Top 10 football prediction sites in Nigeria for winning bets

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As a football lover in Nigeria who has his sights on making lots of money from football betting, there are top football prediction sites in Nigeria for winning bets that you should know about. 


Because predicting who will win these football games isn’t easy. But football prediction sites can help. With football prediction sites, you can accurately predict matches and wager on those that can increase your chances of winning. 

If you have ever done any football betting, you will know what we are talking about. It can be hard to tell which team will be winning at the end of the day. Having to wager and not win a dime can be depressing and frustrating all at once.

Hence, it is essential to not only know the top football prediction sites you can use but also to discover the secrets of winning and how best to approach football betting so you win big.

The Secrets of Winning Football Betting 

Like other sports bets, football betting involves predicting results and placing a wager on the outcome. This implies that it is a guessing game that may either work in your favor or not because the results are not set in stone. 

So, to avoid getting your fingers burnt, there are secrets to playing that experienced bettors have used to increase their chances of winning, which you ought to follow.

  1. The higher your odds are prominent, the more likely you will lose. So don’t be tempted to raise your stake.
  2. Bet a smaller amount of money on fewer odds each time.
  3. Don’t bet on your favorite team because you may be biased and emotional.
  4. Don’t assemble a large number of teams. This means that you keep the maximum number of teams to about 5 teams, as this increases your chances of winning.|
  5. Do not gamble or bet just for the sake of it. Identify what you seek to achieve with football betting.
  6. Don’t lose sight of the goal.
  1. If you have second thoughts about a team, don’t question your instincts; remove the team from the game.
  2. Don’t bet to win millions because you may lose billions over time. The more you play, the more your chances of winning increase, and the deeper your addiction becomes.
  3. Keep numbers 5 and 6 in mind.

Experienced bettors have followed this rule over time and discovered that it works. However, if you are new to football betting, looking to win big should not be the first thing you consider.

Your primary focus as a starter should be to learn how to bet on football.


Since we are talking about football betting online, you should know that it’s pretty different from the way it’s done traditionally.

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In traditional football betting, all you needed were two teams playing and probably a wager on, say, your favorite team, with no strategy to it. If they emerge the winner, pleasing and acceptable, you bear your loss if they don’t.

 So you see, bettors bring this same approach to online football betting and end up losing most of the bets they make or never winning a dime. Online football betting requires tactics if you want to profit from it, and you must follow a process. So this is how you start.

  1. Choose a bookmaker with a good reputation.

A bookmaker is a person or company that facilitates the betting process. The job of this person or company is to take your money when you bet and pay you when you win. Hence, all football betting sites and sports betting companies, in general, are bookmakers.

To learn how to bet correctly, you must first choose a bookmaker with a good reputation where you play. A reputable bookmarker has the appropriate licenses to run the business, accepts standard payment methods, and has excellent security and customer service. With all of this in place, football betting will be the fun it should be.

  1. Set up your account on the site.

Once you have selected a reputable football site, your next move should be to set up your account and put currency in your account. With money in your account, you are ready to take your first shot at football betting but remember the winning secrets we discussed earlier, as they will keep you consistent in this game of chance.

  1. Understand the odds

Knowing the secrets of winning football bets will not guarantee your win; you need to understand the odds. You need to be able to calculate how much you would earn from each bet and figure out your winnings so that you will be able to know if wagering on a particular team is worth it or not.

  1. Understand the outcome probabilities.

To maximize your chances of winning a bet, you must evaluate the probabilities of your team winning on all fronts before you place your bet. Generally, it would be best if you didn’t bet on teams with a 50% probability of winning or lower.

  1. Place your wager.

When you have weighed the probabilities, you can then place your bet. But first, you must decide on the maximum budget you want to spend on betting. Setting a budget will give you a threshold where you can play. A budget will keep you from spending so much on games that you don’t have enough money to take care of yourself.

Your budget must set how much you want to spend on a particular bet. You don’t want to lose all your money at once. Once you have all of this settled, you can then go ahead and make a bet on the team you want.

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Now, check out the list of football prediction sites in Nigeria you can rely on to accurately predict matches and wager on odds that help you win big time. 

Top Football prediction sites in Nigeria for winning bets


As one of Nigeria’s top football prediction sites for winning bets, Win Draw Win is one site you can trust for its match predictions. It is among the popular football prediction sites that provide reliable forecasts and statistics from over 140 leagues worldwide.

Seeing how popular it is, most Nigerian football bettors know this is a go-to site if you want to win big. Every year, Win Draw Win makes over 20,000 predictions.


Soccer Vista is a unique football prediction site that provides outstanding statistical analysis of teams and leagues. They also offer star predictions daily, which have a high win rate. 


When you want free football tips and predictions, free analysis, football form and statistics, the latest results and league tables, and much more, Predictz is the football prediction site you want to be on.

It is one of Nigeria’s best football prediction sites for winning bets. Not just that alone, but it also provides details about current events. It is a site where you can find the latest about your favorite team.


Many football bettors love this site because of its high accuracy in analysis. It is a football prediction site that’s great for comparing games. SoccerPunter, like the others on the list, is one of the top football prediction sites that can help you win big. 


This one football prediction site is not as popular as the others but delivers on what punters expect nonetheless. It is a football prediction app that allows users to calculate feasible outcomes and tips. The exciting part is that you don’t need to pay a membership fee.

The live score feature also astounds their site because it allows users to observe their scoreline easily. ZuluBet also posts match results after each match has ended, regardless of the prediction outcome.


Solopredict is one of Nigeria’s best football prediction sites for winning bets. It gives good football statistics that provide accurate and free football predictions.

With the soccer forecast solopredict gives, football tipsters can have accurate predictions on matches covering different leagues and betting tips.

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Statarea helps bettors make better decisions about their wagers by providing good statistics on the site. You are assured of great picks once you are on this site. With recent games and their stats displayed, your chances of winning become very high.


This football prediction site is one of the favorites among Nigerian football bettors. It is a favorite because of the valuable and timely information; Nigerian punters get on the teams they wish to wager on. The site provides prediction highlights not only for African leagues but leagues across the world.


Betensured is one of Nigeria’s best football prediction apps for winning bets because it has the most comprehensive coverage of football events, including almost all leagues globally, each having its analysis.

It is a prediction site that analyzes upcoming football matches by evaluating records, recent match results, and general season form. This way, they give predictions on all games and state why the winning choice was made.


Betshoot predicts matches daily, and its predictions have a high accuracy rate. There are a vast number of predictions depending on the different leagues around the world. It is one of the reliable betting platforms for Nigerian punters.


With these football prediction sites, your wagers would be spot on. However, as you start winning big, remember to gamble responsibly.

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