What The MTN Number Starts With In Nigeria

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MTN number starts with

It will be hard to figure out what the MTN number starts with. This is because the mobile phone market in the country is growing at the moment. So with this, you’d want to know the List of MTN Phone Numbers starts with in Nigeria.

The information in this blog post will help you learn what the MTN Phone Number starts with, so you won’t be confused if you see a set of numbers starting with MTN. 

What is a Mobile Network or Prefix Number for a Telephone?

A Mobile Network Prefix Number is a group of numbers that usually starts someone’s line. In Nigeria, each network service has a set of numbers it starts with. The ones for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT will be different. It would be best if you noted each of them because it could be very helpful.

Is It Possible To Find Out The Numbers A Network Starts With?

You should know that a mobile network prefix number is easy to find. This is because MTN GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT all have different numbers that don’t match up.

With this, it’s easy to figure out which one goes with each number because all you have to do is write down the numbers for each.

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How do I know What the MTN Number Starts With?

The numbers MTN Number starts with can easily be identified if you memorize them. You’ll see this list of numbers at the end of this article, so it’s important you keep reading.

The Full List Of What MTN Numbers Start With.


You’ll find an up-to-date and full list of what the MTN phone number starts with in Nigeria below. You need to check out these numbers and know them to differentiate them from the various networks like GLO, ETISALAT, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL in Nigeria. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to tell the difference between an MTN line and a line from another network.

Below are the numbers MTN number starts with













These are the numbers the MTN Phone Number starts with in Nigeria currently, so be sure to take note of them. You can now tell the difference between a line for MTN, ETISALAT, 9MOBILE, and AIRTEL. Hope this post was helpful.

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