5 “Singapore employment pass” frequently asked questions

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Applying for the Singapore employment pass is not easy since it has a lot of stringent criteria that one must be able to meet. That is because this pass has a lot of benefits such as high salary among others.

If you are planning to get a Singapore employment pass, you must be aware of what this work visa entails. This is so you can maximize the benefits gained and prevent yourself from making mistakes that will cause you to lose your pass. The S Pass Singapore scheme is not similar to the E Pass. Thus, you should do your research before you apply for the E Pass. To help you get started, here are 5 employment pass frequently asked questions.

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How long does it take to get approved for the E Pass?

The Singapore employment pass application is filed online. This is the scenario for all the employment visas including the S Pass Singapore application. Usually, it takes at least three weeks for the Ministry of Manpower to evaluate the E Pass application. It may take longer if there is a large volume of applications during the time you sent yours.

In addition, if the Ministry of Manpower needs to consult with other agencies on the application, it will take longer. That is why it is recommended to remind your employer to check the application after three weeks. If the pass is not approved by then, ask them to check once a week.

Is medical insurance needed for the E Pass holders?

A Singapore employment pass holder is not entitled to mandatory medical insurance. This means that the employer is not needed to get the E Pass worker medical insurance. This is not similar to the S Pass Singapore scheme where the employer needs to buy at least SG$10,000 medical insurance for them. Although there are employers that provide this, it is a voluntary act on their part. However, if they don’t, the E Pass holder can buy one for himself or herself.

How can the E Pass be canceled?

If the employment needs to be terminated prematurely, the employer must cancel the E Pass. This can be done two weeks before the intended cancellation date of the Singapore employment. The latest time to cancel the E Pass should not exceed a week after the employment is terminated.

Similar to the S Pass Singapore cancellation process, the effect of the cancellation is immediate. If the foreigner is still in Singapore upon the cancellation of the pass, the employer must apply for a Short-Term Visit Pass that is valid for a month. This is so the foreigner has sufficient time to settle things in Singapore before they leave.

What happens if the E Pass is not renewed on time?

Before the Singapore employment pass gets expired, the Ministry of Manpower will give notice to the employer and the foreign employee to renew the E Pass six months prior. This means that the E Pass can be renewed within six months before the expiry date. However, if despite that, the E Pass expiry date has arrived, the E Pass will lose its validity. This is also the case if those who are holding an S Pass Singapore visa. If the foreigner still wants to work in Singapore after the E Pass expiration, they need to re-apply for the E Pass.

Can an E Pass holder apply for permanent residency?

Yes, a Singapore employment pass holder can apply for Singapore permanent residency. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority is the regulatory body responsible for Singapore permanent residency applications. They have established a set of eligibility criteria that the E Pass and even the S Pass Singapore holders must meet in order to get approved. Thus, if you have plans of staying in Singapore for a long time, you should check out the PR eligibility criteria on the ICA official website.

Let us answer all your E Pass questions

The Singapore employment pass is not an easy pass to obtain. That is why aspiring applicants should equip themselves with enough knowledge about the pass. They should do their research on what the E Pass entails, what conditions to meet, what to avoid, and how to maintain its validity.

If you have more questions, you can ask work visa experts like Ren Ai Group. They are an accredited work visa service company that helps foreigners and Singapore companies get an E Pass and even an S Pass Singapore visa. Head to their website’s contact page to send your queries.

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