Top Things To Know Before Travelling To Kentucky Derby 150

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There are few more popular sporting events on the calendar to take place in the United States than the Kentucky Derby. The opening leg of the Triple Crown is staged annually in the first Saturday of May, with visitors attending Churchill Downs from all over the world.

It signals the start of the big races that are set aside for horses aged three, with the Preakness Stakes taking place two weeks later, and the Belmont Stakes staged just over a month later.

But, no race on the American schedule attracts the same attention as the Kentucky Derby, with Churchill Downs hosting this year’s event once again. It will be one of the biggest social events on the calendar in 2024, as the Derby celebrates its 150th edition, but what tips should visitors be aware of before making their way to Churchill Downs this year?


Buy Tickets In Advance

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse racing events on the calendar in the United States, but a record-breaking crowd is likely to attend the big day this year, as the Derby celebrates its 150th edition.

The track has been working hard to ensure that there is a new look to visitors in 2024, and there will be a wide selection of ticketing options for those looking to attend. If you’re looking to live like kings and queens at Churchill Downs, then there are packages worth $1000s, while the cheapest option is a ticket to the in-field.

However, regardless of where you would to be located, all visitors that are looking to attend the Kentucky Derby must get their tickets way in advance. The event is once again likely to be a sell out in 2024, meaning you must act quickly if you wish to be there for the biggest event on the racing schedule. Find more info here:

Sort Out Accommodation & Flights

The vast majority of racing fans that will be attending the Derby will likely be travelling from a distance away. That means that there is typically a big rush when it comes to sorting out accommodation for Derby weekend.

The majority of hotels in the Churchill Downs area will be sold out very quickly, as organized fans look to book their stay as soon as it is determined that they will be going to Churchill Downs. Therefore, if you have an inkling that you will be going for the Derby, then you must move quickly. Travelling to the surrounding area on the week of the Derby can also be testing for visitors.

Lexington is the preferred airport to travel into for many, but this can often be an expensive option. Therefore, a more affordable option could see fans travel into Chicago before renting a car to drive to Churchill Downs. This will save a few hundred dollars, and will ensure that you will have the freedom to explore the surrounding area when you aren’t at the racing.

Bring Key Items

A day at the horse racing can often be a stressful experience for visitors, especially if they aren’t prepared for what they will encounter. Planning the day also means taking into account the likely weather conditions, and whether you should take clothing for wet weather or sun cream if there is likely to be high temperatures.

Given that both of these factors can change quickly, it is always worth visitors taking all items that they will be needed for any circumstance at the racing. It is also encouraged that visitors where comfy footwear, as you will likely be on your feet for long periods throughout the day.

For those looking to place wagers on the action on their mobiles, rechargeable battery packs should also be considered a vital item that shouldn’t be forgotten. But, there are also on-track bookies that will enable bets to be placed on the big races throughout the day.

Follow The Road To The Kentucky Derby

While the Kentucky Derby is the biggest race on the racing calendar in the United States, it is also a very popular betting event, with millions wagered on the Triple Crown race annually.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get involved when it comes to betting on the event, it is always encouraged to follow the latest action on the Road to the Kentucky Derby. This event will see qualifying points up for grabs, with the top performers on the leaderboard securing their spot in the race at Churchill Downs. Overall, there are 37 races that offer qualifying points, meaning that those that watch all races would have seen the Derby winner on at least once occasion before the race.

Tracking the star performers and horses earning regular points in the prep series could be a key factor to ensure that you make the best possible selection on the Triple Crown race.

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