Why do you need On-demand Food Delivery App Development Services to boost your startup?



On-demand food delivery apps became the hunger savior for the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people prefer to order food online to avoid stepping outside for dining altogether. As per statista, the revenue of the on-demand food delivery market will rise to 96,864.4 million dollars (approx.) by 2024. That is why you need to create a mobile app to make the most of this emerging food delivery business.

Let us check out the reasons why your food-delivery business needs a tailor-made mobile app :


Why making an on-demand app for your business is a profitable decision for you?

  1. Rise in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic

On-demand food delivery services have become a vital segment during the times of coronavirus pandemic as people are unable to step out of their houses due to the lockdown imposed by the governments.

With more and more people practicing social distancing, to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, food-delivery startups are in demand more than ever.

This need for social distancing and touchless dealings has also boosted the need for an on-demand food delivery app.

  1. Better prospects in future

The world of technology keeps changing constantly. So we may witness further innovations in the world of on-demand food delivery apps in the future.

On-demand food delivery apps will increase the reliability of your business by providing detailed information about orders to your app users. 


It will also increase your profits by getting you more partners and lowering your marketing costs as you can directly advertise your products on your app.

  1. Increases the convenience for your customers
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The reason for the increasing popularity of on-demand delivery is its easy access for you and your customers.

You don’t need a well-established business to reap the rewards of having an on-demand delivery app. You can serve a pool of customers efficiently by making an on-demand food delivery platform for your food delivery business.

The on-demand food delivery app will increase your profits in the long run.

  1. Easily connect with the right audience

A robust on-demand food delivery app will benefit you in the food delivery business by getting the right audience for your business.


You need to make an on-demand delivery platform to reach the customer who wants to order food from nearby restaurants.

It will also help you to stay connected with your customers. 

You can achieve better customer retention by providing constant discounts and offers on your on-demand food delivery app.

What are the features of a profitable on-demand food delivery app?

An on-demand food delivery solution can have unique features as per your business requirements.  Here we will discuss the must-have features of a remarkable on-demand food delivery application for you :

  1. Easily track your orders in real-time

You can easily take charge of your business by integrating real-time tracking into your app. In this way, you can get informed about the status of your orders like pending, ongoing, or finished in real-time.


You can also restrict your deliveries within limited surroundings with this feature. 

  1. Manage your daily orders effectively

You can efficiently manage your daily orders with an on-demand delivery solution. You also ensure the proper delivery of your order, or you can cancel the order if you are unable to fulfill it.

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This feature will also help you to keep a check on your daily transactions and manage your payment methods efficiently. You can also set an estimated delivery time with this feature.

  1. Analyze your business accurately

You can manage all the information about the delivery persons, restaurants and the customers. You can get detailed reports on customer activity, payments, discounts, etc. 

You can also choose appropriate response methods such as emails, direct messages, phone calls, or video calls to smoothen your daily transactions.

  1. Communicate effectively with your stakeholders

An effective redressal system is necessary for the growth of your business. You can use various facilities like chat support, chatbots, emails to solve the queries of your customers. 

You also need to address various issues faced by your delivery persons.

You can also add a helpline number on which your customers or delivery person can contact you for any emergencies they are facing.


How much does it cost to make a remarkable on-demand food delivery app for your business?

The cost of developing an app for your business depends upon the functionalities which you want to integrate into your on-demand food delivery app.

The cost of developing an on-demand food delivery app will be around $17000 to $25000 depending upon the features that you want to integrate into it. You also need to choose the right platform for your on-demand food delivery application.

Initially, you can make a basic version of your on-demand food delivery app. You can gradually add the latest features in your on-demand food delivery app to attract new customers and retain the current ones.

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Summing Up

On-demand app development is an emerging need for expanding the food delivery business. It is necessary to do precise research about market trends for developing a robust and user-friendly on-demand food delivery application for your business. For this, you can hire a software development team or outsource dedicated software development teams.

I hope this blog has provided you with sufficient information about hiring an app development company for your food delivery business.

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