How Do You Know If Your New Recruit Is Who He Claims to Be, and Why It Matters


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Have you ever hired a dishonest employee or someone who had a disturbing criminal background? When you recruit new employees, there’s no way of knowing who they truly are simply by talking to them. 

There have been many cases where employers have hired suspicious staff that committed fraud, sexual harassment, or people who’ve lied about their qualifications. So how would you know your new recruit is who they say they are? We’ve provided solutions for you in this post!

How Do You Know If Your New Recruit Is Who He Claims to Be, and Why It Matters

Why Should You Conduct a Background Check on Recruits 

Prevents You From Hiring Criminals 

One of the reasons background checks are crucial is to prevent criminals from entering your workforce. As an employer, your responsibility is to protect everyone operating in your company, and this includes your clients and customers. 

People who have criminal records can be a major liability to your company. It could affect your reputation and put your clients and employees at risk. There might be some recruits you believe deserve a second chance, especially if they were involved in petty crimes. 

However, candidates with disturbing criminal histories can come up on a background check. You can then decide whether this is someone you’d like to avoid hiring.  

Lowers Company Costs 

Having to let go of a new hire can increase company costs because you’ll spend more time trying to find a suitable candidate to fill the position. You’ll have to spend more money on training a recruit. What’s more, you may lose money because there’s no one to fulfill the role you hired the previous employee for. 

Checking the background of a new employee prevents you from hiring low-quality and unqualified candidates. You’ll then save money on insurance premiums, and qualified recruits can boost productivity which will improve revenue. 

Increases Workplace Safety 

Some people are con artists and simply want access to your business files and employee records. If your company records or the safety of your staff are compromised, you may face legal action. A background check allows you to confirm a recruit’s identity to ensure he is who he says he is. 

Furthermore, a background check verifies the qualifications of a new candidate, which is important if they’re handling hazardous materials. 

Maintains Compliance 

Some industries require background checks on all employees. These industries may include:

  • Trucking  
  • Military 
  • Mining 
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Medical  
  • Engineering 
  • Internet security 
  • Science 

Checking the validity of a recruit’s identity and qualifications can prevent fines, lawsuits, fees, and jail time. By remaining compliant, you’ll protect the well-being of your company and ensure your reputation isn’t compromised. 

To remain compliant, you may need to let new candidates know that part of the hiring process is to conduct a background check. You’ll also need to use licensed systems to run checks on new candidates. 

Important Traits to Look for When Hiring New Recruits

Work Ethic 

The best way to find out if your new recruit has an excellent work ethic is to speak to their previous employers. Make sure that your candidate has references on their resume so you can find out more about their working habits. 

You don’t want to hire an employee that was always late or never completed tasks on time. Ideally, you want to hire a candidate who: 

  • Looks for new ways to increase productivity 
  • Sets personal goals to improve work 
  • Abides by all company rules and regulations 
  • Volunteers to help when there’s a backlog of work
  • Maintains professionalism at all times 

Someone with an excellent work ethic can be a great leader within your organization. They will also set excellent examples for other employees. 

How Well They Work with Others 

There are some recruits that may exhibit antisocial behavior. Not all employees will work well with others. Some will thrive working on their own. But a red flag is when a staff member treats their colleagues badly by being verbally abusive. 

That’s why referring to a new recruit’s references can help you understand how they worked with others at previous companies. You’ll then know whether it’s a good idea to hire the recruit based on their attitude towards people. 

Excellent Communication Skills

How well does the candidate speak and answer questions during your interview? Do they conduct themselves in a professional manner? It’s important to hire recruits who know how to communicate professionally with colleagues and clients to prevent misunderstandings. 

Ensure your new recruit can write a professional email and answer the phone in a friendly manner. They must also show respect towards their fellow colleagues by using the preferred language in the workplace. 

You can provide the new recruit with policies to ensure they don’t use derogatory language or phrases when talking to clients or staff members. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t compromise the safety of your employees or the integrity of your company. To ensure you remain compliant and you increase the safety of everyone at your company, you must conduct regular background checks. You should also do background checks on existing employees to ensure they haven’t been involved in criminal activities as of late. Use this guide to assist you.


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