29 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria In Order to Succeed


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Over the years, many students have wondered what the best course to study in school that will guarantee employment almost immediately after they have graduated. Even parents have in many ways influenced their children/wards on the course to study because of their fear of the child getting a good-paying job with the course after he/she graduates.

Amidst all this there are several courses you can study in Nigeria to get a good paying job.

30 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria In Order to Succeed

Below is our carefully selected best course to study in Nigeria to get a good-paying job after graduation.

1. Medicine and Surgery:

Medicine and Surgery is the science and practice of the diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. Medicine and Surgery is a highly sort after profession in Nigeria. It also requires that you get a very high jamb score. If you haven’t checked your jamb score already, click here to learn how to check jamb result. Getting admission and Studying the course may seem challenging but it is a very rewarding course. There are lots of well-paid job opportunities available to graduates of Medicine and Surgery.  Such job opportunities include hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, institutions, religious bodies etc.

Best Courses to Study is medicine and surgery

2. Medical Laboratory Science:

This is one of the courses with high rate of job opportunities in Nigeria. It is a Biology/Chemistry based course. There are many hospitals and clinics both private and public that are being established daily to meet the health needs of the citizens of the country. After you have graduated as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, job opportunities are available in hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, veterinary clinics, forensic medicine, forensic science, Corps, food, cosmetic and consumer-product testing labs, etc.

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med lab

3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science course that deals with the study of preparing and dispensing of medical drugs. The study of pharmacy involves chemistry and pharmaceutics, among other specialist topics. A pharmacist is a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in providing information about different medication and methods of treatment to patients. There are lots of well-paid job opportunities available to graduates of Medicine and Surgery. 

Such job opportunities include hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, institutions, religious bodies, etc. It is considered one of the best course to study in Nigeria

Best Courses to Study is pharmacy

4. Mass Communication:

Mass Communication is a social science course that deal with the study of imparting and conveying information through mass media to the public (usually a large population). It is a course various job opportunity in Nigeria.

Admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions to study mass communication are a bit competitive as it is not all tertiary institutions in the country that offers the course. Job opportunities for mass communication graduates are available in Newspaper publishing firms and other publishing firms, publishing firms, TV stations, radio stations, media and entertainment portals etc. and positions include reporter, broadcaster, presenter, on-air personality, journalist, editor etc.

5. Law:   

This is one of the top courses to study in Nigeria tertiary institutions, although the competition in gaining admission to study law in most Nigeria tertiary institutions have reduced because its lawyers are less patronized these days due to the level of corruption in the country. Thus, this has discouraged many from studying the course.

This did not mean the course is no more profitable or that there are no job opportunities after studying the course, it is still one of the tops courses in Nigeria tertiary institutions with great job opportunities. As a graduate of law, you are not limited to the courtroom. You can decide to practice or go into the corporate world, become an attorney for a big company or as a family lawyer and start earning big or you decide to go into allied things like real estate agency etc.

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6. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Electrical /Electronic Engineering is a branch of science and technology concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering is also a nice course to study in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Every admission year, engineering courses are generally always among the most sought-after courses making it highly competitive. Engineering courses sell in all major industries around the world. There are also various job opportunities for a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

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7. Mechanical Engineering:

mechanical engineering is a branch of science and technology that focuses on creating technologies to meet human needs and make life easier for man. Mechanical engineering graduates have lots of job opportunities in various set ups.

8. Civil Engineering:  

Civil engineers design, build, and supervise the construction of infrastructure, projects and systems. This is another branch of engineering with good job opportunities. There are various construction companies both owned by Nigerian and non-Nigerians that a graduate of civil engineer can fit in. a graduate of civil engineering can also start up Construction Company.

Civil Engineering is Best Courses to Study

9. Computer Engineering

One thing good thing is that engineering graduates are needed and can fit in into many positions in various industries such as manufacturing industries, processing industries, telecommunication industries, mining, and petroleum industries. Engineering is one of the most marketable and profitable courses in the world.

9. Accounting/Finance:

This is social science course and it is one of the best courses to study in Nigerian tertiary institutions. According to www.investopedia.com, accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. Accountants are needed in most of the professional fields, industries, and other establishments including religious establishment government establishments, and private establishments. A graduate of accounting can work in different places and companies such as Banks, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Churches, Schools, and Supermarkets, etc.

Many companies are being established and with every establishment come job opportunities for a graduate of accounting. And a graduate of accounting can work in different financial positions in these companies.

To further qualify for greater job positions as a degree holder in accounting, it is good that you should plan to get a professional certification examination, Masters, and a doctorate in other sub-fields of Accounting.

10. Economics:

This is also a social science course. It is the study of the production and distribution of wealth and resources. Even without professional qualifications, you can still get good employment opportunities with good pay. Job opportunities for economics graduates are also available many organizations, private, government and non-government organizations.  

11. Computer Science/IT courses:

Computer Science is considered as a science course and it is considered as one of the best course to study and one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria. With the advancement in technology and its applications to make life easier, technology has been used to solve problems and increase productivity in our day-to-day life.

Computer scientist are of high demand in almost all organizations and their demand have increased greatly since the outbreak of COVID – 19 as many organizations and establishments have learned many lessons during the period, and have also appreciated the impact of technology in their businesses.  Computer scientists are paid heavily to make this happen.

There are various aspects of IT you can decide to major on, e.g., Software development, software engineering, hardware engineering, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphics design, website design, programming, data science etc.

With a great knowledge of IT skills, you have great chances of getting a good and high paying job in Nigeria. Anybody can learn IT skills, so you can also get professional certificate in IT skills without having a degree from a tertiary institution and get a good job with good pay.

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12. Geology:

Geology is the science that studies the history of rocks and various its processes, the Earth’s physical structure and resources. Geology combines methods and knowledge from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. With a degree in geology, there are various job opportunities available to you in various industries such as petroleum industry, mining industries etc.

13. Chemical Engineering:

This is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of design and operation of chemical plants as well as methods of improving outputs. Chemical engineers develop economically efficient ways and methods to convert raw materials into useful products. Graduates of this course have potential of securing a high paying job in various industries such as processing industry, petroleum industry, etc.

14. Petroleum Engineering:

This is a branch of engineering that is concerned with the study of hydrocarbons, such as crude oil, natural gas etc. It involves the study of how it is explored and produced. Petroleum Engineering graduates in Nigeria are also highly sort after in industries such as oil industries, mining industries etc. and they are always paid.

15. Estate Management:

This is a course that is concerned with the appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing and disposal of properties of all sorts. These properties could range from small properties like shops, to big commercial properties such as offices, stores, warehouses, parks, residential houses, etc. Job opportunities for estate management graduates are numerous. They could decide to work with an existing estate manager/estate management company and they could decide to practice on their own.

16. Architecture:

This is the art and science or practice of designing and constructing buildings and structures for different purposes such as learning, worshipping, entertainment, recreation, residential etc. Many structures are erected daily in the country and architects are responsible for drawing the plan to suit the needs and purpose of the structure, so with every erection of structure comes an opportunity for an architect. As a graduate of architecture, there are many job opportunities available. You can be employed by an architecture company or self-employed.

This is a lucrative course and it is a less competitive course in Nigerian institutions. Architecture is a professional course and has lots of job opportunities available, you can work with an established architect, architecture company or practice on your own.

17. Surveying:

this is a course that deals with the study of the determination of the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. The course is related to architecture and estate management. There are different branches of survey that you can decide to focus/major on, all the branches are profitable and are highly-sort after profession in Nigeria.

18. Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry is a course that deals with the study of the manufacturing process that is concerned with the transformation of substances into other useful materials and in desirable forms and quantities.

Industrial Chemistry graduates are also highly sort after and well paid. There are various job opportunities available for graduates of Industrial Chemistry. They are mostly referred to as Chemist and they can work in various industries, such as manufacturing industries, processing industries etc.

19. Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. It is a laboratory-based science that combines biology and chemistry. By using chemical knowledge and techniques, they are able to understand and solve biological problems. There are also good job opportunities available for biochemistry graduates. Biochemistry has lots of applications and they fit in different set ups such as; Hospitals, Forensic crime research, Cosmetics, treatment discoveries and development such as drugs, Agriculture etc.

20. Science Laboratory Technology

Science Laboratory Technology is a course that equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques for a standard, science laboratory work. Students are equipped with knowledge to run a standard science laboratory efficiently. Science laboratory technology fields of opportunity includes science laboratories such as; Chemical laboratory, soil laboratory, water/fluid analysis laboratory, etc. forensics, forest and conservation and other relevant areas of agriculture to the field.

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21. Industrial Physics

Industrial physics is considered as one of the best courses to give you great job opportunities. Industrial physics graduates are trained to be great problem solvers, and are able to solve problems quickly and in a wide range of industrial settings, by using unconventional techniques Industrial physics graduates have job opportunities in various industries and are well paid.

22. Microbiology

is the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and protozoa. This discipline is involved in fundamental research on the biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, ecology, evolution and clinical aspects of microorganisms, including how the host respond to them.

Microbiology is considered one the best courses. They are relevant in different life operations and ensuring man and other living organisms live a healthy and productive life. Microbiologist fit in many areas such as clinics, research laboratories, hospitals etc.

23. Marketing: 

This is also a very profitable and best course to study, especially in Nigeria. There are many job opportunities available to graduates of marketing. Many businesses exist while some are being established daily and for a business to survive, there is need for a god and trained marketer. So, graduates of marketing are needed at this stage and they are well paid.

24. Nursing science

Nursing science is a branch of science that deals with the principles and applications of nursing and related services. The course prepares students to be professional nurses for a broad variety of practices. Nursing science is one of the highly sort after courses in Nigeria and there are many job opportunities for graduates of Nursing Science. The job opportunities include clinics, hospitals, schools, institutions etc.

25. Pharmacy:

Another lucrative and wonderful course to study in Nigeria is Pharmacy. Not just because of its employ-ability, but because of the opportunity it offers to be self-reliant at the end of the whole thing. You cannot only seek for Job with your degree in pharmacy but also establish your own Pharmaceutical companies or Pharmacy. Pharmacy admission is also competitive.

26. Architecture:

Agricultural science is a course that deals with the cultivation of soil to produce food and also the raising of livestock. It is one of the best course to study to succeed in Nigeria. There are various sectors in agricultural Science and all are very profitable if well managed. There are various job opportunities available to agricultural science graduates in many of the branches you have chosen to major.

27. Environmental Sciences:

Environmental science is a course that deals with the study of our environment and how it relates to man and other living organisms. It cannot be overemphasized the need to take good care of our environments as various environmental and health issues keep emerging daily. Therefore, the need for environmental scientist. As a graduate of Environmental Science, there are various job opportunities available in government owned organizations, private owned organization and NGO’s. Environmental scientist can also work on industries, hospitals, etc. and they are well-paid.

28. Agricultural Extension:

this is course that deals with the giving/extending to framers the necessary knowledge of agricultural techniques and skill required for them to have maximum yield and also produce secured food for daily consumption. various job opportunities are available for graduates of this course, both from the government private and NGO’s.

29. Animal Breeding and Genetics:  

this is the branch of science concerned with maximizing desirable genetic traits, such as producing that have certain level or improved rate of growth, animals with leaner meat etc. Various opportunities also exist for graduates of this course as many people are now venturing into this part of agricultural Science.


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