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To submit your guest post, send us an email with the following information: keyword, keyword volume, keyword difficulty and anchor URL. Read on to understand why we need these information.

If we love the keyword volume and the difficulty, we will reach out to you. Thanks

Hey, thanks for your interest in guest posting on our website.

Due to Google’s recent spam update, we are changing the way we evaluate and accept guest posts on our site. But yes, we accept free guest posts on, and yes, we can give you a do-follow link.

If you don’t want to go through the process of writing a quality post that meets our guest post standards, then feel free to reach out to us through our email or chat up on what’s app so that we can reach an agreement on how we can assist further (Typically a paid service).

For sponsored posts, advertisements, and other types of guest posts including paid publicity, please send us an email at [email protected].

If you’d rather have us do the guest posting for you, please send us an email or chat us on what’s app to make arrangements. Usually, we have very strict guest post guidelines, but we have simplified this process to make management easy.

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To submit your guest post, send us an email with the following information: keyword, keyword volume, keyword difficulty and anchor URL. Read on to understand why we need these information.

Why publish your guest post with us?

The number one and obvious reason is that guest posting is still the surest SEO technique, even in 2021.

Secondly, is a real website with real traffic (Over 100,000 organic searches a month at the time of this publication) and real people and not a PBN. Links from our site will do your site a lot of good.

Did I forget to mention it’s free?

If you don’t have the time to go through the hassle of meeting the minimum requirement for our free guest post, we can do it for you. Contact us by sending an email to [email protected] for more information.

free guest post

Now you are wondering, whats in it for us?

If you don’t already know, does it really matter?

How to submit your free guest post on our site

As already mentioned, our guest post is free. That is, we allow free guest posts on our site. Honestly, I think guest posts should be free because you are giving us your writing for free. There is really no reason to ask you to pay for it.

That being said, I must note that a guest post is different from an advert. We accept free guest posts, but we don’t do free adverts. If you are interested in submitting a promotional write-up to our website, please reach us at [email protected] so that we can see how to make it work.

If you want a guest post, read on and see our requirements. We publish guest posts sent to us within the hour.

If you’d like to contribute to our website on a more constant basis, we are willing to offer you a free authors account as long as you promise to keep to our rules.

Free Guest Post Requirement:

In other to get your free guest post on, we have a few rules you must keep. This will enable us to post your article instantly.

  1. Keyword research: you must perform a keyword research to come up with a keyword that has a decent volume and and relatively easy to rank for. If we look at your keyword and presume we can’t rank for it, or that the search volume is too low, we would not post your article. To give you a heads up on keyword volume, we typically accept keywords volume of at least 1500 monthly searches. The more the better.
  2. Your article must be a long form article (typically 1000 to 2500 words long). The length of the article will depend on the keyword. Your article must be informational, it must provide some sort of value to our readers. For example, 30 places to have fun in Dubai without spending any or much cash, or 23 effective ways to grow your online business. The reason our requirements are steep is that we are looking for a win-win situation.
  3. We would not accept an article we cannot rank for. There is no point to posting an article no one will see or read.
  4. Google passes page rank on the page level. Therefore, if you publish an article that google loves on our site, you get the most out of the guest post and then we get traffic. This is a win-win for everyone. Otherwise, why waste your time and ours by publishing an article that wouldn’t give you any page rank and wouldn’t give us any traffic.
  5. We don’t accept spun articles.
  6. Plagiarism, shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

The SEO bit

We don’t like to have junk articles on our site. Sending us an article for a free guest post that wouldn’t rank doesn’t help us at all, so no, thanks. This means you have to do a bit of keyword research to be able to publish your free guest post on our site. So….

  1. Article to be submitted must have the keywords clearly stated and used in the article (On-Page SEO).
  2. Please insert images in the article document where appropriate. We will not publish an article that doesn’t have enough images and youtube links to buttress your points.
  3. Finally, please while adding your links (up to 2), please add another links to other authority site. This will improve SEO for your link that is placed side by side an authority link and help our SEO too.
  4. Internal links are a must. Browse through our site, you can use the search bar or categories page to find related posts to add internal links.
  5. Good English is paramount. Please review your articles before sending them.

How to Submit your free guest post to AtlanticRide

To submit your post, send your articles to this email: [email protected]

The email should contain these:

  1. Keyword
  2. Keyword Volume and the name of the tool used for the research
  3. Keyword Difficulty

We will verify this information and confirm with you to go ahead and submit the guest post.

If your email doesn’t have these, we might not respond to it. We get tons of guest post requests daily and we are looking for a way to filter down to the best.

Thank you very much for your anticipated corporation.

Send your articles to this email: [email protected]

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