Rochelle Hathaway Biography, Age, Education, Net worth, And Lifestyle (2023)


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The name Rochelle Hathaway might ring a bell if you closely followed the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp case. Hence, let’s take a look into Rochelle Hathaway Biography, lifestyle, age, and more.

The Amber Heard/Johnny Defamation has unearthed several alleged mysteries and rumors. One of those rumors is the alleged affair between Johnny Depp and Rochelle Hathaway. 

Rochelle Hathaway is a prominent contract flight attendant and actress regularly linked with Johnny Depp, a well-known American entertainer.

Over the past few years, they’ve been the subject of several dating rumors and speculations.

Amidst all the rumors, she has continued to stay away from the limelight. However, rumors persist that she had a serious romantic relationship with Johnny Depp. Additionally, many people only know about Rochelle from the news.

Grab a seat as we examine Rochelle Hathaway’s biography, age, education, net worth, and lifestyle.

Who Is Rochelle Hathaway? Her Biography

Rochelle Hathaway is an American actress who currently works as a Contract Corporate Flight Attendant. In 2013, she contributed to the production of Bling Ring, a crime drama.

She has openly discussed her participation in the Bling Ring film alongside Emma Watson, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. 

The Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist tells the story of a gang of seven teens and adults from California who committed a string of burglaries and thefts from high-profile celebrity houses in 2008 and 2009.

In time, Hathaway decided the corporate world was more her speed than the spotlight.

She worked as a cocktail waitress in Lifestyle Hospitality from 2011 for over three years after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno. Additionally, It seems Stephen Amell’s better half, Casandra, is related to Rochelle.

Rochelle Hathaway Biography

A year and a half later, Rochelle worked at Smashbox Studios, this time as the building’s concierge. With her acting career in transition, Rochelle Hathaway prefers to remain in the shadows. 

The airline where Rochelle Hathaway started as a flight attendant was Signature Flight Support OGG. Specifically, the ex-actress is now Clay Lacy Aviation’s chief assistant and a corporate airplane steward. 

Recently, she has had scandals involving the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Drama. Amber Heard claims that Johnny cheated on her with someone she knows named Rochelle Hathaway. She told the court that she had evidence of their illicit text message exchanges on her phone. 

She claims she snatched them from Johnny Depp’s phone while he was passed out on the couch high. Amber eventually submitted the texts as evidence to the court.

Rochelle Hathaway’s Age

Because of how private she is, no one knows Rochelle’s actual age. Based on her current appearance, she looks like someone aged 30 to 35. On the other hand, her date of birth is unavailable to the public online.

Rochelle Hathaway’s Lifestyle

Rochelle’s lifestyle is unknown to the public except for the pictures she shares on her social media page. There is little about who she has dated in the past, whether she has kids or is married. However, most people know she went out with Nick Simmons for a while.

Before she allegedly started going out with Johnny Depp, Rochelle and Nick Simmons were dating. Los Angeles-born Nick is a multi-talented American TV writer, reality TV star, musician, and voice actor. However, no information regarding their wedding has leaked out. 

We have yet to determine when or where they met, how long they dated, or what caused them to break up. Similarly, Rochelle’s personal life, including her marriage, has been kept out of the spotlight. Thus, no one knows anything about her past husbands or dating life.

She has a travel blog which she updates from time to time. She also posts snippets from her life from time to time on Instagram. From her posts online, it is evident that she enjoys traveling to different countries.

Rochelle Hathaway’s Net Worth

Hathaway currently works as an independent contractor for Aircare teams filling vacancies in the Greater Las Vegas Area. 

Like the rest of her site, she frequently writes the Travel Blog. On Instagram, she also identifies herself as an “Agreement Corporate Flight Attendant.” Her net worth is between $80,000 and $85,000.

Are Johnny Depp and Rochelle Hathaway still together?

Only few people were aware of Rochelle Hathaway and Johnny Depp’s relationship because it was never widely reported. On the other hand, the public learned about it after Amber testified against them in court. The news going round is that they’ve broken up and are no longer seeing each other.

Rochelle Hathaway Biography


Rochelle was caught up in the controversies sorrounding Amber and Johnnys divorce. As an actor, singer, and producer, Johnny Depp is a household name in the United States, and Amber Heard has established herself in the entertainment industry as a leading lady. 

They supposedly fell in love and their wedding occurred on February 3, 2015, in their Los Angeles mansion. Fifteen months later, in May 2016, Amber petitioned for divorce in a United States court, alleging irreconcilable differences as the reason.

While Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence during their marriage, the divorce filing went from routine to making frightening international headlines. 

Amber went to court in May 2016 to get a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp, and the court granted one that kept him at least 100 yards away from her at all times. At that time, the court also ordered her to use their Los Angeles home exclusively.

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in a United Kingdom court in March 2019, citing Heard’s 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post in which she discussed surviving domestic violence. However, the op-ed never referenced Johnny by name.

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic caused an unavoidable postponement of the legal proceeding. The court later postponed the case. Johnny also claimed in the lawsuit that Amber had adulterous affairs with other stars, including Elon Musk, while married. 

When confronted with the accusation, Amber denied it. She claimed in court that Johnny was wrong in saying that she was the cheater and that it was the other way around. Amber stated that she is familiar with Rochelle Hathaway, Johnny’s partner.

She told the judge that she had evidence of their alleged illicit love correspondence in the texts she had shared.

She claims that she snatched them from Johnny Depp’s phone while he was passed out on the couch high. Amber subsequently submitted a copy to the court as evidence.

They settled their divorce out of court in 2017, with Amber receiving $7 million and an additional $500,000 to cover her legal bills.

The court lifted the temporary restraining order against Johnny when the judge ruled that he was not guilty of domestic abuse. Amber gave the money to the American Civil Liberties Union.

While Amber presented evidence of Johnny Depp’s infidelity with Rochelle Hathaway, Amber Heard ultimately lost the lawsuit since it was a defamation action.

Rochelle Hathaway Biography

The jury found that Amber Head’s 2018 op-ed, in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse, was defamatory on June 1, 2016, even though she did not mention Johnny Depp by name.

The jury awarded Depp $15 million. Because of Virginia law’s cap on punitive damages, Amber Heard only had to pay $10.35 million. Out of the three defamation countersuits she filed, Amber won one. The court granted damages totaling $2,000,000 to her.

Where Is Rochelle Hathaway Now?

People constantly bring up the rumors of Rochelle Hathaway and Johnny Depp’s alleged secret affair from the past on the internet. 

Additionally, many people are wondering where she is right now. She now works as Contract Corporate Flight Attendant and runs a travel blog. She is also a travel advisor for hellofora.

Rochelle Hathaway has remained silent and offered no explanation or defense of her position. Despite the ongoing public outcry and criticism of the affair, she has remained mute. To a greater extent, she has prioritized her personal life.

Conclusion: Rochelle Hathaway Biography

Although Rochelle has a low profile, she has become an internet sensation. While her actual age is still unknown, she occasionally receives media attention because of rumors that she had an affair with Johnny Depp.

We hope this post on Rochelle Hathaway Biography has helped you with insights into Rochelle Hathaway’s biography, age, lifestyle, etc.


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