How To Eat Alone Without Feeling Awkward

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If you are anything like me, you hate to eat alone. Honestly, I couldn’t sit at a restaurant alone, talk more of eating alone there. But I’ve found a cure, or more like a work around. Just read on.

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The feeling of knowing that you are going to dine alone can really be nerve-wrecking, but we just might have a solution for you. The focus of this article is to help you with tips on how to eat alone, especially as a solo traveler. According to the guardian, you are not alone. Many solo travelers can’t eat alone either. I have actually come across many, and majority confess to still learning how to eat alone.

You will be provided with information as it concerns the following:

  • Eating alone in public
  • The eating alone psychology
  • Eating alone at home
  • Is it okay to eat alone?
  • Places to eat alone in your environment
  • The dining alone etiquette
  • Going to breakfast alone
  • How to eat alone comfortably

With lots of information about the aforementioned, learning how to eat alone without any awkward feeling becomes easier for you. It is quite obvious that that awkward feeling often come during solo meal times. So, you are going to be shown how to eat alone without feeling awkward at all.  Just keep reading as it is going to be so fun and entertaining as well.



Different Ways You Can Learn How To Eat Alone

1. Take care of your own anxieties and fears

For you to learn how to eat alone comfortably without any ill feeling, first you have got to address your anxieties. You have to ask yourself some very personal questions. Such questions include, what are you worried about? Are you afraid of feeling awkward? Do you worry that people will judge you? Once you are able to answer these questions, how to eat alone becomes easier.

It will interest you to know that there are people that are afraid of eating alone simply because they fear strangers will come and join them. If you are bothered about what people will say, then you would be surprised to learn that people actually don’t care. So, it high time you started learning how to dine alone without any negative feeling.



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2. Be confident

Your lack of confidence can be the reason for your awkward feeling when you eat alone. Tell yourself that you are not the first person to eat alone in that place; neither will you be the last. Once you come to terms with the above statement, eating alone wouldn’t be much of a task for you.

Whenever you are travelling solo, you have got to build your confidence. Once you are confident, eating alone becomes irrelevant. Another way to raise your confidence, especially when you are eating alone is to remember that you may never see any of those people again. When you understand that, the awkward feeling will be as good as gone.

3. You can bring a book or make use of your phone



If your reason for feeling awkward while eating alone is loneliness, then you can have things to keep you company. You can go for your meal with a book to read while you dine and wine alone. The feeling is always great and you won’t even know when you have exhausted the time. Another positive thing about this is that it will help you keep away intruders from your table.

With something to keep you company, it will be much easier to learn how to eat alone without feeling awkward. While waiting for your meal to arrive, you can use your phone to connect with friends and family on the social media. It certainly be less boring and more entertaining for you.

4. Why not chat with the waiter(s)?

This can supplement for not having your book or phone in hand. You can actually keep yourself company with the waiter in that restaurant. These waiters and waitresses will always have fantastic stories to tell you about themselves and the environment. This can be a wonderful ways for you to learn how to eat alone especially when travelling solo.



One way that you can keep the familiarization on is by visiting that same restaurant always. In no time those waiters and waitresses will start remembering your name. Eating alone in such friendly environment will not be awkward at all. It will just be like you are in the midst of your friends.

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5. No one is watching you

Most times, you feel awkward because you assume people are watching you. I hate to break it to you, but no one is actually thinking about you in any way whatsoever. People are just busy with their meals and friends that they have little or no time to think of a total stranger. So, you should forget about what other people are saying and just enjoy your meal alone.



Well, if anyone is thinking about you then it is that person’s problem not yours. This implies that your ability to learn how to eat alone with any awkward feeling depends on you not bothered about what people are saying.

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6. You can start with lunch

When you are learning how to eat alone without feeling awkward, it is advisable that you start with lunch or breakfast. Lunch time is always less social or romantic that dinner. It is always easier to get along during breakfast or lunch time. The reason might be that few people are present and there are fewer activities during these periods.

If you are the type that really feels awkward while eating alone, it will be better you start practicing with less number of persons.

7. Start with most obscured place



In order to for you to adapt to eating alone, I advise that you start with those restaurants that people rarely visit. It will really help you to enjoy yourself without much crowd to worry about. So, when next you are going to eat alone try out that place that always boasts of fewer customers. It is really a good way to start.

The above tips will help you start get used to eating alone without feeling awkward at all. If you have any tips on how to eat alone without any ill feeling, you can share through the comment box below.

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