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Most young children dream of become a nurse when they grow up and such a dream can actually come to reality if all the necessary actions are taken. Hence, you may want to check these best Schools of Nursing in Nigeria.

Did you know that there is a nursing shortage around the world right now? There aren’t enough nurses to take care of the sick. Specifically, 1.1 million nurses are needed in the United States alone.

But before, it’s important to shape the minds of many that the nursing profession is not meant for ladies only, it’s unisex (a man can be a nurse too) and arguably one of the most enviable professions in the Nigerian labor market today.

Nurses are inevitable in the World Healthcare System and as such, their service is highly in demand. Of course, it comes with good pay too. In fact, before you see a Doctor in a hospital, you must have seen several Nurses.



They are found in all the significant departments of the healthcare profession. In Nigeria, the profession is secure, reliable, and highly respected compared to some other professions where there’s no job security.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to become a nurse, there are numerous Nursing Schools available for you to attend but this article will focus on the 30 best Schools of Nursing in Nigeria, their school fees, and admission requirements.

30 Best School of Nursing In Nigeria, Their School Fees, And Admission Requirements

Years of Programs In Accredited School Of Nursing In Nigeria

In every accredited school of nursing in Nigeria, there are particular numbers of years designed for every student to use, study and complete their nursing program.

Besides, there are several nursing schools in Nigeria with different training courses, so understanding the available ones together with their study year will help you a lot in your sojourn to become a registered nurse in Nigeria.



Therefore, the following are the accredited years of study depending on the certificate to be awarded in Nigeria:

  • Three (3) years Basic General Nursing Program;
  • Three (3) years Basic Midwifery Training Program; and
  • Five (5) years Generic (BNSc) Nursing Programme.

The first two are obtainable in the College of Health Sciences and College of Health Technologies and the last one is a 5 years program for the award of degree certificate in Bachelor of Nursing Science.

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The Nigerian Schools Of Nursing Admission Requirements

At this juncture, you will be exposed to the Nigerian Schools of Nursing admission requirements plus all other necessary things you need to have at your disposal to be able to secure admission into any of the Nursing schools in Nigeria.



Admission Requirements For General Nursing Programme In Nigeria

The Nigerian Schools Of Nursing Admission Requirements

This is a three years program and the candidate must have attained the age of 17 years and above.

To secure admission to study General Nursing Programme in any schools of nursing in Nigeria, candidates must possess five credits pass in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Health Science and physics in their SSCE or its equivalent in not more than two sittings.

Admission Requirements For Post Basic Midwifery Nursing Programme In Nigeria

This is a year and a half calendar program and to secure admission as a Post Basic Midwife, the candidate must have been registered as a Nurse in Nigeria and must at the same time meet all other higher institution requirements.

Admission Requirements For Post Basic Psychiatric Nursing Courses In Nigeria

This is also a year and a half calendar year course and the intending candidate must also be a Registered Nurse in Nigeria and he or she must have met all the institutional requirements.



Admission Requirements For Bachelor Of Nursing Science (BN.Sc.) Program In Nigeria

To secure admission into any University in Nigeria where a Bachelor of Nursing Science is obtainable, the admission requirements for the intending candidates is five (5) Credits passes in WASSC/SSCE or any of its equivalents in English, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Physics in not more than two sittings.

The academic qualification obtainable include is Bachelor of Nursing Science and the registration obtainable are Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, and Registered Public or Community Health Nurse.

Admission Requirements For Higher Degree In Nursing Science

The admission requirements as applicable in the various Universities that are offering Higher Degrees in Nursing in Nigeria is a degree certificate in Nursing Science in any recognized College of Nursing in the country, academic transcripts plus other institutional requirements.

The academic qualification obtainable includes Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science and other neighboring courses.



Best Schools of Nursing In Nigeria

After series of research and observation, the following are the best schools of nursing in Nigeria with a standard academic calendar.

Note that this list includes Universities, the College of Health Sciences, and the College of Health Technologies in Nigeria. Also, this piece will be incomplete without highlighting these schools of nursing school fees per calendar year.

1. University of Abuja School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, Abuja.

School Fees: Less than 200k

Without any doubt, the University of Abuja, Abuja is considered one of the top Universities in the country with top-notch colleges of nursing in Nigeria. The school offers a decent curriculum in the nursing profession.

You can either secure admission into the school by writing JAMB and apply to study Nursing Science in the university or apply for Post Basic Midwifery for a 4 years degree program.



You can equally apply for the 2-year Nursing program where you are only required to purchase the admission forms and patiently wait for the school entrance exam.

Nursing program in Nigeria

2. School Of Nursing, University Of Ibadan.

Without a doubt, the university college hospital, Ibadan is one of the few Universities to flag off the tertiary health care center in West Africa, and the school is offering world-class service, training, and research.

The University school of nursing’s mission is to train and cater for competent future nurses in the Nigerian health care sector. The school offers a three years Nursing Programme and the students pay N250,000 or thereabouts as their school fee.

3. the University Of Nigeria Nsukka, School Of Nursing

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka School Of Nursing offers a 5-year degree certificate in BSc. Nursing Science and to secure admission into the school, you must satisfy all the requirements mentioned above. The scheduled school fee for the Nursing student is N80,000.



4. University of Benin (Uniben) School of Nursing

This school offers all classes of Nursing programs be it at the undergraduate level, postgraduate, or diploma certificates. Being a Federal University, the structured school fees for the students are affordable as they are paying N125,000 including the accommodation fee.

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5. School Of Nursing, Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital.

This school of nursing is also a Federal government establishment. The school offers a 3-year general basic nursing program and securing admission into the school is easier so far you pass the entrance exams. The scheduled school fee for the school is N150,000 or thereabouts.

6. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) School Of Nursing.

This leading school of nursing in Nigeria’s vision is to produce quality and professional nurses who will be able to promote the hospital and Nigerian Health Center for efficient and better patient care. The school fee structure for LUTH nursing students is N250,000.



7. Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH) School Of Nursing.

The school enjoys the absolute support of the OAU Teaching Hospital Management, and this placed the school amid the best schools of nursing in Nigeria. The school offers 2 – 5 years programs and the students are paying N90,000 per session.

8. College Of Health Sciences, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

One of the leading universities and departments in Northern Nigeria. The Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital housed the school College of Health Sciences which comprises the Medicine and Nursing students. The school offers a 5-year nursing degree program and its students are paying N65,000 per session.

9. School Of Nursing, Akure.

This is yet another renowned school of nursing in Nigeria. The school trains its students to become professional and qualified nurses in the future. Their tuition fee N200,000 or thereabouts per academic session.



10. Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (ESUTH) School Of Nursing

This school is under the management of ESUTH and its admission process is mainly on merit. The new students of this S.O.N pay N260,000 as tuition fee excluding accommodation.

11. Mater School of Nursing

Mater school of nursing is known for producing competent nurses capable of working in any health care center in the world. The school is owned by Mater Misericordiae Hospital and under the care of the Catholic Archdiocese, Abakaliki. Their tuition fee is N250,000 or so per academic session.

12. School of Nursing (Joint Hospital), Mbano

Established by Late Sam. O. Mbakwe, the First Executive Governor in Imo State, and others and the school of nursing have over the years grown into one of the best nursing schools in the country. The students of this school pay around N200, 000 as their school fee yearly.



13. Sokoto State College of Nursing

Although this school isn’t that popular in southern and eastern Nigeria, nevertheless, it is one of the best and highly sought nursing schools in Nigeria. The obtainable tuition fee there is N85, 000 per session.

14. School of Basic Midwifery, Amachara

If you want to become one of the reputable nurses in the Nigerian healthcare center, the School of Basic Midwifery, Amachara is the perfect institution for you. Their school fee is N175,000.

15. Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital School Of Basic Midwifery, Nkpor

Whether you want to become a nurse or a respectable midwife, Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital School Of Basic Midwifery is another home of future nurses. Presently, her students are paying N170,000 or thereabouts.

16. Bowen University Teaching Hospital, School of Nursing, Ogbomosho

With state-of-the-art equipment and facility, this nursing school is without doubt one of the best in Nigeria. Being a private College of Nursing, their tuition fee is N1,256,900.



17. College of Nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele, Ibadan

You can’t just kick the College of Nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele Ibadan out of the best and most prestigious schools of nursing in Nigeria. To gain admission into this school, you must satisfy all the requirements mentioned earlier and you must equally pass your entrance examination. The Eleyele school of nursing fee is N125,00 to N160,000.

18. University Of Jos Teaching Hospital School Of Nursing.

This school offers 3 years nursing program and their curriculum is as standard as that of other Colleges in Nigeria. Their present school fee is N90,000.

19. University College Hospital School Of Nursing, Ibadan

This is yet another S.O.N in Ibadan, Oyo State and it is one of the most popular and highly sought schools of nursing in the country. The University College School Of Nursing school fee is N250,000.



20. ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe

The ECWA school of nursing is located in Egbe, Kogi state. It has a well conducive and well-facilitated learning environment suitable for grooming world-class nurses. The school also charges around N150,000 as a tuition fee per session.

21. School of Post Basic Nursing, University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) Teaching Hospital

This nursing school is under the management of the University Of Port Harcourt (Uniport) Teaching Hospital and the vision of the school is to produce professional and capable nurses that will take the country’s healthcare center to another level.

22. School of Post Basic Midwifery, River State.

If you are a Registered Midwife and wish to further your nursing program in the country, the School of Post Basic Midwifery situated in Port Harcourt is one of the best places to go. Their tuition fee is N150,000 or so.



23. Niger Delta University, Department Of Nursing Science, Wilberforce Island.

Although this is a state-owned university, the school also runs a degree program in Nursing Science. Their school fee is N120,000 per academic year.

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24. Ebonyi State University, Department of Nursing, Abakaliki

Also, a state-owned University, you can study nursing or nursing-related courses there too. Their school fee is N160,000 or thereabouts.

25. School of Nursing, ASUTH, Aba

The Abia State University Teaching Hospital also run a 3 and 5 years nursing program both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Their school fee is close to N200,000.

26. School of Psychiatric Nursing, Umuahia, Aba.

One of the best schools to study Psychiatric nursing in Nigeria. Currently, the school charge N150,000 to N200,000.

27. Department of Nursing Science, Afe Babalola University.



This is another private University in Nigeria with a State-of-the-art and well facilitate nursing department. Their school fee is quite expensive as the nursing students of this school are paying N1.5M or so per session.

28. Dept. of Nsg. Sc., Bayero University Kano.

Being a department under the Faculty of Health Sciences, Bayero University Kano, the school offers 5 years degree program in nursing. Their tuition fee is N65,000.

29. School of Nursing, Gwagwalada

Another one in Abuja, if you fulfill all the requirements mentioned earlier and do well to pass your entrance exam, you’ll be admitted. Their fee is N180,000 per session.

30. School of Basic Midwifery, Kisi.

This school of nursing is under the umbrella of the School Of Basic Midwifery, Eleyele Ibadan. Their school fee is N100,000 per academic session.

Advantages of Studying Nursing



If you’ve finally made up your mind to study nursing as a possible future career, you might be curious about what the advantages of being a nurse are. Nursing offers a unique opportunity to be part of something greater than yourself: to serve others and alleviate pain in this world.

Nurses are typically very well-respected in society and have high levels of job security due to the huge demand for their services around the world. Nurses are also very well paid for their work. In addition, if you choose to become a nurse in a location where nursing shortages are occurring, such as in China or India for example, you can be assured of steady employment and high salaries. Yes, you don’t have to limit yourself to the shores of Nigeria alone. Nurses are highly sort out in the UK and Canada too.



If you want to travel the world and experience new places and cultures, nursing is a great way to do it. Nurses are often transferred from country to country by the organization that employs them such as the red cross and doctors without boarders.

Nurses are also often given opportunities to learn another language while working abroad. Imagine being able to converse with patients who don’t speak your native language!

If you enjoy helping others and feel that your calling is one of service then nursing is probably right for you. Nursing is a very rewarding career choice. It will provide you with numerous opportunities to grow and expand your horizons.

There is always room for growth in this profession and it is not just limited to the basics of nursing, you can also specialize in areas such as gerontology, pediatrics or critical care.



If you don’t find what you are looking into some other area of specialty , then nursing is an excellent way to provide health care for yourself and others.

The field of nursing has many different types of careers that you can take part in, from the most traditional type of nurse (like the ones who nurse at a hospital) to working as a social worker, teacher or even doing research.

Is nursing a difficult career to study?

Nursing isn’t that difficult to study. But if you are an not a serious student, nursing can be a very difficult career to study, especially in Nigeria. It is important to do a lot of research before deciding on a school that you will be happy in.

When searching for the right school for you, look for those that have good reputations and allow students to work with their assigned clinical preceptors during their first year.



Good schools such as the best schools of nursing mention above have high standards and well-structured curriculum that you can count on.

At the end of the day, nursing is not extremely difficult, you can easily get through. Just be ready to work hard and you will surely be successful. With education, your life can be transformed into something incredible!

All you have to do is to choose the right school and start studying. You can choose from one of the above best nursing schools we’ve mentioned on this article. With over thousands of qualified nurses graduating annually, there is a great demand for nurses in Nigeria and the world at large.


The above discussed are, therefore, the best schools of nursing in Nigeria, schools of nursing school fees, admission requirements, and lots more. Please leave us a comment below. Thank you.



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