Germany Visa Requirements for All Nigerians | A 2019 complete guide

One thing we can both agree on is that there are Nigerians everywhere. one could almost say that there are more Nigerians outside Nigeria, than we have within Nigeria. It is also a fact that most Nigerians want to go Europe and North America. Things are better there and that is the truth. Germany is in demand now and it will make sense if we know the Germany Visa requirements for Nigerians in 2019.

In case you are wondering why we are making it specific, you should know that there are general requirements for traveling and there are country-specific requirements.

We will show you all that you will need to prepare your visa to Germany and all you will need to know and do to fly to Germany.

Anybody who applies or books an appointment for a German Visa from Nigeria will have to have certain documents ready before even thinking of applying. People who would like to visit more than one country within the Schengen countries would have to first visit the German Embassy/Consulate in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos in Nigeria.

Did you get that? You can visit two or more countries with one visa. Isn’t that awesome. But they must be Schengen countries. But hold on a minute, which countries are Schengen countries? I know you must be wondering what “Schengen” means is if you don’t know already. Worry not, I will tell you.

The Schengen Area as it is popularly called is that area that comprises 26 European states that have deemed it necessary to abolish passports and any other kind of border control at their borders. Remember the Schengen Agreement? The area was named after it. Germany is one of them. See for more information.

In the course of this article, you will realize that the Germany visa requirements are determined by the kind of Visa you are applying for.

But First, Why Germany

I know this may sound weird. After all, we are here to just tell you the Germany visa requirements for Nigerians. Some people just want to leave the country without knowing what they are going there to do.

Don’t get it wrong; Germany is a great nation with a great culture and tradition. Its state capital is Berlin and it has amazing football clubs, wine, men and women. It is a country advanced in artificial intelligence, technology and science in general. Its official language is Deutsch (German).

Nigerians travel a lot to Germany for many reasons and frequently too. There are so many reasons they do that. It could be for vacation, tourism, business, studies and religious reasons. The growing need for people to travel to Germany coupled with the desire shown by people to go to that nation brought about this piece on Germany visa requirements for Nigerians.

Here is a quick word of advice; when you want to get a Germany Visa, you should be guided by top travel agents who will show you why you should or should not travel to Germany. You don’t want to be defrauded by quacks and fraudsters. Do you? Also, its advisable to book your flights and book your hotels too way in advance, to avoid steep flight prices and hotel prices once your days draw closer. (PS, you can search and book cheap flights and hotels here on our website) You should see the NCAA list for top travel agents with this link; .

More so, you should be aware that you will have to learn Deutsch language. Most times, if you are going there for official purposes; studies or research, you will need to spend at least one year learning the language, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get by in English. In fact, a lot of their post graduate studies are thought in English.

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The German Embassy in Nigeria iis in Lagos. Here are Germany visa requirements for Nigerians

Types of Germany Visa

There are many types of visa for Germany trips. You will need to know the exact one you are applying for. There are slight differences in the requirements for each of them. Let us look at some of them.

Uniform Schengen Visa (USV)

This sounds like the best option out there for you if you will be staying for a short term. Some of the categories for uniform schengen visa allow you to enter all the states covered by Schengen agreement. It has about three categories referred to as categories A, B, and C.

Category A: This is referred to Airport Transit Visa. It does not really permit you to enter the Schengen area.

Category B: This is popularly known as transit visa. Unlike the airport transit visa, this visa does allow you to enter more than one Schengen countries. There is a catch there; you must not stay beyond 5 days in the country.

Category C: This visa type is referred to as short term visa. They include single entry visa, double entry visa and multiple entry visas. We shall look at them individually for more clarification.

Single entry Germany visa (Schengen)

With this kind of visa, you are expected to enter Germany only once. The one time you will enter will have to be in accordance with the period that will be specified in the Visa sticker affixed to your passport.

The moment you leave the country, that visa will become invalid and you can no longer use it to enter Germany again even if you have not spent the number of days that the embassy permitted you to stay on your visa.

Alexanderlatz Germany. Here are Germany visa requirements foor Nigerians who want to travel

Double entry Germany Visa (Schengen)

As the name implies, you will be expected to use the visa only twice. For your good, be sure not to exceed the number of days approved for you by the embassy. You only get one chance to revisit when you leave and will not be allowed into the country when you have exceeded the two entries.

Multiple entry visa

This is about the best short term visa available. This visa allows entry into Germany on multiple occasions. The only catch is that you must not violate the 90/180 rule. Let’s look at what the rule states. If you go to Germany and spend 90 days in total, either you do that separately or you do that consecutively, within a period of 6 months, you must leave the country.

There are majorly 3 types of multiple entry visa; the 1 year multiple entry visa, 3 year multiple entry visa and 5 year multiple entry visa.

You are free to leave and return as many times as you want but you must obey the 90/180 rule.

Long-stay visas

Apart from people who just want to have a little vacation or short trips to Germany, there are people who would want to visit the country for health purpose, academics or work who would want to stay for a long time.

Whatever your reason is, if you will stay longer than 90 days in Germany, you will need to get a long term visa. This long term visa is called resident visa and it is issued to those who want to stay permanently or for a long period in Germany.

Let us now look at the Germany visa requirements for Nigerians. They are just more of the documents you will provide before your visa application can be approved.

Welcome to Berlin Germany. Want to go to Germany From Nigeria? Here are Germany visa requirements

Germany Visa Requirements For All Nigerians

1. Application Form

The first thing you need to do when preparing for Germany Visa is to pick up their application form. You can download on their website; and fill in your information.

You are expected to use capital letters to fill in the information required of you. They would want you to give detailed and accurate information about yourself. More so, they would require you to state the purpose of your travel. This is to ensure that you are an honest fellow.

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If you have never had a Schengen Visa before, you will submit the application form and other documents in person but if you have had one, then you can send the information to their email. It has to be scanned of course.  Check ; for more information on the passport requirement.

2. Proof of financial support

This is necessary irrespective of the type of visa you are applying for. They embassy or consulate will require that you furnish them certain proof of financial support. They don’t want you to go to Germany and become an unnecessary burden to the German government. The proof will involve some of the following;

  1. You will provide your bank statement for the period of not less than the past four to six months.
  2. You can also bring in a bank draft in convertible currency
  3. Pay stubs will also be useful
  4. Your letter of employment can also authenticate your financial support proof
  5. You can provide proof of assets or businesses if you are not employed
  6. Your tax reports, statements or declarations can also serve
  7. If it is someone or an institution that is providing you with the money, you will have to get a letter from the person or institution to authenticate your claim.

There is no rule that states that you must provide all the listed above. All that is needed is your proof of financial support as part of the Germany visa requirements for Nigerians. You will look at the proof that is applicable to and provide those ones if they are more than one.

3. Passport

You need a passport before you can apply for your Germany visa. It is one of the Germany visa requirements for Nigerians. The passport has to be valid for at least 6 months before you travel out. That is the thing that makes you eligible for Schengen visa application to Germany.

Specifically, the passport has to show the page that shows your date of birth, country of origin and other details. More so, you will need to show your pages that contains the stamps, markings or visas.

4. If you are being sponsored, provide the proof of financial resource of sponsor

Sometimes, you would want or need to go to Germany on someone else’s expense. That is cool. The embassy or consulate that is giving you the visa will want you to furnish them with the financial resources of your sponsor(s). The proof you will provide will include one or more of the following:

  1. The employment letter of sponsor
  2. Bank statements of sponsor for the past six months
  3. Sponsor’s pay stubs
  4. Proof of assets of sponsors
  5. Sponsor’s bank draft in convertible currency
  6. Tax reports, statements or declaration of sponsors.

5. Proof of relationship

Sometimes you get invited by either your spouse or you parent or child to Germany and you are coming with a Schengen visa. You will need to provide the necessary documents to show the authenticity of the relationship you claim to have with the host. Some of the documents include;

  1. A marriage certificate if the person is your husband or your wife.
  2. If the person is your child, you will present a good proof. A birth certificate will do the magic.
  3. You will also provide something official that recognizes you as the father of the invitee.
  4. You will also show the inviter’s inside back cover of his or her passport showing the person’s parents.
Isn't Germany beautiful? Here are Germany visa requirements

6. Proof of purpose of travel

The embassy that you will apply your visa in would want to know why you want to travel. Before they issue the visa to you, they would want to know your purpose of traveling. This will enable them issue the right visa to you. Some of the requirements for proof of travel include;

  1. The flight ticket that will help you leave the country when you are done
  2. Evidence of your travel itinerary.
  3. If it is for medical reasons, you will provide proof medical appointment.
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7. Invitation letter

When you are invited by someone, you must provide an invitation letter. There are certain things that must be in the invitation letter. Below are some of them

  1. The invitation letter you will provide must be written by the host who is inviting you. It should contain certain specific information about you and the host.
  2. Again, the letter must explicitly state why you are being invited to Germany, the nature of the relationship that exists between you and the host, information about the host that will enable easy contact and other important things.
  3. When the reason for the invitation is business, you must have the company print the invitation letter on their letter headed paper and the it must contain the following; the full name of the company inviting you, their title and their business contact information, the reason for the visit has to be briefly written and it must contain little details about business that you are been invited to do.

More so, it will contain the duration of your stay and the itinerary of the visit, if there are other people invited by the company, the letter will contain their full names and finally, the letter will show a statement showing who will shoulder the travel expense.

8. You will provide evidence of your travel health insurance.

This is very compulsory. You must provide evidence of valid travel health insurance. It is one the mandatory Germany visa requirements for Nigerians. The insurance will cover the number of days you would want to spend in Germany.

For more information on Germany visa requirements, you should visit their website; and you will get exactly that and more information on traveling to Germany will be unraveled.

Frankfurt, Germany. Germany visa requirements for Nigerians

Where To Apply For Your Germany Visa

We want to assume that you have all this information mentioned above. The next logical thing to do is to apply. But, where will you apply for your Germany Visa in Nigeria? We will tell you.

Every visa application to Germany must go through the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is one of the major Germany visa requirements for Nigerians and other countries too. This consulate is located in Lagos.

However, there are exceptional cases. These exceptional cases are handled by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany located in Abuja. The consulate and the embassy are about the legal bodies that handle visa applications for Nigerians in Nigeria.

When you have applied for your Germany visa, you will book your appointment online. All the appointments for anybody and everybody who wants to travel are booked separately. Even minors are booked separately. Now the seriousness of that rule just sank in, right?

There are exceptions to the appointment rule. There are people who do not need to book any appointment for their visa to be approved. They include

  1. People who are frequent travelers. They have traveled at least 3 times in the past 2 years.
  2. People who are applying for a transit visa.
  3. People who are applying for urgent medical treatment.
  4. Verbale holders only who are on official duty
  5. Experts and professionals who are to take part in academic or scientific conferences. This only works if the capacity of the visa allows it.
Germany visa requirements. Riding a train in Western Berlin


Note that certain Germany visa requirements are for the different types. You should know the types of visas you can apply for if you want to go to Germany. They are not all the same. There are requirements that are general and there are others that are specific. This will guide you and if you need more information, the links here should be able to help you get that.

When you go through the right channels and work with reputable and top travel agents, you will avoid the possibility of undue and unnecessary regrets. It is that simple. We wish you the best of luck and journey mercies as you travel to Germany and enjoy other Schengen countries.

Remember to book your flights, hotels and even tours with us here at The menu buttons above will lead you to where ever you want to go.

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