Is it Legal to Use a Random Nigeria Mailing Address for Online Registration?


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The short answer to this question is yes. It is legal to use a random mailing address from Nigeria. However, we have come up with this article to explain this in detail and give you some of the reasons why it is considered legal.

With that being said, we’ll also show you how you can generate a random and authentic Nigerian address that you can use on the internet without facing any problems or consequences. So, let’s get started then, shall we?


Reasons Why Using a Random Mailing Address on the Internet Is Considered Legal

1. Registration on Untrustworthy Sites

There might be times when you have to register yourself on random websites. These websites might also ask you to enter your personal details like address while registering. Doing this is never recommended as some of these websites might not be trustworthy and sell your data to third parties for some money. 

This data of yours can then be used for malicious purposes. Therefore, it is totally legal to use a random fake address for registration on sites like these. 

2. Bypassing Region Restrictions

Many websites and online platforms are restricted to be used by people who are outside a specific region. For example, most content available on HBO Go is only accessible to people who are living in the US.

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To access content and platforms like this, you might need to add a fake address to your profile. This is why it is considered totally legal since you’re not doing anything that can harm other people or the platform itself.

Besides this, regional restrictions can be a hurdle for many business owners who want to access their company remotely from abroad. This is where it becomes essential to use a random mailing address.

3. Keeping Home Details Confidential

The most important thing that comes from using a fake address on the internet. Whether for registration or bypassing regional restrictions, it keeps your home details secure. 

No one might ever know what’s your exact address if you use a fake one. It’s simply creepy to give your true address to random websites and platforms on the internet without receiving any assurance that it will be kept safe.

Many hackers also use your home address to track your IP and activity and take control of your home network. Instances like these have actually happened in the past and the hackers usually get hold of your private data and address from internet platforms and websites that don’t have good security measures. This is another reason why law enforcement agencies have made it legal to use a random address whether from Nigeria or any other country for web surfing and online registrations.

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Now that we’ve told you why it’s legal to use a random address, let us move on to discuss how you can generate it to use for online registrations.

How to Generate a Random and Authentic Fake Address?

Generating a fake address that seems authentic and exists in the real world is actually quite easy. There are quite a few tools available for it online. For this article though, we’ll be using the Fake Address Generator by PrePostSEO

Even if you choose to use some other tool, it’ll probably work similarly to this one. Once you’ve opened the tool, you have to select the country whose fake address you want to use. The menu should look something like this.


In our case, we choose Nigeria. Once you’ve selected the country, hit “Generate”, and the tool will require you to fill in a captcha. Once you’ve done that, it will generate a fake address that you can use on the internet. We’re attaching a screenshot of the results below. 


As you can see, the tool not only generated a fake address that you can use but also gave other things like a fake identity, email, weight, and even a username and password that can be used on various platforms to completely keep your identity safe.

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Besides this, you can also get the employment details of your fake identity which you can make use of in case a website asks for it while registration.



It is completely legal to use a random Nigerian mailing address for online registrations. In this article, we have given some reasons to support this claim and have also explained how you can generate a fake address yourself.


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