The Most Interesting And Fun Places To Visit In Kenya


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If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the East African tawny plains and the sun-warmed Indian Ocean-clad beaches should be your solace. The crowning destination that is blessed with abundant wildlife, exotic creatures, and a rich cultural life worth exploring is Kenya.

The most revered national parks, waiting-to-be-trekked summits, and wild trails that you can bike down are all here for you to be enthralled about. The Great Rift Valley shares its home with Kenya along with six other countries. Such enigmatic geographical wonders are gift packed for you when you land on the very accommodative Kenya Air. 

Here are some of the beautiful and must-visit places in Kenya that can allure you into a second trip as well.

  1. Visit Masai Mara to see the Great Migration: Race the land or trail among clouds to watch this. 

The Masai Mara Reserve in the Savannah region is known for the massive migration of zebras, antelopes, wildebeest and their predators. This can be amazingly viewed from the hot air balloons above, through the wild trails or in drone shorts; but an astounding phenomenon as it is.

  1. Learn more about Elsa’s homeland: She’s called the “Lioness Of Two Worlds” and here’s why!

The orphaned lioness Elsa, from Joy Adamson’s documentary that was raised by her and her husband in the then Kenyan wild (now called the Meru National Park), is worth the visit. The lioness who was later sent into the wild unfortunately died in their arms and is buried near the Ural River. 

  1. Relax at Diani Beach: The Savannah Biome couldn’t get more relaxing than this!

When you reach the grainy sand shores and meet the Indian Ocean waters among the woodland and grassland-dominated terrain, you have explored well. This trendy beach will calm your spirits and renew you for the rest of your trip’s exploring. Do not miss the coral beds and water sports here.

  1. View Tsavo from the sky: The African wild hue is stunning even with the skies as its competition!

Deny Finch Hutton’s dream of viewing the untouched African wilderness from an aerial view should be the sole reason why you ought to come to visit the Tsavo National Park. With Kilimanjaro soaring at one end, and the Chulu hills at another, the creeks and the incomparable wildlife are breathtakingly seen in the various luxury air safari packages.

  1. Adopting orphaned elephants: Cure your partner’s wildlife fever with this act of selfless deed.

The capital city and many others have this amazing option to adopt orphaned and rescued elephants and other animals like rhinos. These are some of the ways you can remember to support our ecosystem while being marvelled by it.

  1. Try to Reach the Top of Mount Kenya: Have Your Wild Heart Conquered at this summit!

Gear up well to the most exhilarating hiking trail in the continent’s second highest and Kenya’s highest peak, Mount Kenya. Among the many itineraries, the four-day route via Sirimon will take you to the most favoured destination of glacial valleys, lonesome peaks and remnant glaciers.

  1. Dhow-sailing across the Lamu Archipelago: Cultural and scenic surprises await you as you are sea kindled to Lamu.

The Lamu and its neighbouring islands can be explored via the ancient sailing vessels called Dhow. Enjoy good seafood and sleep under the stars with the waves hitting your dhow as you explore the ancient Swahili heritage in these islands. 

  1. Enjoy a night of partying in Nairobi: Promising fun couldn’t get any more colourful than this.

Party is the word when you are done falling in love with the wild! Enjoy the most amazing time in the safes, clubs and drink lounges where the nightlife of the cities is as amazing as its wild.

  1. Experience the brand-new railway between Nairobi and Mombasa: Glaze the rails and enjoy this trip!

Two essential cities, Nairobi and Mombasa are connected by this once-called “Lunatic Express” but now the most sought-after mode of transportation. The journey takes 4.5 hours with upgraded facilities and amendments. 

  1. Lake Turkana crocodile sighting: Tranquillity but make it strangely fascinating!

Even your adventurous spirit is sure to be beguiled when you spot this unique lake of Turkana. It sports the Central Island National Park with its volcanoes, crater lakes and the very famous Nile crocodiles occasionally spotted on the black sand beaches.


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