South American Countries and their Capitals and GDP (2023)


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There are 12 countries in South America – Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname.

Have you ever wondered about the various South American countries and their capitals? Read on as I reveal all you need to know about South American Countries and their Capitals and GDP.

South America has vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and rich traditions. South America is between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and boasts captivating history, nature, and modern life.

From the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the serene charm of Montevideo, these cities are vibrant centers where the past meets the present. 

As curious minds, understanding the capitals and GDP of South American countries isn’t just about facts and figures. It’s about getting to know these nations, their dreams, challenges, and aspirations. 

In this article, I’ll list all the South American countries, their capitals, and their GDP. So, let’s begin the journey to South America to see what’s on the map and learn economics. 

South American Countries and their capitals and GDP

South American Countries and Their Capitals

S/NCountryCapitalOfficial Language(s)CurrencyCardinal Point
1ArgentinaBuenos AiresSpanishArgentina Peso (ARS)South
2BoliviaSucre (Constitutional), La Paz (Seat of governemen)Spanish, Indigenous LanguagesBolivian Boliviano (BOB)West
3BrazilBrasiliaPortugueseBrazilian Real (BRL)East
4ChileSantiagoSpanishChilean Peso (CLP)West
5ColombiaBogotaSpanishColombian Peso (COP)North
6EcuadorQuitoSpanishUnited States Dollar (USD)North
7GuyanaGeorgetownEnglishGuyanese Dollar (GYD)North
8ParaguayAsuncionSpanish, GuaraniParaguayan Guarani (PYG)East
9PeruLimaSpanish, Indigenous LanguagesPeruvian Sol (PEN)West
10SurinameParamariboDutchSurinamese Dollar (SRD)North
11UruguayMontevideoSpanishUruguayan Peso (UYU)South
12VenezuelaCaracasSpanishVenezuelan Bolivar (VESNorth

South American Countries and their GDP

Rank 2022Country/TerritoryGDP (nominal) per capita 2022 (USD)Rank 2022(world)

Fun Facts About South American Countries and Their Capitals

South American Countries and their capitals and GDP

1. Do you know that Buenos Aires, the sultry capital of Argentina, is not just known for its passionate tango dancers? It’s also a paradise for sweet lovers! The city boasts the world’s highest number of heladerías (ice cream parlours) per capita. Tango your taste buds with flavours like dulce de leche and mate.

Brasilia map

2. Looking at Brasília from above, you might spot something fascinating about it. The city’s layout resembles an airplane! This futuristic capital was carefully designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and urban planner Lúcio Costa, creating an urban marvel in the shape of a bird.

3. Santiago (Chile) might be a city where getting lost is a delicious adventure! The Central Market, “Mercado Central,” entices you with a labyrinth of mouthwatering seafood stalls. From octopus to crab, it’s a seafood lover’s dream turned into a delicious maze.

4. Bogotá, the heart of Colombia, sits at a staggering altitude of over 8,000 feet (2,600 meters). Don’t be surprised if you are out of breath during sightseeing – blame it on the high-altitude enthusiasm!

5. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is not just any city – it’s the closest capital to the sun! Sitting right on the equator, you can stand with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s some equatorial excitement!

6. In Suriname’s capital, Paramaribo, Friday the 13th isn’t a day of superstition – it’s a day of joy! The locals celebrate this day with vibrant festivals and events. Who knew Friday the 13th could be so lucky?

7. Montevideo is a soccer lover’s haven, and its stadiums have witnessed epic soccer showdowns. But did you know that Uruguay won the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930? That’s some legendary footwork right there!

8. Caracas boasts more than just stunning views – it’s also a canvas for vibrant street art. The city’s walls are a gallery of expression, reflecting the energy and creativity of its people.

9. In the capital of Guyana, Georgetown, you’ll find a fascinating linguistic blend. English is the official language, but you’ll hear a rainbow of languages reflecting the diverse cultural tapestry of the nation.

10. Lima is a culinary paradise, and it’s home to the world record for the most extensive variety of dishes served at a single meal. In 2012, over 400 dishes were presented at an event showcasing Peru’s diverse cuisine.

South American Countries and their capitals and GDP

11. Amid the charming streets of Georgetown stands the iconic St. George’s Cathedral, a towering wooden structure that holds the title of the world’s tallest wooden building. Its awe-inspiring architecture is a true testament to craftsmanship.

12. Caracas has quite the reputation in the pageant world. It’s the birthplace of numerous Miss Universe winners, with Venezuelan contestants consistently making their mark on the international stage.

13. Bogotá promotes eco-friendly transportation through “Ciclovía”, – a program where major roads are closed to vehicles on Sundays and public holidays, allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and skaters to take over the streets.

14. Santiago has a unique and heartwarming relationship with its street dogs. The community adopts many, and you’ll often see dogs with brightly colored coats, indicating they’ve been cared for and sterilized.

15. Paramaribo is a melting pot of cultures, beautifully reflected in its diverse houses of worship and culinary offerings. You can find a mosque, synagogue, and Hindu and Christian temples, all within a short distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Largest Economies in South America?

The largest economies in South America are Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. These countries have significant economic influence and contribute significantly to the continent’s GDP.

Which South American country has the Fastest-Growing Economy?

In recent years, Peru has experienced significant economic growth driven by mining, agriculture, and tourism. Its growth has attracted attention as one of the faster-growing economies in the region.

Which South American country has the highest GDP?

Brazil has the highest GDP in South America. However, GDP values can change over time due to economic fluctuations.

Which South American countries have the Highest GDP per Capita?

In recent years, some South American countries with higher GDP per capita include Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. 

What are the Top 3 Richest Countries in South America?

Although the economic status of countries can change over time, traditionally, some of the wealthier countries in South America include Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. These countries typically have larger economies and more developed infrastructure.

South American Countries and their capitals and GDP


We’ve explored South American countries and their capitals and seen their economy. We also get to know the type of currency spent in each country and their language. I also shared some intriguing, fun facts about countries in South America.

You’ve learned something today, right? Don’t forget to share this post with friends to help more people know about South American Countries and their capitals. Also, don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments box below. Thanks for reading. 


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