Top 10 Beach Resorts in Lagos You Have To Visit This Year.

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There are hundreds of interesting places you can visit in Nigeria to enjoy your holiday while it lasts. So if you’re in need of the best and most amazing places enclave with fun and treasures, then this article contains lists of amazing beach resorts in Lagos that you can visit this year.

Without doubt, Lagos, Nigeria, is a beautiful city to behold for so many reasons. It is a place full of wonder and surprises. Most especially, if you visit any of its amusement centers, gardens, museums, circuses and the likes.

That being said, an exploration to any of the several beach resorts in Lagos will definitely make an incredible outdoor adventure. And you’ll also get to see why the city is often called ‘Small London.”


However, if you’re in the mood for a serious outdoor adventure in the beautiful city of Lagos but don’t know where to start, fret not, this article get you covered.

Below are the top 10 beach resorts you have to visit in Lagos this year.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is without any iota of doubt one of the highly celebrated beach in Lagos. It is more exotic in nature, style and appearance than how it names sounds.

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This amazing beach resort with an exquisite 65-acre is nestled along the popular Lekki-Epe Expressway, just an hour ride from V. I., Lagos.

Frequent visitors describe the place as one of the best beach houses in Lagos for a picture perfect memories and an undivided romantic getaway.


What is more, the aesthetic beach resort also has tons of breathtaking sights which include a mangrove forest, freshwater laker, fine sandy beach and Savannah.

Finally, with La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lagos, you stand the chance to enjoy several outdoor fun activities. Such as swimming, fishing, snorkelling, hiking, canoeing, hunting, beach volleyball and beach football, horse riding, etc.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort


The Eko Tourist Beach Resort is not that known to Lagosian too well. Funny enough, it is just a 5 minutes ride away from the Free Trade Zone, Lekki. This luxury Tourist resort is also known as the Akodo Beach.

If you derive much pleasure in the swimming pool or in the ocean or maybe you just love doing some other kind of outdoor game in your leisure, Eko Tourist Beach should be your target destination. The luxury beach house has them all.


That being said, people believe that Akodo Beach is one of the most patronized and well-organised resorts in Lagos. It has an incredible amusement park, lovely lodges, peaceful swimming beach, coconut grooves and more.

Plus, the luxury resort has a serene environment; very conducive with an attractive ambience. Other than that, there are over 40 — or thereabout — beach shade cabanas, too, which include towels and chaise lounges.

The 70 oceans as well as garden view rooms are well built and furnished as they offer a premium and exquisite comfort and relaxation.

Interestingly, the beach is furnished with three a-la-carte restaurants namely; the Eko Akate house, the Atlantic Café and Beach Bar and the Marmundo.

All which serve quality plus international drinks and delicacies with live background music to light up the mood.


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Eko Tourist Beach review wouldn’t be completed without mentioning the exotic Caribbean-Balinese spa, Spa kike and more. They all provides a revitalizing facials masks & nourishing wraps and rejuvenating healing massages.

All in all, you can find your way down to the Eko Tourist Beach at Kilometre 22, Lekki Epe Expressway, (Ibeju Lekki), Akodo, Lagos. Go there and enjoy the rest of your days while it lasted.

Inagbe Grand Resort

Inagbe Grand Resort is equally one of the best beach resorts in Lagos you should visit this year. This beach resort housed so many fascinating things to behold as it is located around the peaceful Lekki Phase 1, 13 Abimbola Okulaja, Lagos.


This beach is a sanctuary of refined beauty, elegance and luxury. It is nestled on the peaceful banks of the great Lagos lagoon and the glorious Atlantic Ocean.

That being said, the mighty Inagbe Grand Resort is situated on the Inagbe Island, just 15 minutes boat ride away from Victoria Island, Lagos.

There is a mixture of nature, tradition and culture in the resort outstanding landscape; sandy beach, clear skies, and striking nature are all present at the giant resort. The customer care representatives are cultured and classic, too and the atmosphere there is always beautiful and peaceful.

More so, the resort rooms are classic, spacious and very beautiful. Each room has a flat screen TV, in-room telephone, satellite television channels and en-suite bathroom.


Accordingly, I’ll personally recommend this beach house to you if you don’t want to lodge in a hotel. And/or if you prefer staying closer to the hustle and tussle side of the busy Lagos.

In there, there is a resplendent getaway area that is also regarded as a modern beach resort and hotel. In a layperson term, Inagbe Grand Resort is best described as an enclave blend of nature, tradition and culture, in an amazing landscape.

Literally, Inagbe beach house is one of the coolest and entertaining places to visit in Lagos this year. Don’t miss its serenade evening if you must go, please, It’s lit…!

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Atican Beach Resort


In the same vein, Atican Beach is a new but a beautiful resort with exotic treasures in Lagos. What most folks love about this beach is the cleanliness of sand and how relatively blue the water there is.


Atican bearing is 20 kilometers drive away from Victoria Island, Lagos. It is situated alongst Abraham Adesanya Road, albeit with a 10 minutes ride, off the Lekki-Ajah Express way from Abraham Adesanya Estate.

Essence, if you need an ideal area to view the Atlantic Ocean, then this magnificent beach resort in Lagos should be your perfect spot. Just pack a handful of snack — when going — to munch away while watching the water waves roll by.

In addition, you’ll see a wonderful beach resort in Atican with a clean environment, fine white sand, a cool restaurant, comfortable lodges to mention but few.

There, you can relax your mind and unwind the atmosphere with your feet covered in the warm and fine sand, and in the midst of familiar and unfamiliar faces.


Certainly, this resort is a perfect destination for cruise, relaxation, hangout (personal or group). And it can also be tagged as one of the best family resorts in Lagos.

It is too perfect for a picnic, birthday party or a formal weekend beach party. With Atican beach house, you’ll feel and watch the Lagos hustle and bustle disappear in a plain sight.

La Casa Resorts

As a business person on a business trip or in need of a perfect place suitable for a Christmas holiday, La Casa Resorts, Lagos is absolutely one of the best beach house that offers such tranquility.

What’s more, the resort also housed a sheer luxury and comfort which include deluxe rooms, standard rooms, ocean view executive, bedroom bungalow, villa, etc. La Casa Beach Resort isn’t bad for honey moon, too.


In addition, the resort restaurant serves its seasonal and prominent visitors with an exotic collection of international delicacies and the bars, on the other hand provide a relaxing, serene and fun-filled atmosphere for drinks.

Not limited to that, there are folds of interesting outdoor games and stuff that are entertaining and noteworthy. If it pleases you, you can go on horse riding, Swimming and lots more.

In case you’ll be visiting this resort soon, should you find your way to Amuwo Odofin in Lagos, then you’ll be able to to see the beautiful garden of La Casa Resorts.

Omu Resort


Omu Resort is another fantastic beach resort you should visit this year in Lagos. Although Omu Resort is not entirely a beach resort; it is akin to a recreation or amusement park.


But nonetheless, it has numerous fun stuff with aesthetic looking appearances to behold. Zoo, garden, water, name them. Omu Resort isn’t just on this list; it earned a position well deserved.

This Resort and amusement park are nestled at No. 1 Asiwaju Tinubu Way, Ibeju, Lekki. The environment is peaceful and beautiful, and the resort also offers sweet delicacies that are of international standard.

More so, there’s definitely no better way to live an enjoyable literally life one step at a time in Lagos, Nigeria than visiting Omu Resort on Friday night for appealing music to cool down the nerves after a tiresome weekday.

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However, if you’re still mulling on ideas for a better and ideal place to catch an outdoor weekend fun, Omu Resort will — without doubt — burst your bubble.


Kamp Ikare Beach Resort


Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is one of the leading private beach resorts located on the edge of Lagos coast. It’s so close to the Ikare Village in Badagry, Lagos. Albeit the beach has a lovely relaxation spot but can only be accessed by boat.

This means there are lots of fantastic facilities and services there that will expose you to an enjoyable beach resort experience. The resort has 6 duplex cabins, central communal beach with great washroom facilities and some kind of private beach gardens.

Equally, it has cool palm trees, clean blue water, fine sand as well as incredible cabins to watch the sea as it roll wide and tide. There is Klassic Suite and there is Kouch Suite; The Klassic one is a room of 4, while the Kouch is meant for an individual.


They serve both local and international delicacies there. If you stayed in any of the beach rooms overnight, you’ll be given a breakfast and during the day, you will equally be served with home cooked lunch.

In the long run, a single day on the Kamp Ikare beach or spending the entire night in any of their well-furnished bungalows will live behind a memory that’ll never fade. Kamp Ikare is such an awesome beach resort in Lagos.

La Manga Luxury Beach Resort

If your intention is for a quick vacation in a stunning beach with good scenery as well as luxurious accommodation in a serene and private environment, then La Manga Luxury Beach Resort should be your ideal destination.


It has a mouthwatering and spectacular view of the ocean.

This La Manga Luxury Beach is nestled along the glorious Atlantic ocean and it is situated along the warmth environment of Ilashe in Lagos. Honestly, you will surely love this place.

La Manga beach resort has all kind of beach amenities — both indoor and outdoor — you could ever imagine. With this amazing resort, you will be opportune to observe the roll, wide and tide as well as listen to the cool wave of the sea.

Whispering Palms Resort

Whispering Palms Resort has built and developed itself from a regular resort located in one old sleepy village. It has risen to be one of the best and highly celebrated getaway destinations for lovers, family and friends in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


This leading Private Beach resort in the City of Lagos had large rooms, beautiful restaurants and bars, nice hospitality with top-notch staff that are always ready to serve their visitors better.

Whispering Palm Resort is without doubt an ideal and perfect choice for a business person, lovers or families who are on holiday or Christmas vacation.

However, the beach house is located in Badagry, Iworo/Ajido Town, Lagos. It is just a 20 minutes ride from the famous Slave Museum and about 25 minutes or so ride from the popular French Village.

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JayBee Beach Camp

JayBee Beach Camp is situated along the magnificent Atlantic Ocean on the famous bay of the coast of Lagos (i.e Tarkwa Bay). This beach camp is just a few minutes drive from the Lagos Island.


The JayBee Beach have the most enticing and appealing wooden cabins — to ever grace the State — in their resort. There, visitors have access to their private balconies, serenity and greenery that are only possible when you move closer to the ocean.

As a fun seeker and lover of pleasure, JayBee beach resort should be on the list of the amazing beach resorts in Lagos to visit this year.


While there are tons or beach and relaxation centers in Lagos, the above discussed 10 beach resorts in Lagos are the most beautiful and highly celebrated among them all.

If you agree or indispute with this list, please voice out your intention using the comment section. Thanks!

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