Why Studying in Canada is better than in India.


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You might be considering studying overseas in Canada, or in India. We would be discussing why studying in Canada is better than in India. 

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world by land mass with a population of about 34 million people. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

It has a more multicultural society and more people speak English. India on the other hand has a larger population of 1 billion and is the 7th largest country in the world by land mass. 

Below are listed concrete reasons why the benefits of studying in Canada far outweigh studying in India 

Fasten your seatbelts as we take this insightful ride.

Why Studying in Canada is better than in India

Why Studying In Canada Is Better Than Studying In India

1. Diversity

The Canadian society is highly diverse and so is the university system. Canada is home to over 200 immigrant groups, including the largest population of ethnic Chinese outside of China.

Canada is ethnically diverse and the diversity fuels creativity and innovation. 

India does not have a large immigrant population which contributes to social cohesion since it is mostly populated by Indians.

Local languages here such as Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil are spoken by almost all Indians in India despite their backgrounds. In Canada, it is not uncommon to hear many people speak different languages such as Chinese, French, or Spanish at home or at work. 

Indian universities are mainly filled with students from one region. In Canada, students can be from anywhere in the world because there are a huge number of foreign students studying in Canada. 

So from whatever region of the world you are from, The Liberality of the Canadian culture and educational system holds this advantage over India as you can easily settle in such an environment than you would in the more conservative Indian circle

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2. Academic excellence

The universities in India are good but they are not up to par with the Canadian institutions.

The academic excellence of Universities in Canada is on par with leading Universities in the world. One can see that Canadian Universities have a better placement record than India. 

The incorporation of international students boosts academic diversity and promotes innovation.

3. Earn while you learn

Canada offers all of its international students the chance to work up to 20 hours per week during their semesters and full-time during the summer and winter breaks thanks to its unique legislation. 

Besides, students can explore avenues of entrepreneurship and internships. . You wouldn’t need a separate work permit to work on campus or as an intern at any business because your study permit is sufficient to support your search for a part-time job.

Being a student in India you have limited opportunities to earn while studying. You might have to take up an after-hours job or take time off classes just so you can make some extra money but such scenarios are not to be found in Canada.

This is another reason why studying in Canada is better than in India.

4. Personal safety

The importance of this aspect cannot be downplayed. The world has become a smaller place and so there is the need to feel safe when studying abroad. Canada is ranked as the 6th safest country in the world by the United Nations Human Development Index.

According to the Global Peace Index, Canada is the sixth-safest nation in the world, holding onto its ranking from 2019. Canada scored very high marks for its political stability, crime rates, and internal conflicts.

Canada offers excellent employment prospects, easy access to healthcare, and efficient governance, in addition to some of the world’s friendliest people. In comparison to its neighbor, the United States, Canada has a crime rate that is roughly one-third lower.

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In India, however, one should be careful about traveling at night or around crowded markets alone due to safety concerns and women should always be accompanied by someone else when venturing out of their homes.

5. Ground-Breaking Research Opportunities

Canada has one of the most prestigious research programs ranked among some of the best Ph.D. programs.

Courses at universities such as McGill University, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and Western University are ranked among some of the best courses offered in Canada for various subjects like engineering, science, business administration, and so on.

6. Jobs At The End Of The Tunnel

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and yet it offers little to its graduates. Canadian graduates, on the other hand, have better employment opportunities because of Canada’s free education program.

The unemployment rate is significantly low in Canada compared to India which is a blessing for a university student trying to enter the job market. 

There are more job opportunities available in various fields such as Medicine, Economics, Business, and Engineering.

7. Advanced Higher Education and Perks like Scholarships & Bursaries 

The Government of Canada offers many scholarships and bursaries to students from around the world. They provide international undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students with loans for tuition fees, books, and living expenses.

When you are a Canadian student studying in Canada you have the right to apply for this program. The cost of university education in Canada is more than covered by student loans and grants. The Canadian government provides financial support to international students through scholarships and bursaries.

Check out this bureau set up in Canada to care for the needs of International Students (scholarships inclusive). This shows that the Government of Canada is well aware of the importance of ensuring international students do not suffer financially during their time in Canada.

8. Permanent Residency

After completing their studies, students have the opportunity to apply to become Canadian citizens. The Canadian government welcomes foreign students to remain in the country.

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The Canadian government has made adjustments in recent years that are beneficial to international students seeking permanent status. The following are the two most important regulations for overseas students to expedite procedures:

Students who have studied in Canada are now able to apply for immigration in their home country thanks to the Canadian experience class.

Open work permit—According to their qualifications, international students who have studied abroad for two years or longer may apply for a three-year open work permit.

Both of these programs provide students the chance to properly plan and accumulate work experience in preparation for obtaining Canadian permanent residency.

9. Affordablility

The average tuition fee for a Canadian undergraduate degree is $6,630. This is definitely much cheaper than studying in the US. Even for international students in the US, their tuition fees are not as affordable as in Canada.


So from all the things mentioned above Canada beats India hands down when it comes to choosing whether to study in Canada or India. Now it all depends on the individual and what he finds most important.

But if you decide to study in Canada, you will be doing so for a lifetime making it a better and more thoroughly enjoyable experience than studying in India.

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