Kuda Bank USSD Code for Transfer and Other Transactions

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Kuda Bank USSD Code: Kuda Bank does NOT have an active USSD code for transfers and other transactions. However, users can perform transactions via the Kuda official mobile app. 

Kuda Bank, often called “the money app for Africans,” is an online bank in Africa that offers banking services, including savings accounts, loans, bill payments, and more. 

Kuda Bank is known for its innovative banking approach, making it easy and convenient to manage your finances. 

Many Kuda bank users have always asked about the Kuda bank USSD code for transfers and other transactions. This has led to people, including me, asking questions like: What is the Kuda USSD code for transfers?

Is the Kuda USSD code *894# as seen all over the place online? No. This is actually the first bank USSD code.

Is their code functioning? And many more questions. Read on as I have provided answers to these questions in the following sections of this article. 

Because of the loads of fake information on the internet, we actually contacted Kuda representatives to confirm the information we were passing. 

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What is Kuda Bank USSD Code?

What is Kuda Bank USSD Code?

As of April 2024, Kuda is yet to launch an official working USSD code. This means there’s no specific Kuda Bank USSD code for transfers and other transactions.

A USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code is a short code that’s used to send messages between a mobile phone and a service provider. USSD codes are usually entered into a phone’s dialer and are used for a variety of purposes, such as accessing account information, making payments, or checking balances.

As of April 2024, Kuda does not have a working USSD code. Kuda Bank operates primarily through its mobile application, which is the central hub for all banking activities. This model simplifies banking processes and introduces accessibility and convenience previously unseen in the Nigerian banking sector. 

The Kuda Bank mobile app has features to help you manage your finances on the go. You can check your account balance, fund your account, view transaction history, transfer funds, and pay merchants. 

You can also order a Kuda bank debit card, which you can use to withdraw cash and create online and offline purchases. The app also has features like budgeting and savings goals to help you easily manage your money. You can chat with a Kuda representative using the app if you need support too.

During my research, I discovered that most platforms say *894# is the official Kuda bank USSD code. While trying to confirm the code, I learned it is actually for First Bank USSD code. This clarification is vital for customers to avoid falling prey to wrong information that can lead to confusion or, worse, financial losses.

Is Kuda USSD Code*894#? 

No! *894# is not Kuda’s USSD code. As I mentioned earlier, Kuda Bank does not currently have a working USSD code. The widely known *894# is for First Bank!

This is something that’s often misunderstood and can cause confusion for users. Understand that Kuda’s banking model is built around its application, which is the sole platform for conducting transactions securely and efficiently. 

If you need more information on accessing your Kuda bank account, it’s best to consult the official Kuda bank customer service or mobile app support for updated information.

FAQS on Kuda Bank USSD Code

Can I use USSD to access my Kuda bank account?

No, Kuda Bank does not currently have a USSD code. However, you can access your account via the mobile app, the app web page, or by contacting customer support. If you need to perform a transaction, the mobile app is the most convenient way to do so. So, while USSD is unavailable, there are plenty of other options for accessing your account.

What’s the best way to access my Kuda Bank account if I don’t have the mobile app?

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can access your Kuda bank account by visiting their website on https://app.kuda.com/. You’ll need your account number/ email address and password to log in. Once logged in, you can view your account balance, transfer funds, and more. 

Kuda Bank USSD Code

If you have questions or need assistance, email or chat directly with Kuda customer support.

Can I Check My Account Balance Without the Mobile App?

Yes, you can check your account balance without the mobile app by visiting the Kuda bank app web page stated earlier. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your account balance, recent transactions, and more. If you need to make any changes to your account, you can do so by contacting customer support. They’ll be able to help you with whatever you need.


Kuda Bank USSD Code: While USSD codes have been a staple in traditional banking for simplicity and accessibility, it’s important to note that Kuda Bank has yet to unveil an active USSD code for transfers and other transactions. This might seem like a missing piece in convenient banking, yet it opens up a conversation about the innovative paths Kuda Bank might be exploring. 

If Kuda eventually launches it’s USSD code, we’ll update this article. Subscribe to this website to read articles like this and get updates promptly! In the meantime, use the official Kuda Bank mobile app for transfers and other transactions.


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