When was Vine created and why did it shut down?


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Vine was a fast rising social media platform with over millions of active users within a wake of time. What then is Vine? When was Vine created and why did it shut down?

This article is going to explain what is vine app, the year it was founded, and the reasons why it was shut down after gained millions of users actively making use of it.

What Was Vine?

Vine was a fast rising social media platform designed to let its users create, edit, upload, and consume short form video clips.

Initially, most videos on Vine platform were six seconds long before the platform later extended the length to 130 seconds.

Active users of this social media platform could either shot a video on Vine and directly edit it within the app. And it can simply be uploaded for their followers consumption.

Thus, the vine platform worked perfectly fine just like any other social media platform. Its users could follow each other, like content, uses hashtags, etc.

Subsequently, their was a feed-like interface created by Vine which allowed one creator to discover another.

Why did Vine shut down?

When was Vine created?

If you are just hearing all this now and you are curious as to when was vine created that you didn’t heard about it, then you’re about to know.

Vine was created in 2012 by three partners namely; Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll. These three founders met during their time at the Jetsetter, an online travel startup located in New York.

Being a new social media platform, Vine was designed into a mobile app — working on both Android and iOS devices — and it can be accessed via the platform’s own website.

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After the platform was brought to life by the three minded individual in 2012, it began operation and came into limelight within a short period of time.

Within two years, Vine became one of the world’s most-frequented video platforms. It surpassed Instagram, Twitter and the likes on Play Store downloads.

At its peak, more than 100 million users were accessing the vine every month and other video creation platform including Facebook began to fear.

As a matter of fact, Facebook banned Vine users from accessing its platform from the Vine app or website. And it went on to imitate some of the Vine features.

Why Did Vine Shut Down?

Having explained to you when was Vine created and what exactly was Vine, I guess your next question will be why did vine shut down?

So let me answer your question in style. Vine shut down because of so many reasons. Vine was shut down because it couldn’t support its content creators.

It also failed due to the lack of monetization as well as high levels of competition without any advertising options, it had issued with Twitter (the parent company), personnel turnover, etc.

The following are the reasons why vine was shut down:

1. Lack of support to the influencers

One of the major reasons why Vine was shut down was because of the fact that it did not support the stakeholders and influencers on the platform.

Many of its biggest stars had scooped millions of followers with lots of their videos played in over million numbers of times.

But despite all these, their was no any tremendous option that Vine enabled them with. Hence, the creators did not have a tangible option to monetize their audience.

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In the end, both the influencers, content creators, and the audience moved on to another platform — notably YouTube and Instagram.

2. Competition

As I have stated earlier one, Facebook as well as Instagram were jealous of Vine instant success and they immediately copied many Vine’s video features.

Before Vine was unveiled, there was a small startup app that was launched (Snapchat) and introduced to the public ahead of Vine app.

Along the line, both Instagram and the Snapchat began uploading video-related contents to their respective apps and platforms.

On this note, Instagram was being integrated into the magnificent Facebook ecosystem giving room for influencers to advertise.

3. Advertising

Other than the fact that Vine did not help its influencers with monetization option, Vine equally failed to introduce tools that would have pave way for brands to advertise via the platform.

As a result of this, brands had to resort to organic growth. This exercise, especially for big firms and organizations, is usually a herculean task for them.

Should Vine have figured out the advertising option earlier on, it would have generated more than enough revenue to compensate its creators.

Hence, such gesture would have in turn motivated its creators and influencers to remain on the platform.

4. Turnover

More so, another reason why vine shut down was also as a result of the high level of personnel turnover, most especially among the founding members.

Two of its stronger and competent founding members — in Kroll and Hofmann — left the organization within a year after Vine was launched.

Yusupov the last standing member, who never led the organization as the general manager, was also released by the parent company (Twitter) as part of their restructuring effort.

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5. Twitter

The last on the list of why vine failed was as a result of some issues it had with Twitter, the company that acquired it in October 2012.

Findings show that Twitter struggled and couldn’t met investors expectations. The organization consistently missed several earnings expectations.

Therefore, it resulted in its lowest-ever stock price. As a result of this, the then CEO, Dick Costolo, resigned in 2015 and was replaced ultimately by Jack Dorsey.

Unfortunately, in all likeliness, Vine was shut down because Twitter couldn’t invest all the necessary monetary resources it needed to keep it going.


From the above discussed, it’s obvious that you now know when was Vine created and why it did shut down in the midst of becoming one of the most patronized social media in the world.

Looking at the above analysis as to why Vine was shut down, one will come to the realization that the parent company crisis (Twitter) at the time contributed a lot.


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