What is the Best Website to Help You Get Hired in a Work-From-Home Job?


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Work from home jobs has increased massively in popularity in recent years. Many people have seen the numerous benefits of working from home and want to experience these benefits for themselves.

The difficulty for many people, however, is finding the perfect work-from-home job for them. Using a job search website can help you to search for a huge number of jobs at one time and find the best option for you.

What are the Benefits of Working From Home?

Work From Home job

There are several important benefits to a work from home job, including:

  1. Save time on commuting

Commuting can be both expensive and time-consuming. You can spend hours sitting in traffic jams or on crowded public transport. Working from home allows you to save time, money, and effort.

  1. Flexible schedule

You can choose your own schedule and base your working hours around your other commitments.

  1. Work from the comfort of your own home

You can work in your pajamas, sit on your sofa, play music in the background or even work from a local coffee shop. You can choose the optimum working environment to help you maximize productivity.

  1. Improved health and well being

Having the flexibility of working from home can help to improve your health and well being. A flexible working schedule and the absence of a commute can result in decreased stress levels and a better work-life balance.  

  1. You can work from anywhere in the world

With many companies and businesses being based in big cities, it can be difficult for people who live in other areas to apply for their dream job. Remote working means it doesn’t matter where you live. You could even travel the world, all while working remotely.

Websites to find work from home jobs

A number of website has been developed based on this small segment of people who want to work from home. And it’s not just the websites that help you to find a good work from home job but also millions of job seekers are submitting their resume and applying for thousands of jobs every day.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a huge marketplace platform where more than 1.2 million people could be working at the same time and companies could find the right workers to complete their tasks.

They are very professional in offering their services. I have used Upwork a few times and can attest that people who actually know their stuff get to do well on upwork-
Upwork (http://upwork.com)

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where individuals can offer their services for only five dollars! This service allows individuals to invoice for every job done on Fiverr and also allows an individual to choose how much money he would like for a job performed on this website. Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/)

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is another great alternative for those who are looking for work from home jobs. Indeed, it is a great platform that allows freelancers to offer their services at a good price and companies can hire the right people at the best price as well.

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The only issue would be that there are thousands of applications every day and you might have to wait for weeks before you could actually get approved on this site. You will not be guaranteed immediate response but neither will you be rejected on the spot.
Freelancer (https://www.freelancer.com/)

4. Remote.co

Remote.co is an alternative marketplace and a good site that also allows you to look for work-from-home jobs at a good price. This is where I have made some initial money for myself when I was not sure about the whole internet thing and I was looking for a way to stay at home and make some extra money online.
Remote.co (http://www.remotejobsearch.co)

5 . Pangian

Pangian is a website that offers individuals to make money by just reviewing products and services. This is an alternative way of making money online and this site has been very popular in making money online because they also have a great affiliate program that allows individuals to make money via referrals. Pangian is a good place to start if you want to make some quick cash online.

6. Jobyoo

Jobyoo is another great website where you can work at home and make some extra cash. Jobyoo allows you to work on their site as a content writer, translator or a designer and it also offers other jobs as well. I have made some money using Jobyoo and have been really happy with the experience I had using this website. Jobyoo (http://www.jobyoo.com)

7. PowerToFly

PowerToFly is an online job platform that helps individuals find the best places for work-from-home jobs without the help of an expert and without the help of any specific skills required to apply for these jobs. PowerToFly makes your search for work-from-home jobs really easy and even more efficient.
PowerToFly (https://www.powertofly.com/)

8. Remotive

Remotive is another online job platform that helps individuals find the right home based job possible without any prior skills or any experience in the specific field of work they would like to do online. Remotive offers work-from-home jobs that can be done by anyone willing to put in effort and time into getting a real job at home.

9. Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest job websites in the world. As well as in-office jobs, Indeed also feature thousands of remote jobs from companies and employers all over the world.

By using Indeed’s website, you can browse through lists of remote jobs or search for the specific job type you are looking for. You can also search by salary, hours, and whether the job is full-time or part-time.

You can even apply for the position directly on Indeed’s website by uploading your resume and completing the job application.

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another website that features jobs from all over the world. They have millions of jobs listed on their website, with many of them being work-at-home jobs.

Using Glassdoor’s search bar, you can search directly for remote jobs.  You can also find information about companies who employ work-from-home staff with reviews from past employees. You can also view information about the salary, job benefits and information about the hiring process.

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What Types of Jobs Allow You to Work From Home?

One of the big topics in the world right now is work from home jobs. There are many different types of work from home jobs and some can be surprisingly lucrative if you choose to take on a more challenging job. Today, we will take a look at some examples of work from home jobs and see what they entail.

1. Teach English Online

Teaching English online is one of the most popular remote jobs. Teaching online gives you the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere and allows you to design your own schedule and teach as much or as little as you choose.

You do not necessarily need a university degree in order to teach online. But you will need Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification.

Once you obtain your certificate, you can gain valuable experience with the online teaching practicum on The Tefl org. This gives you the opportunity to create and deliver online English classes and receive valuable advice and feedback from TEFL experts.

This will help you to gain valuable experience and make you more attractive to prospective employees. It can also help you to earn anything between $15-$30 an hour. To become an online English teacher, you will also need to be a native English speaker and have your own laptop with a good Wi-Fi connection.

2. Become a Writer or Editor

Writing and editing are other flexible jobs that allow you to work from home. You can work as a freelancer or work directly for a company or business.

You can take on as much or as little work as you want and set your own rate of pay, based on your experience, qualifications, and the market you are working in. Pay can range from $0.01-$1 per word.

Getting started as a remote writer or editor is easy and you can use job websites to help you find both short-term and long term positions.

3. Customer Service Representative

This can involve working for a call center, a not-for-profit organization, utility providers, retail companies and other businesses.

This job could involve working on the phone or the computer and handling customer queries, complaints, and issues.

A customer service representative is usually based from home and no in-office work is required.

4. Consultants

Are you well versed in a particular subject? If so, then this could be a great opportunity for you to make money over the internet. This is a very popular online job that many people take on. Consultants will help people with certain problems over the internet and get paid for it. Its as simple as that.

An example would be an accountant. An accountant can work from home and get paid for their services. They would take a percentage of the income depending on how hard the job is. If you are knowledgeable in any subject, then you should look into becoming a consultant.

5. Job Board Postings

Have some free time and want to make some extra money? Job board postings are always looking for individuals with certain skills to post their job openings online. These are usually legitimate work from home jobs and require very little work on your part.

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An average posting will pay between $2-$15 per job listing depending on the area you live in and how long it stays up online.

6. Freelance writers

Laptop Typing Freelancer Freelance Work Man

If you have ever considered yourself a writer, then this is an area worth looking into. With sites like elance.com and similar websites, you can get paid to write articles and essays for people who need them. This type of work from home job can be lucrative as well as fun if you enjoy writing.

7. Business developer manager

If you have experience in business, then this is the perfect type of work from home job for you. These types of positions are for people with a good amount of experience or a degree in business.

Many companies will hire these types of positions and pay their employees very well based on their skill levels and experience level. This type of job is perfect for anyone who has some extra time to devote to it while still holding down another full time job.

8. Transcriptionist

Are you an avid learner? If so, then transcribing could be the right type of work from home job for you. This is a very common type of work from home job and is a cloned version of what telematics and telecommuting are.

This type of job involves listening to audio recordings or typing up transcripts of interviews, phone conversations, and various other recordings. You must have good ear for hearing and transcribing. This can be done sitting down at your computer or even taking it in person to the facility you are working with if they offer that service as well.

9. Computer Programer

If you have experience in computer programming, then this is a great type of work from home job. These types of positions are for people who are good at coding and putting things together. There are some legitimate online jobs that offer this type of work to their employees.

10. Virtual Assistant

Are you good at typing and researching? If so, then this can be an awesome work-from-home job for you. Many businesses hire virtual assistants to do research, look up information for clients or make phone calls or similar tasks over the internet. This is another work-from-home job that can pay very well depending on your expertise and how much time you want to put into it.

Final Thoughts

There are some great websites that help you to find the perfect work-from-home job for you. Our top recommendations, Digital Bazaari, Indeed, and Glassdoor allow you to browse through a huge range of remote jobs in a variety of industries to find the best position for you.

If you are looking for flexible working hours, improved health and wellbeing and more time to spend on your family and social life, a work-from-home job could be a great option for you. 


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