Best Online Carpentry Courses of 2023 [Top 11]


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Have you always wanted to build furniture?

Do you want to learn how to build a house from the foundation up?

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity that combines technical skills and creativity, consider a future in carpentry.

Carpentry is everything from cabinet making and framing a home to heavy-duty construction and decorative woodworking. And there are all sorts of trade programs and technical schools that can teach you everything you need to know about being a master carpenter.

The good news is that if you want to get started today, you can. That’s because there are quite a few carpentry courses online.

From beginner classes to full degree programs, here are eleven online carpentry courses you can take today to kick start your career.

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Best Online Carpentry Courses of 2021 [Top 11]

1. Udemy: Basic Carpentry

At Udemy, you’ll find thousands of courses across several industries, including basic carpentry. While some Udemy courses are free, this basic carpentry class will cost you $29.99.

In a few hours, you can learn the basics of carpentry, including when to use certain power tools and how to master saws and chisels. It’s the perfect course for someone looking to learn the fundamentals of the carpentry trade.

2. Alison: Introduction to Carpentry is an educational platform that offers free classes for students across the skill spectrum. Their free carpentry classes include:

  • Intro to Carpentry
  • Intro to Construction Methods
  • Intro to Formwork and Joinery.

Whether your goal is to build cabinets, furniture, or homes, you can learn all the basics in these free online courses. 

3. Penn Foster: Construction Trades Program

Penn Foster offers a complete online Construction Trades Program for $599, including multiple courses and practical exercises. This in-depth program will prepare you to work in an entry-level position in the construction and carpentry business.

In this program, you’ll learn everything from measurement methods to how to read blueprints. It also teaches amateur carpenters how to determine materials, tools, and installation methods. With this degree in tow, you can go on to pursue a carpentry apprenticeship or work in residential construction.

4. Ashworth College: Carpentry Training

For $899, you can earn a career diploma in carpentry from Ashworth College to position you to start working in the field.

In twenty different lessons, you’ll learn all the basics about the trade. Topics include identifying materials and tools, how to frame, and how to approach interior and exterior projects.

Ashworth offers payment plans to make paying for tuition easier. They also offer career guidance to help you jumpstart your career once you’ve completed the program.

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5. Woodworkers Guild of America: Woodworking Classes

The Woodworkers Guild of America offers online classes related to woodworking elements. With most classes ranging from $39.99 to $49.99, you can learn the fundamentals of cabinet making, how to use hand tools, how to make spindles, and so much more.

6. SkillShare: Beginner Woodworking

Want to learn how to build a bookcase? A spice rack? A table?

If you’re interested in carpentry and want to get started by building some simple items, check out SkillShare. Their Beginner Woodworking classes are informational and easy to follow through a video series.

SkillShare also offers membership plans that allow you to access thousands of online classes for $8.25 per month.

SkillShare: Beginner Woodworking
Best Online Carpentry Courses of 2021

7. Heritage Foundational: Woodworking Course

If you already know a little bit about woodworking but want to improve upon a few specific skills, check out the Heritage School of Woodworking. They offer foundational courses that range from $350 to $1,375.

Willing to spend a bit more to learn a uniquely specific skill? 

For $3,400, you can take a 17-day class on how to build a guitar from scratch.

8. The Wood Whisperer Guild: Intro to Sketchup

A big part of being a carpenter is learning how to create and read blueprints and schematics. You can learn how to do this (and more) at the Wood Whisperer Guild.

This online school offers woodworking classes that range in price from $40 to $120 per course. Some classes are a single lesson, while others require a series of lectures. The Woodworkers Guild is for carpenters who already have basic skills but are looking for more in-depth training.

9. Common Woodworking: Woodworking for Beginners

Common Woodworking has a series of free online classes for beginners looking to master basic carpentry skills. These are especially useful for learning how to make joints, a foundational skill regardless of which items you build.

Once you learn the basics of joinery, check out Common Woodworking’s series of free video projects to learn how to make more specific items. 

10. Wood Skills: Woodworking Course

Ready to learn the basics of woodworking, joinery, and how to use specific tools? 

Check out the woodworking course from Wood Skills.

Wood Skills offers a variety of affordable classes, most of which cost just $40 each. You have the option to learn through video instruction or by attending live classes online. Wood Skills also offers courses on specific designs, such as cabinet making and furniture making.

11. YouTube

As you already know, you can learn how to do just about anything on YouTube, including how to build furniture, use tools, and hone your carpentry skills.

Do a YouTube search for woodworking classes for beginners and you’ll see dozens of videos from actual carpenters. From wood framing to joinery to furniture making, experts on YouTube can teach you all sorts of useful carpentry skills for free.


For some people, carpentry is a hobby. For others, it’s a career. If you’re looking to turn carpentry into your full-time job, an online certificate program or trades program is the best choice.

Not sure if you want to get into carpentry as a career? 

Free instructional videos and inexpensive online classes are a great option if you’re not ready to invest in a full degree program.

No matter which route you go, you can be sure of this:

With any of these online programs, you will quickly realize that there’s a lot to learn when it comes to carpentry! 

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