Top 9 Football Academies In Lagos

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Some of the top football academies in Lagos are Pepsi Football Academy, Barca Academy Lagos, and Juventus Football Academy. 

Football is more than just a game in Nigeria, it’s a way of life because Nigerians love football. This is evident by the way we cheered our country during the last world cup and the African Cup, which we later lost, unfortunately.

Nigeria has some of the best football academies globally, especially in Lagos. Yes. There is a reason why there is a Nigerian in all leaugues of the world, even in the remotest parts of Asia.

Football is huge in Lagos, and because of this, there’s a significant demand for excellent training facilities and expert coaches. This article lists the top 9 football academies in Lagos, with a history of producing outstanding players locally and internationally. 

These top 9 football academies in Lagos have modern facilities and coaches who help young players reach their potential. So whether you dream of representing Nigeria on the global stage or want to improve your skills, read on to discover which academy will be your stepping stone to success. 

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The Top 9 Football Academies in Lagos

Here is the list of the top 9 football academies in Lagos in no particular order:  

  1. Pepsi Football Academy
  2. Ayicrip Football Academy
  3. Barca Academy Lagos
  4. Midas Football Academy
  5. Juventus Football Academy
  6. Milo Football Academy
  7. Buruj Sports Academy
  8. Little Wonders Football Academy
  9. Guarantee United Football Academy

Now, let us explore more details about these top 9 football academies in Lagos: 

1. Pepsi Football Academy 

Pepsi Football Academy 

This football academy, based in Agege, Lagos State, was started in November 1992 by Kashimawo Laloko. It’s one of the top 9 football academies in Lagos and has helped many players become international stars in different leagues worldwide.

The academy aims to train young and talented players to become professional footballers. It is sponsored by PEPSI Company of Nigeria and has trained over 3000 players aged between 6 and 18.

Famous players from this academy include Sunday Mba, Mikel Obi, Joseph Akpala, Isaac Promise, Osaze Odemwingie, and Elderson Echiejile.

The academy offers scholarships for its trainees, allowing them to continue their sports and academic activities in the UK. Currently, the academy has 54 coaches.

Young athletes at Pepsi Football Academy are honing their football skills and improving their ability to handle professional career challenges through a well-rounded training program that includes strength and conditioning exercises, sports psychology sessions, and leadership workshops.

The fees are also affordable as at the last time we checked. N6,000 naira for individuals aged 14 years or lower, and N12,000 naira for those older than 14 years.

Lagos Location: Cocoa Industries Field, Off Akilo Road, Ogba, Lagos.

2. Ayicrip Football Academy 

Ayicrip Football Acade

One of the top 9 football academies in Lagos is Ayicrip Football Academy. Given its outstanding teaching staff and cutting-edge facilities, it is understandable why young athletes flock to this college to perfect their skills. 

Ayicrip differs from other academies as it is dedicated to fostering excellent athletes and good people all around.

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Ayicrip’s emphasis on personalized training sessions is one of the main drivers of its success. At Ayicrip, each player receives individualized attention from skilled trainers committed to helping them realize their full potential, in contrast to more prominent academies where individuals frequently get lost in the crowd.

Ayicrip also recognizes the value of education in addition to football training. They have established a structure that ensures all players maintain their academic status, giving them a solid basis for success in the future on and off the field. 

Location: Aguda, off Sholabomi Crescent Gate on Oladimeji Street. Surulere, Lagos.

3. Barca Academy Lagos

Barca Academy Lagos

Barca football academy is widely known with great coaches and training facilities just like those used by professional clubs. This makes it stand out as one of the top football academies in Lagos. 

The academy focuses on helping young footballers improve their skills and understand the game better. 

What makes Barca Academy special is that they teach the same style of play as Barcelona, a famous football club. This style is all about keeping the ball, passing quickly, and moving well without it. 

The coaches at the academy are really good, and they make sure each player gets the right training to get better.

Barca Academy also gives players the chance to play against other top teams. They even have programs where talented players can show off their skills abroad. This helps them get noticed by bigger clubs and play professionally someday. 

The academy also offers proper education including a wide range of support devices to ensure that players are at their best when they are on the field and going about their daily activities.

The academy is part of the FC Barcelona Escola network of youth academies, which are located all around the world and are dedicated to promoting the values of the club and developing young talent.

Overall, Barca Academy is a great place for young footballers to learn and improve. They get top-notch training and opportunities to play against the best, which can help them achieve their dreams in football.

Location: Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

4. Midas Football Academy

Midas Football Academy

Midas Football Academy was founded in November 2006. What makes it special is its focus on not just training players’ skills, but also on building their character. 

Midas Football Academy’s goal is to train young footballers to become professional players who will play in different leagues across Europe through their academy.

The coaches at Midas understand that being talented isn’t enough to succeed in football. That’s why they teach their players important qualities like discipline, teamwork, and resilience from a young age. This helps the players develop a strong foundation for their careers.

Midas Football Academy has also built good relationships with clubs both locally and internationally. This gives their graduates more opportunities to get noticed and find opportunities in football.

Location: Gospel CampGround, Command Ipaja, Lagos.

5. Juventus Football Academy 

Juventus Football Academy 

The Juventus Football academy is a well-known academy that has constantly turned forth exceptional athletes who have achieved success both domestically and abroad. 

Founded in 2018. The football academy is one of 64 official academies of Juventus FC of Italy. They strongly emphasizes holistic player development to ensure its young athletes have the knowledge, abilities, and outlook required to excel both on and off the field.

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Juventus Football Academy’s dedication to building an excellence-oriented culture sets it apart from its rivals. They give their players the resources they need to succeed by offering top-notch coaching personnel and cutting-edge training facilities.

The institution strongly emphasizes character development, educating students to be disciplined, cooperative, and resilient. These principles align with their emphasis on developing skills, enabling young footballers to grow as individuals and members of a strong team.

Location:1619 Danmole Street, Off Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

6. Milo Football Academy

Milo Football Academy

Milo Football Academy is distinguished by its illustrious history and all-encompassing approach to player development. 

Modern training facilities are a significant feature that sets Milo Football Academy apart. The academy offers the ideal atmosphere for talented footballers to grow. It is outfitted with first-rate infrastructure, such as immaculate fields and cutting-edge training tools. 

The academy’s teaching staff comprises highly skilled individuals dedicated to bringing out the best in each player and have a great understanding of the game. 

Milo Football Academy is also notable for its strategic alliances with well-known football clubs domestically and abroad. Some of these football clubs are FC Football,  MiniRoos, etc. They announced their partnership in 2017 to help the Academy increase the possibilities of its gifted players landing scholarships or lucrative contracts abroad by giving them access to exposure at higher levels of competition. 

Location: No. 22/24, Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos.

7. Buruj Sports Academy

Buruj Sports Academy

This notable football academy was an official part of the Nigerian Football Industry in 2008. If you want to succeed in sports without facing bias or limits on your talent, this academy is a great choice.

Since it started, Buruj Sports Academy has been helping athletes in various sports like football, basketball, jogging, cycling, table tennis, and tennis. They focus on developing your skills and giving you opportunities to play for the National Team. They also organize international competitions and trials for their players 

Beyond the sporting arena, Buruj Sports Academy is a beacon of opportunity for young athletes in Lagos and beyond. With its comprehensive approach to skill development, international exposure, and  commitment to fairness. It offers a promising pathway to success in the world of sports.

Location: 8 Adeniran Oshodi Street, Off Olokodana Street, Ogolonto Bus Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos.

8. Little Wonders Football Academy

One of Lagos’ top football academies, Little Wonders Football Academy was founded in 2002. The football academy develops youthful talent and turns them into accomplished athletes. 

With cutting-edge facilities and a committed coaching team, the academy provides a distinctive and all-encompassing method of football development. 

Little Wonders places equal emphasis on character development, self-discipline, and teamwork, in contrast to other academies that frequently emphasize technical abilities.

The academy offers focused training sessions to assist athletes in honing their technical skills, including ball control, accurate passing, and shooting techniques. 

Additionally, each player’s strengths and limitations are identified by the academy’s trainers, enabling the creation of individualized training plans that cater to their particular requirements.

Little Wonders is also dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment. The academy’s coaches prioritize developing enduring bonds of trust and respect with their charges. This strategy promotes both on-field success and off-field personal development for players.

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Location: Ikeja Cantonment Football Playing Ground, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

9. Guarantee United Football Academy

Guarantee United Football Academy stands out as one of Lagos’ top football academies. Founded in 2005, Guarantee United is committed to developing players’ abilities on and off the field and has a track record of producing excellent athletes. 

The academy offers top-notch facilities, professional instruction, and unrivalled opportunities for prospective athletes to demonstrate their skills.

Guarantee United is unique from other academies as it places a strong emphasis on all-around development. Technical proficiency is important, but the institution also emphasizes the value of mental toughness, tactical awareness, and discipline. 

In addition to assisting players in excelling in the game, this comprehensive approach also helps them prepare for life after football. 

Young players at Guarantee United have continually flourished under the direction of knowledgeable coaches adept at understanding the nuances of individual player development.

Location: Scacular Plaza Igbo Efon Epe Express, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Join A Football Academy In Lagos?

The requirements to join a football academy in Lagos vary depending on the academy. However, there are some general requirements that most academies have. These requirements include:

Age: Most academies accept players aged between 6 and 18 years old.

Skill level: Most football academies want players who already know a bit about playing football. But some academies are okay with players who are new to the game and haven’t played before.

Medical fitness: Before joining, most academies ask players to get a check-up from a doctor. This is to make sure the players are healthy enough to play in the academy.

Academic performance: Some football academies also care about how well you do in school. For example, they might want you to have good grades or pass all your classes.

Besides these basic rules, some academies might have extra things you need to do, like paying a fee or trying out for the team. If you’re interested in joining a football academy in Lagos, it’s best to get in touch with them directly to find out exactly what you need to do.


Lagos has some of Nigeria’s and even Africa’s best football academies. These academies give young footballers a supportive and competitive environment to improve their skills and reach their full potential. They have great coaches and facilities to ensure players get the best training possible.

These top 9 football academies in Lagos are known for producing talented and successful footballers by teaching them technical skills, discipline, and teamwork. 

If you’re a young football fan wanting to improve, joining one of these top 9 football academies in Lagos could make a big difference in your future in the sport.


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