Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables. Everything You Need to Know


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You are here because you care to know the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. And the good news is that we have them for you in bulk.

From tissue paper, cotton bud, beauty care products, matches, and candles, down to the clothes and shoes we wear, non-durable merchandise is just all over the place.

In this article, we’ll take our time to examine what consumer non-durables are, as well as the lucrative and profitable jobs available in the sector.

But before then, we’ll first take a look at the working definition of consumer goods, as well as durable and non-durables.

What are consumer goods?

Consumer goods consist of products produced and meant for the consumption of the populace. These goods last for an extended period of time and they are usually of two kinds; we have durable and non-durable goods.

Best paying jobs in consumer non-durables

What are durable consumer goods?

Durable consumer goods are those merchandise and items created for use and reuse. These items are used and kept for a very long period of time.

Examples of such durable goods are vehicles, kitchenware, digging tools, gym equipment, Home Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, and Automobiles among others.

Before we proceed, you can also check out the best paying jobs in the consumer durables industry.

What are consumer non-durable goods?

Non-durables items are those utilized once and supplanted.

They can’t stay for a long time. They produce the items so that buyers could get them, use them, and afterward buy them again and again if the need arises.

Examples of consumer non-durable goods include foods, paper items, medication, and so forth.

List of the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

Over time, the consumer non-durable industry has grown exponentially giving the diametrical changes that occur in the production sector.

With these changes, many companies including small and large corporations are delving into the consumer non-durables production.

This has yielded and is yielding a cognizable profit to those companies that took the risk of diversifying into the industry.

Below are, however, the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables found in various industries.

1. Cosmetic Industry

When looking for job opportunities in consumer non-durables, you find better options in cosmetic industry. You just have to understand the nature of the jobs.

Endeavor you have all the requisite requirements, analyze what benefits you stand to get while working for this company and all other things will fall in place.

An international cosmetic company like Unilever Group is one of the fast-moving and largest consumer non-durables in this segment, they have openings in different fields and areas.

Their payment is robust and you stand the chance to climb up the leader of success with the company by taking promotion upon promotion in the shortest while.

2. Food Manufacturing

You’ll agree with me that food is of non-durable decent with endless interest. Individuals and other creatures need to eat.

As such, it is right to say that there will continuously be an interest for individuals to work in different segments of these manufacturing industries.

That said, we have tons of high paying jobs in the soft food and beverages industry available in different profiles.

In as much as you have the requisite qualification, establishing a steady income from this consumer non-durable industry will come with ease.

Analogically, in Coca-Cola company, there are always opportunities in marketing and sales department with decent wages and salaries.

Positions in this field incorporate food science experts, slaughterers, packers, group producers, and machine administrators.

As indicated by Agency of Work Insights (BLS) information, the normal compensation for laborers across all food creation occupations is around $23.50 each hour.

While considering just production laborers and the individuals who are not in administrative jobs, the normal pay rate is over $20 each hour.

3. Shoes and Wears

According to research, Christian Dior is one of the top shoe and clothing brand globally. As at 2019, there are over 163, 000 employees working for the company alone.

The company needs tons of designers to design fine and beautiful shoes. Also, it needs professional cobblers, professional tailors machine operators, etc. under its umbrella.

Can you now imagine the number of employees that all other shoe and clothing production companies will also require?

As huge as this number is, one thing that is certain is that the company is paying them lucratively that there are not thinking of living anytime soon.

Working for consumer non-durable companies like this will give you the opportunity to travel across the sea and have an international career.

Of course, that’s outside the robust paycheck and other remunerations the company gives at the end of the year.

This (Dior) among other shoes and clothes manufacturing companies has one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables.

4. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Similarly, one can also find some of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables in the pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Medication is, without doubt, a necessity for a proper and decent existence of a man. Whether sick, Hale or healthy, both human and animals needs it.

On this note, one will come to the realization that drug production is a very vital industry where man will definitely be patronizing every now and then.

What’s more, the pharmaceutical industry utilizes individuals in a wide assortment of occupations, including researchers and analysts, as well as lab specialists and production laborers.

As indicated by, the middle pace of pay for drug-producing professionals is $24 per hour and $168 in 7 hours, $840 in a week, and $3,360 per month.

The middle compensation for drug specialists or certified pharmacist is more than $125,000 per year — without other remuneration or bonus. Huge, isn’t it?

5. Farm Tools Production Companies

Before you make the decision of working for any non-durable industry in the farm tools production sector, you might want to weigh your options.

Don’t let the benefits here entice you. Look beyond the remunerations. Check if you have the necessary manpower for the job.

Reason being that, as tempting and as lucrative as working in this industry is, it requires power and strength. But if you really qualify for the job, it’s all yours.

Companies in this subsector utilize workers, cargo movers, transporting and getting laborers, transporters, and salesmen.

Be that as it may, production and non-supervisory laborers earn simply more than $26 per hour. You can do the math for the whole month — excluding weekends of course.

6. Paper Manufacturing

Individuals utilize a wide assortment of paper items every now and then. Students use it in school; traders use it in the market, financial experts, lawyers, etc.

Things like paper towels, tissues, napkins, bathroom tissue, printer paper, journal paper, and other paper items get spent rapidly and must be supplanted regularly.

Besides, these items require different expertise to handle them and they are needed in folds. Looking at the nature of the work too, the salary scale is encouraging too.

Having said that, be informed that non-durable companies that manufacture paper items use manpower in the assortment of logical and production jobs.

So as per BLS report, the normal pay in paper production is around $29 for an hour work. For production and non-supervisory laborers, the normal pay is just shy of $24 an hour.

7. Oil and Gas

Do I need to tell you that there is no industry that pays its employees handsomely in the non-durable sector than the oil and gas?

Like any non-durable industry, the oil and gas industry also make and sell gasoline intended for direct use and for the consumption of its target audience.

This industry requires tons of departmental workers because of its large capacity to accommodate a large workforce like the engineers, ITs, marketers, sales reps, branding specialists, production workers, etc.

The term engineer encompasses different professions and all of them are those needed for a smooth operation.

In the IT department alone, there is a need for several personnel to see to the smooth running of the telecommunication in the company.

So is the marketing department. The sales team are usually many overseeing the distribution of the gasoline to the audience.

Looking at the above-enumerated department, one will be convinced enough that there will be vacancies for high paying jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Advantages of Working in Consumer Non-durables

The major concern and interest of people necessitated the question: why do people prefer working in consumer non-durable companies?

In all actuality, there may not be a direct answer to this question. But of course, there are advantages and benefits of working there.

Premise on the above, below are the reasons we thought might be motivating people into seeking for job opportunities in consumer non-durables:

1. There are always vacancies

There’s no better sector with folds and heaps of job vacancies than the large-scale consumer non durable industries.

Organizations like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have tons of unfilled positions that qualified job seekers can without much of a stretch fit in.

This among others will trigger can motivate anybody with requisite requirements to apply for a job there than any other place.

2. They have numerous departments.

What makes companies to be what they are is the presence of different departments. Consumer non-durables are usually big firms with numerous departments.

Other than that, most of these departments are consistently needing qualified individuals to work with them.

Thus, there is generally an assortment of occupation choices accessible to opportunity seekers as they can be employed and placed in any position.

That is to say, there are no impediments to the sort of work you can get in these organizations.

You can choose to function as a regular specialist or even apply for temporary jobs. Isn’t that logical and beautiful?

3. Training and advancement.

In guaranteeing their workers are modern and fit to become future administrators, these organizations ordinarily enlist their workers for various trainings.

These training stages are intended to assist them with accomplishing the best of themselves.

Also, working with them can give you enough advancement that will widen your horizons in your chosen profession.

Lastly, they stand the chance of working for the company abroad, thus giving them international recognition.

4. Great compensation and motivating forces.

This is also a significant factor that people think about while applying for jobs in consumer non-durable companies.

Most consumer non-durables industries operating in large scale are rewarding ones. They genuinely compensate their workers for doing well.

Remember, the compensation in this industry is not the major thing that makes the business one to be thought of.

There are other variables (like sending them abroad, promoting them, etc.) that make it an ideal one for right-minded person who loves to work in the production business.

Bottom line

From the above discussed, it’s obvious that consumer non-durable sector includes a diverse array of different industries. After all, everything that consumers can buy and use fall into the category.

As mentioned earlier, from tissue paper, cotton bud, beauty care products, matches and candles, down to the clothes and shoes we wear, non-durable merchandise are just all over the place.

At this juncture, it is safe to say that there are folds of best paying jobs in consumer non-durables space.


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