13 Highest paying jobs in oil & gas production

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Oil and gas sector is among the biggest industries in the world. There’s a lot of diversity in the field in such a way that the employment opportunities in it are so many and lucrative. Of course oil and gas is one of the most important sources of energy in the world as it constitutes most of the world’s energy sources such as automobiles and factories which use crude oil extracts.

As the world improves, so does the effect of the oil and gas industry increase in demands since most of the technological equipment used in power is based on the energy driven from the oil products.


Not to mention the annual GDP it contributes to many nations that have it. For some countries, their main source of income is from the money driven from oil exploration. While most of the countries in the import oil, many countries are highly rich it. With the world’s statistics, most of the biggest oil producing countries comes from the Asian continent with some from Europe and Africa too.

According to the statista, the worlds oil consumption for 2021 is 91 billion barrels per day and is expected to exceed 105 billion barrels a day by 2026. The statistics estimate also shows that out of the world’s energy consumption, oil and gas constitute the highest percentage of it globally such that it has about 32% of energy consumption for both Europe and Asia. For North America, it constitutes about 40% of the energy and up to 41% for Africa. For the south the energy consumption is about 44% and 53% for the Middle East.

They’re so many career opportunities in the sector for almost all fields. The oil industry works simultaneously with other fields such as finance, economics and many engineering works which are done by qualified personnel. If you’re looking for a career opportunity in this field, you’re expected to pass a series of steps which are mostly qualification prone in order to be eligible.

The oil and gas jobs have a hierarchy of payment depending on your work demand and how relevant it is in the industry. As stated above, they’re varieties of job opportunities in the oil sector for both engineers, business administration and financial accountants.

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How to get oil and gas jobs

15 best paying jobs in oil & gas production

If you’re looking for high paying jobs in the oil and gas industry they’re many of them available. Oil and gas industry arguably has the highest GDP contribution. Saying there’s no money in the field is factoid. In fact it is among the industries with the highest pay for its employees due to the booming income in it. Most of the countries with oil producing industries have their workers as the most paid and revered person in the society.

Some of the highest paid jobs in the oil and gas industry are as follows with their primary duties and their pay pack.

1. Lease Purchase Operator

Highest paying jobs is a Lease Purchase Operator

The Lease purchase operators are the biggest people in the oil and gas industry as they take the highest salary. They’re some forms of middleman responsible for the safety of oil and gas transported from the drilling place to processing sites and then to commercial stations where they are stored and sold.

They inspect and monitor the conveying vehicles for damages, cracks or any forms of faults which may disturb proper transportation of petroleum products. They also inspect and may take drilling equipment for repairs.

Lease purchase operator positions require you to have a certain qualification. To be qualified to apply for this job you must have at least bachelor’s degree or high school diploma and advanced mechanical knowledge. They earn an average annual salary of $101,625.

2. Vessel manager

Vessel manager oil and gas jobs

These experts are experienced workers in the oil and gas industry. They supervise and ensure the safety of offshore drilling by training crew members and supervising drilling engineers in order to ensure safety and perfect drilling.

To be qualified for the position of the Vessel manager, you must have at least bachelor’s degree in nautical science and fleet management training courses or any other related fields. The salary pack for these workers is mouth watering. A vessel manager has an average salary of $72,125 per year.

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3. Well Testers

Well testers are experts in the oil and gas industry whose job is to access and study oil wells to ensure safety and balance of the oil wells and pipeline before, during and after work.




They’re responsible for the safety of the oil industry by evaluating and studying using tools. The education requirements for this include diploma certificate or GED and onsite training. They have an annual salary of $44,061.

4. Chemical Engineers

Highest paying oil and gas engineers

Chemical engineers in the oil and gas sector are one of the most paid workers. They’re responsible for assessing and determining the type and amount of chemicals used to transform oil products into useful materials in the industry. 

All the additives substances used on crude oil and petroleum to transform them into useful materials are done by the chemical engineers in collaboration with other professional engineers. To be qualified as a chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the field or related field. A chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry receive an annual income of about $63,844.

5. Gas Plant Operator

The gas plant operators are the experts in the oil and gas industry whose duties is to distribute gas for companies that use them through the compressors with a maintained pressure. They are one of the highest paying oil and gas jobs in the world.

They’re also responsible for gas distribution to industrial plants using the control boards and semiautomatic equipment for the process.



Gas operators are considered among the top paid job in the oil industry and labor market at large. They’re paid about $41,541 annually.

To be qualified as a gas operator, you must have an education qualification of at least a high school diploma.

6. HR adviser

The HR advisers are professionals in the oil industry whose primary work is to establish good relationships through resolving and overseeing work between the management and the employees in the industry.

They also conduct employee investigations, resolve conflicts and update the company’s policies. To be qualified for the post of the HR adviser, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources and or related fields. They’re average annual salary is about $72,174.

7. Sales Representative

The sales representatives in the oil and gas sector are also among the most paid workers in the industry. They’re obliged to sell all the finished petroleum products to the wholesalers and to the retailers respectively.

The workers in this field must have at least bachelor’s degree in the field or any related one. They’re annual salary is summed up to be about $65,196.

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8. Petroleum Geologists

male geologist in helmet and protective glasses examines a sample of the mineral outdoors against a rock

Petroleum geologists are among the prominent workers in the petroleum industry responsible for discovering petroleum sites and  determining the type of drilling method to apply based on the geological composition of the site. It is studied using many drilling equipment and machinery designed for that.


The education requirements for this job is at least a bachelor’s degree in geoscience and the pay is awesome. They receive an annual salary of about $70,578.



9. Drilling Engineers




Among the most important workers in the oil and gas industry are the drilling engineers. They’re responsible for all the drilling process from the inception till the end. They’re one of the most professional engineers in the field.

The education requirement for the drilling job in the oil and gas industry is at least a bachelor’s degree in the field and state-issued certification to be employed. They’re also one of the most awarded as most of them take home an average annual salary of about $75,770 per year.

10. Crude Oil Drivers

Crude oil drivers are responsible for transporting finished or raw oil to stations and retailers for commercial purposes using vehicles and tankers. The education requirement for this is not much. To be able to apply for the job of crude oil driver, you must have a high school diploma certificate or GED. Plus you must have experience in driving commercial vehicles. They’re pay is about $76,874 per year.

11. Executive Account Managers

executive account managers in oil and gas profession

The executive account managers are responsible for making plans and organizing the company’s account. They’re also responsible for conducting target sales and help in maintaining the company’s reputation through the clients/customers relationship.


To be qualified for this job, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business management and other sales related fields. They’re annual salary is about $77,099 per year.



12. Directors of Operation

The directors of operation are one of the essential parts of the workers in the oil and gas industry. They’re the decision makers in the company.

They’re obliged to carry out all the company’s proper planning such as drafting of budgets, sales and negotiations. To be qualified for the position you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration. They’re annual salary is  $92,542.

13. Technical Directors

The technical directors are also among the biggest guys in the oil and gas industry with good pay. They are responsible for supervising the drilling teams, project managers and other engineers in the company. They draft and make recommendations and strategies for the company.

Individuals in this field must have at least bachelor’s degree in business administration or any other related field to be qualified. They’re annual salary is about $100,323.

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