nothing but a plastic structure that you buy or rent, deliver, set up, and inflate. Once the rental/lease period is over, you go back to deflate the structure, pack it up and leave.

From the foregoing, it’s obvious that is not complicated or difficult and you can easily find and train people who will be doing this in your absence pretty easily.

11) Blogs

Blogging is one of the top-notch businesses that run themselves totally. But however, you need to work on the blog to some extent before you can enjoy it fruits while sleeping.

That is to say, a new blog cannot run itself unless and until you furnish it with tons of articles. It doesn’t matter whether you write them yourself or you hire a freelance writer.



Informatively, be enlightened that a blog can generate high revenues from different advertising companies without your active involvement.

Advertising companies like Google, Bing, Mgid, Adsterra, Media.net, etc pay bloggers well based on clicks and impressions.

Not limited to that, a blogger can also generate revenue through his blog by going into what is Known as affiliate program.

You help brands and company sell their products on your blog and you will given a certain commission for the sale that you made.

In case you can’t build a blog from the scratch, you can actually buy an existing one for 40 times its monthly generated revenue online marketplaces like Flippa, Empire Flippers, FE International, etc.

More so, unlike other businesses that run themselves, there is no specific physical location for blogging, no marketing needed if you can write an engaging and SEO friendly articles, no inventory to manage, no employees to supervise, etc.



12) Self-Storage Facility

Does the name self-starter facility sound familiar to you? Well, it is a form of real estate business where you lease out a storage facility and it will be manned by the leesee himself.

In a simpler term, the self-storage facility is more of a warehouse that is meant for renting. In that instance, the owner will not be liable for anything that happens in the warehouse.

With this amazing business idea that runs itself, you wouldn’t have to deal with trivial tenant complaints and all other the hassles related to managing rental properties?

On this note, if you are too busy to listen to all such hassles and complain, the unmanned self-storage facility is perfect for you.

After all, the name of the business says the facility you’ll be leasing out is unmanned, then it will be running itself automatically.



13) Ebook selling business

Very soon, ebook is going to be the present and future of education. In 10 years now, everyone will fancy carrying a tablet around instead of heavy hard books.

According to research, about 25% of University students uses the e-books to compliment their studies instead of physical books. All in a bid to save money and space.

The bottom line is that if you are creative and have all it takes to write an e-book or better still, you can hire a content writer to write for you.

Suppose your book is about how to start or run a business successfully or something that adds value, people will buy it.

So once your ebook is ready, there’s need for you to create an awareness about its existence on various social media outlets and you can upload it on blogs and website like Amazon, once people know about its value, they’ll buy it.



14) Establish a school

Do you have a huge investment capital and a profitable business that can successfully run itself? If yes, then start a private school.

This business idea is profitable and lucrative because everyone knows the important and value of education.

Premise on the above, there is need for you to employ a principal who will be acting as a manager. He will be the one to be seeing to the affairs of the school.

Hence, you don’t have to be there while the affairs and other activities of the school is being run. All you need is to sponsor the financial aspect of it.

By the time the school is completely furnished, you will be witnessing steady cash flow even when you are in the toilet.

15) Private parking lot



There is no point arguing the fact that investing on parking lots as an entrepreneur is a smart business move.

The business is lucrative and profitable. There are lots of areas and vicinities that are lacking parking lots.

If you can find such places and invest in this business there, you will make your investment capital within few months.

You don’t need to run the business yourself, once you get someone who will manage the business for you in good faith, the business will run itself successfully.


Passive income plays an important role in becoming financial free in life and as such, the above discussed are the 15 amazing businesses that run themselves totally.

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