9 Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023


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By introduction, visible is an online virtual company owned by Verizon Communications Visual is an app-based phone service on the Verizon 4G LTE network. 

The visible wireless service proposes a $40 monthly fee for unlimited data, messages, and airtime. This service pro ider supports both the Android OS and Apple OS.

Like every other service provider, Visible wireless service aims to achieve a user-friendly and cheap plan system for all its customers. Before making Visible wireless service provider, here are certain factors to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023

1. Plans and costs.

With an update in August 2022, Visible wireless service now has two versions of its unlimited wireless data plans. 

The visible base plan offers unlimited data, mobile hotspot, text, and talk time for a $25 fee and serves as a “welcome discount” to new customers. For existing customers, the c st is  $30.

Also, a visible premium plan known as the visual + for  $35 for more value access to new and existing customers would cost $45 per month. 

These two plans are all comfortable until one considers the data speed. 

The 5G speed is rated at 200 Mbps, and this plan covers both the 5G and 4G LTE data plans. 

The 5G Ultra has Nationwide coverage of premium data. Visible creates its program focusing on individuals. 

Of this fact, it has no family plan or even a multi-account line discount.

Benefits of using the Visible base plan

  • Nationwide 4G LTE and 5G coverage 
  • Unlimited talk, data,  and text
  • Provided with unlimited mobile hotspot data
  •  prevent spam
  •  text messages and calls to Canada and Mexico are free
  • Verizon Home Internet: $5/month off 

Benefits of using the Visible+ plan

  • Cost $45 per month (tax inclusive)
  • A special $35 per month
  •  with its unlimited data, talk, and text, it also comes with it 50GB of premium data on the 5G and 4G LTE coverage
  • 5G ultra-wideband
  • Unlimited hotspot data
  • Spam defense.
  • Free calls and text to Canada and Mexico with unlimited roaming to these countries
Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023

The Visible App

With the Visible app, a customer can control subscriptions and plan migration. For a prepaid customer, no credit verification is required. With the app, no fee for the activation or termination of any plan. Now an Android user can access the visible base plan and tryouts for a free 15 days trial period.

This free trial period is the company’s way of selling itself in the confidence of service and boosting its coverage over an area.

2. Visible Network Coverage 

Visible as a company under Verizon uses its 4G LTE and 5G networks to serve. In areas where you are sure Verizon covers, the use of Visible is a good idea.

As the 5G access increases with other service providers, Visible has now updated its coverage Map. Now covering more areas.

3. Call and text performance

This factor is dependent on location. Areas, where the network is not congested, seem to thrive excellently on calls and texts compared to a busy city where the network is congested. However, these won’t matter as the performance is still outstanding regardless.

There’s also a unique feature on visible. It is the wifi calling option. This is opti nal when the network signal is poor. This call is made at no extra cost.

The visible wireless service Spam protection feature has prevented serious cases of bot calls. To activate this feature, select  Account, privacy, and Security, and then switch on Scam Protection from the Visible app, you can activate this function.

4. Data rate Access 

The access to data speed and operational time varies. Firstly the fact that Visible is a low-cost phone service provider, constitutes a poor network strength when its host company’s network is overloaded or Busy.

Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023

This is more frequent if you are on the basic plan. With the Visible+ plan, there is a premium service to customers as preferential treatment is given to these customers even when the network is busy as long as there are using the 5G ultra-wideband.

Similarly, these premium customers are treated as Verizon postpaid customers.

5. phone hotspot

There’s a 5 Mbps speed limit for Visible’s unlimited mobile Hotspot usage. This may not be fast but it can be used for texting, reading Emails, and some video streaming.

6. streaming video.

It is Visible’s tradition t stream videos at 480p minimum. Although with the base plan, videos can be s reamed at 730p. The Visible+ subscribers can stream up to 4k video when on the 5G ultra-wideband.

Note: You can stream in HD only when you are using wifi.

7. Phone options.

Visible allows customers to either purchase a new phone at visible or come along with a compatible Android Apple phone device. To inquire if your phone is compatible visit the visible website and search for compatible devices. As of this moment, the range of compatible devices are:

  • iPhone 13 (all versions)
  • iPhone 14 (all versions)
  • iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy (S23, S23+, S23 ultra)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
  • S22 of Samsung.
  • Google Pixel 7″.
  • Android Pixel 7 Pro.
  • The Motorola Edge.

At visible, device upgrades, exchanges, and even swaps are possible services. There’s also a smartwatch data plan for as low as $5.

Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023

8. Customer support.

With no physical office and no toll-free hotline,  Visible relies upon its app for almost everything. Now are you wondering how to contact the service providers In case of special needs or complaints? The use of eCRM serves customer care concerns but most people need love conversation to properly express themselves.

9. Phone discounts and deals

Added to the 15 days free trial period, Visible does advertise catchy deals and promotions.

To follow up on the most recent offers and promotions, visit the website to stay informed on any freebies. 

Also, upon referral, both parties get a $20 discount on a monthly subscription when the new customer uses Visible.

Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023


Is Visible a company?

Visible is an online virtual phone service provider owned by Verizon.

What is the network coverage of Visible?

Visible relies on Verizon 4G LTE and 5G network coverage.

What is the cost for Visible plans?

For the base plan, a customer would pay $25 per month and for the premium plan, a customer would pay $35 per month.

What are the benefits of using Visible?

For a customer on a proper subscription, the benefits include unlimited text and talk time, and unlimited data with mobile hotspot usage.

What is the data speed of Visible?

For 5G users, their speed can be up to 200Mbps on the base plan while the premium plan gives access to the 5G ultra-wideband of Verizon’s fastest speed.

Are Mobile hotspots available with Visible?

There is a provision for unlimited mobile hotspot data but its speed is capped at 5 Mbps for both base plan and premium users.

Final Thought: Factors to Consider Before Signing up For Visible Wireless service In 2023

Visible being a virtual phone service provider doesn’t limit its capacity to deliver cheap and affordable plans with good coverage. Thanks to Verizon.

The only issue most customers would face is the fact that the company does not have a physical office and these could be an issue for most customers. Regardless having an affordable plan keeps you updated and connected to the world.


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